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Happy things happen to happy minds ツ

I can't believe it's already mid September! This is the time when assignments start to pop out here & there and soon enough I'm going to start my whining and giving the same excuse for the lack of updates. *hides*


If someone ask me what would make me happy, I would probably answer FOOD(^O^)/
Humans like me LIVE TO EAT ; so it's quite a blessing to be able to have yummy noms , for real !
But of course, I can't afford to have luxury meal for all breakfast, lunch & dinner but I would most definitely pamper myself once in a while and always look out for reasonable deals for delicious meals in Kuching ;D

Happy Birthday, Shaney :D

Greetings readers,

Kicking start my post with a candid shot of pretty Shaney Jong Fui Shan on her 19th birthday(*^3^)/~
Words to describe her : innocent, beautiful, kind-hearted, hilarious and maybe cute at times?
Not forgetting to mention she is a very good friend, indeed  ♡
Anyway, the birthday girl is happy on because of her wonderful friends who exist here in Kuching!
*whispers : ME ME ME!*

My. Dancing. Videos

Hello everyone :D

As expected, it's pretty tough for me to blog ever since the commencement of new semester.
Anyway, I shall keep my promise ; which is to update as frequent as possible. *wink wink*
For now, I've decided to bribe you guys with some of the dancing videos from Swinburne Dance Club with ME in it. HAHAHA.

First of all, please have a look at SDC 2012 Promo Video! 

Credits to Ivanna Ting who made this awesome video!

For those who are interested in dance, do join Swinburne Dance Club as there are many more upcoming activities including Dance Camp, Halloween Party, Outings, Eating Pizza session & etc. Fun, fun & fun! Meanwhile, you can join our Facebook Page - HERE to register yourself :) 

P.S : Sorry you got cheated, a little. I'm not included in the video making since I was working. Except for few seconds starting from 0:47, the one with white pants who almost bang the wall while practising lol wtf.

Next, SDC performance during Prom Night!

Good times :)


Today marks THE END of my lovely holidays!
Meanwhile, I'm starting my degree in less than 24 hours (-_-メ) 
So happy with my timetable because most of the classes only start at 10.30am! 
Plus, I somehow feel excited to meet new humans / familiar faces but at the same time quite scared as people been telling me that I'm going to suffer in Degree / Foundation is a piece of cake or whatsoever.

Let tomorrow worry about itself ; lets only do the right thing today, at this moment, here and now.
Not sure about doing the right thing or not but I should update my blog before my hectic life begins! *winks*