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The other side of me in MASISWA :D

This year, Swinburne Sarawak was the main host for MASISWA Sports Carnival Sarawak Zone
There were 10 private institutions of higher learning competed from 16 to 18 November. 
The participating teams were from Swinburne Sarawak, Kolej Sunway Kuching, SATT College, Masterskill, Segi College, Unitar, Lim Kok Wing University of Creative Technology, Institute Executive, Kolej Laila Taib and PTPTL Sarawak (Swinburne Media Centre 2012).

Anyways, the main point that I wish to highlight here is that Swinburne Dance Club's performance 
in MASISWA on 18 November , whee!~ (*´▽`*)/
Due to time limitations, the choreographers - Daniel & Ivanna decided to teach all of us Step Dance ;
Plus a little cheerleading moves and stunts combining a total of 18 dancers

All about FOOD!

Hello everyone! (゜゜)~

Today, I'll be blogging about food instead ; simply because I don't want to bore you guys with
my face, my face and my face all over, oops. *wide smile* 
As I've mentioned in this blog post [link] earlier, I've been a very active Groupon user.
Frankly speaking, I love to purchase dining vouchers in Kuching as all of the places are very accessible!

P.S : If I try finding out deals in Klang Valley area, it's most likely that I don't know 99% of the restaurants / cafes' location, no joke. Don't know whether it's my problem or what .__.

Swinburne's Graduation Ceremony

Greetings readers! I've finally decided to post some of the lovely photos took back in early October for 
Swinburne's Graduation Ceremony (゜゜)~ 

I'm always happier in October because it's my birthday month, same goes to this year although it was really HAPPENING, a combination of exams, assignments & all sort of events (*_*)
Was so busy all along that I feel like time flies faster than usual in this semester, indeed. 

Of course, it wasn't easy for me ; not at all. Anyway, looking at all the bitter sweet memories back then, 
I realized that I've been really awesome to be able to cope with everything *wide smile* 
It's just... a sense accomplishment & I'm truly happy about it :) 

☆ミ Part II - Halloween Party by SDC

Here comes the continued version of my Halloween Party blog post, like finally! Read Part I HERE.
Well, at least I didn't give empty promises this time! I'd a feeling that I'll only revive this blog after finals, which is starting from TODAY. Yes, so excited because.. my first semester in degree has finally ended!

Anyway, THANK YOU for all the returning visits for my previous post, despite of my inefficiency in blogging recently.  I know you guys still love me, heh! *bows*  (*^^)v

Now, I hope you'll enjoy looking at the Halloween Party's pictures uploaded in this post. 
Photos are credited to official photographers of the Halloween Party -
Eranda Udaya Kumara [link] , Tiong Yih Han [link] & Aaron Kuek [link]
And of course, pictures with watermark belongs to me  (^_-)-☆ Macam YES.

Be warned that I'm going to say thank you for like 1234567 times in this blog post because I've no caption to write already, they deserve it! *wide smile*

Angie & I !

Halloween Party by SDC! - Part I ☆彡

Warning : A lengthy post to reduce my guiltiness for not blogging the whole month, gee.

Greetings readers,

I know. It'd been a LONG while since my last update. Honestly, there are a whole lot more of pending blog posts in my list. Inefficient blogger, psst. But trust me, I was really really busy with my studies. At least 2 tests/ assignments due EVERY WEEK, no joke.