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A journey to be remembered

As mentioned in the previous post, I've finally ended my Foundation studies,
but I'm starting to miss it already! ∩( ・ω・)∩
It's like X 10000 better than my previous sem. Fortunately!
I'm proud to say that I enjoyed my this semester pretty much *wide smile*
Guess I've adapted myself to this place & manged to blend in well with the humans here whee (゜゜)~

In brief, I'm very thankful that I've great course  mates, great lecturers &
indeed, making my second semester memorable. THANK YOU, PEOPLE!
I truly appreciate all the good things that happened and those kind-hearted humans around me :)

Of Tray Cafe!

Greetings readers :)

I'm back to my blogging life! Officially ended my Foundation studies and now, it's time to ENJOY!
Apparently I have not much time to blog because I was too busy packing my stuffs.
No worries, will blog more often from now on :)

Take a break!

Hello people!

I'm here to update about my life with all the self capture shots (with the same top obviously) 
to reduce my guiltiness for not blogging. 
My life has been revolving around assignments and presentations only, 
so I'm sure you would prefer to see my pictures rather than pictures of papers, books, etc! *hides*

No pain, no gain.

Mr. Doom - My new handy drive!

So here comes tight schedule and rush hour for this semester, AGAIN.
And so this is another post to maybe, whine a little and also as an important reminder for myself.
You may choose to close this window now. 

Get happier :D

Good day readers :) 

Despite of my so-long-to-do-list, I'm still here to update my blog. Guess I deserve a round of applause.
For those who noticed self-flattering words which are heavily used in the few latest blog posts.
Well, I'm proud to announce that I'm a little more optimistic and cheerful recently. *peace*
In fact, I'm starting to love myself more & of course more love for the human beings who treat me right.