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Day Trip to The Grampians.

Hello readers!

I'm aware that not many humans would read blogs recently; except if you're as influential as Xiaxue. But I'm quite inspired to update this space lately, probably because I enjoy reading my friends' blog : Adeline's & Doreen's. So my 2015 New Year Resolution would be... 33 blog posts in 2015 *Fighting!*

Also, I hope you're loving my brand new blog template because I designed it by myself ٩(͡๏̮͡๏)۶
Slept around 6 am for a couple of days for this! But I kept it simple this time, so it's not as tedious as the previous one. Please tell me you love it heheh.

As the title suggests, this post would be about my recent trip to Grampian.


Here's a real lengthy blog post right before the year ends, I've so so so much to share on my blog. I've been through many things this year & I certainly wouldn't want to forget all these wonderful memories. 

The truth is... I still love blogging; a typical instagram / facebook post is NOT sufficient to pin down my thoughts or feelings. Okay I know my time management sucks - 6 blog posts in a year wtf, but I'M NOT GIVING UP.

Back to topic.
Summing up year 2014

1. My life revolves around Swinburne Dance Club &
 I swear it's one of the best decisions ever. I LOVE SDC.

Meeting F I O N I S M ♥

Well to be honest, I felt super ashamed to open up my own blog now, le sigh to my 2013 New Year Resolution, which was to publish at least *ahem* 60 *ahem* blog posts.

Guess what, 2014 is coming to an end and I've only blogged 5 times this year. 5 TIMES. *gasps for air* Deep down inside I've thousands of reasons for that which I totally pardon myself. Okay I do feel guilty at times. I really do.



All I can say is I've been wanting to blog about heaps of  events, current life & etc. but I was way too busy. 
TRUST ME I REALLY AM.  Anyway, I miss this space lots & I'm here today to blog about my birthday.
(Lol whats with the formality, rusty blogging skills tsk tsk) 

So.... I'm officially 21 ! :D :D :D 
Also, I would declare that my 21st birthday was the BEST birthday that I've ever had. *tears of joy*  
That explains the need to blog about it; no excuses this time!



So here I am, like finally starting to blog about my Korea trip (≧∇≦)/
Well I still find the need to blog about it here as I wouldn't want all these memories to fade away over time heh. 


Basically the Summer Camp was held by KNU to include a number of participants from all over the world. Therefore, we had the opportunity to meet humans all the way from Japan, China, Czech Republic, Spain, Russia, Phillipines, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Singapore, Taiwan & Lithuania! 

FYI, they only allow 4 participants from M'sia! 3 of us were shooooooooo lucky! *tears of joy*