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We run the world! :DD 09.26

Yes why am I here again, because blogging mode is ON, so...


Of course, I've my very own purpose too. It's our buddy day :')
BUDDY DAY - 26th of September every year which 3 girls on Earth -LemonQian , Bluee Gal & Smiling Eyes celebrate their friendship 'anniversary' and confess their love, bleh :P
And obviously, I miss them, so X 926 times much.
It had been a while since we hang out together, like really long.
Just want to tell you girls that :
although I make new friends around,
although we hardly talk to each other and laugh like crazy women anymore,
although we are all busy with our own life journeys,
somehow our hearts would not drift apart,
one thing for sure that no one EVER replace you both in my heart
whenever, where ever we meet, we will still be having our girls talk like there's no tomorrow,
right right right?

P.S : I bet they miss my so cute & pretty face lots bleh .

I bought these during the Malacca outing with m2 classmates. They're actually paired, they've their own 'siblings'. OkayI'mbeinglame
These are just representatives for 3 of us, realizing that we didn't take any pictures lately.
SO SO SAD. Remember we're all cam-whore partners? :')


Guess the girls will kill me if I add him in this post as well.
Anyways, look who I meet up with in Kuching! T.T
Lets put in this in a nicer way, he fly here to see me yeay :) (: *blush*
And yeah same goes to him. We didn't meet up for like seriously so damn long,
but the sister-brother bond is still there wheeeeeee.

He is SNSD's crazy-big-fans now.
I'm so gonna invade Korea SM Entertainment with him one day. Yes we will lol.

Had a great great great day! Thanks to my my one-and-only-so-called-brother ;)

xoxo again. You'll miss me!

There are so many things can make you happy. Don't focus too much on things that make you sad.


Turning opposition into drive (:




Credits to Elise Wen's facebook (:

Sorry I've no time to blog a mandarin post recently. Yes, FYI it takes me a very very long time geez.

Thank God X 336741274 times life had been so much better in these two days.
Less fucked up moments, less tears, less emo hour :')

Thankyouverymuchtomyself because I procrastinate my blog posts as well. I've two drafts on going now, like finally.
Smurf you readers, smurf you babu & m2 classmates, smurf you my BFF Lemon & Bluee, smurf you Klang usual gang/ friends, smurf you current classmates as well, smurf every single humans who treated me right.
Smurf you too, but you changed.
Yes I've alot to share in my space right here :3
Somehow Miss Vincci's mid semester test is the upcoming week ohfml.

Like usual, preparations at the eleventh hour and no time to blog geez.
Seriously I'm so getting used to my style after 17 years of living *blush*
Till then, more updates after the week ;)
15 mins over! Gotta tuned on my NERD MODE ohkthxbai.

Tia, my favourite girl *hugs*
Had second class phototaking session today , but I guess I won't have the time to blog about it rawr.

Smurfily xoxo,

It gets better, I hope.

I'm tired of words ; tired of carefully calculating each fragment.
I've exhausted myself with all these thoughts.
I'm overwhelmed with all the negativity weighing me down these days.
Enough with all 123456789 problems. I don't wanna list them one by one.
Keep coming if you think I'm not frustrated enough,
Family, Friendship, Relationship, or whatever ship ruining all the way, fuckit, fuckyou,fuckmylife.

Just stop the drama and dissolve.
I want to be weightless but I don't know if floating away is going to be enough.
I wouldn't blame life because it had been pretty good for the past few months, like really good. :')
I knew, it's about time for some socalledfuckingmoments to happen.

Everything just doesn't seem right in this month.
It had been a really long time since I cried this hard, ever felt so helpless till I couldn't even control my tears.
Realizing that no matter how many friends I have, I still have to face & deal with all these alone. I must stay strong.
I have to.

Thanks a million to all my true friends all these whiles, you know who you are (:
I miss all of you, so much , where no matter how many problems I have you guys will not be the reasons ;
I miss those times :

Yes, there's always a reason to be grateful, no matter how fucked up it is.
I once was distraught because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet - Unknown.

Go on and try to tear me down,
I'll be rising from the ground,like a skyscraper.

Keep the faith, I hope.

We conquered the bitch! oops, B.E.A.C.H.

Greetings everyone ;D

I miss my blog, my readers as well, xoxo.

Oh well oh well,
I know you miss looking at my super-awesome-pictures too. *blush* #justsaying.
Anyway, here's a postponed blog post for my class outing few weeks ago :O
Of course, we had fun! Started to get together literally since we're seemingly aliens to each other from the first week, especially yours truly from Selangor.
*sits at the corner and draw circles*
Blaaaa skip the craps & Tadaaaaa!

SPOT ME SPOT ME ! ; Picture taken & edited by : Michelle Liew

Do spare some time to read her awesome blog post too - [Click Here] because it helps me to introduce all the new humans, which I'm too lazy to do that. Bleh :P
Yeay for us who owns a blog! At least I'm not #foreveralone, teehee.

'The fish swims'

A sociable girl who loves to smile & laugh, like I do . Guess we're quite alike too because she likes photography, reading, blogging, dancing & blaaa. Anyways, don't underestimate her because she's a professional in TaeKwanDo. *whisper : Girls power!*
Ohya, she doesn't play guitar, great poser indeed geez.
Although she might not hang out with us often, but still we love her much! Doink :3
*hugs and kisses ♥ *
P.S : This is for you Michelle, since you're kind enough to introduce everyone of us one by one! We laughed out really loud reading that, you know why ;)

Back to topic!

*peace* We're all very X 1234 times excited and off we head to Permai Beach!
He isn't supposed to be in this picture initially, rawr.
Still, a little frowned since our lovely class rep, Tia couldn't make it :(

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee, woke up at 5.30 in the morning & dolled up a little.
So-sleepy-but-have-to-smile-face :3

Loving the beach! Small kids running around, tsk tsk, bleh :p

The dudes & Michelle are so excited, teehee.
Picture credited to Christopher Wong :)

See, all the humans above are my classmates. We rock the beach!

A-little-perverted-pose. FYI, they're refilling their water gun hohohoho.

Say Hello to Sylvia, the funny one! The sun is blazing its 'hotness' upon us :'(

Say Hi to Elise too! My-all-time-so-cute-tiny-little-soul mate.

The weather is crazy. Wedon'tgiveadamn since it's a class outing &
so, we change our outfits and play around like nobody business.
I GOT TANNED T____T Just got a little fairer previously and now...... #FML

Look at the two cute humans, all of us are having a good time yeah!

Mr. & Mrs.Cow playing like a small kiddo, oopsie, I mean Elise & Chung!

Love this shot the most! Thankyou my lil idol! Like seriously, how I wished to have two Vinccis so I can take nice pictures of myself besides cam-whoring :3

Still, I'm having a good time taking cool photos #likeaboss ,
although I'm not in the photographing team *sobs*

Take 1.

Take 2.

Take 3.

We're busy catching small fishes and set them free. It's challenging though.

Dugun dugun! And obviously I failed -.-
Fishy are faster than miss fatty me.

I can haz very cool nails. Not manicure! *flips hair*

Failed. Guess I'm starting to feel tired already geez.

Saw Bruno Mars? :O

Chung, my jimui a.k.a little idol! His singing is 123456789 times dope!
Yeah we sang together there too since the weather is not being nice to us :S

Click on the picture to enlarge.
Group picture! Picture taken & edited by Miss Vincci (:

Compare myself before & after the outing *faints*

Yeehaaaa! And so, we conquered the beach!
Oh-sum outing :D
Big thanks to the organizer of course, Doreen & those humans who cooperate much (:

Sometimes people have to stop being so self-centered as it turns out you're the one who bare the social consequences (: *bish*

Till then, I'll update again soon!
With love,


Oh hello hello, I've been very busy lately so my blog is dead, I know.
Sorry for the lack of updates, sorry for the poor management of blog posts, oops.
I'm really sorry. I felt guilty whatthesmurf
Anyway, I'm thankful enough for those who drop by this blog eventhough it's showing the same damn boring,longest, latest post ohemgeez.
Blame the blogger, oopsie.
Oh well, It's because my domain and hosting is under construction & blaaa blaaa blaaa.
Anyway, I've a lot to share, I'll update my blog often! *pinky promise*
With love, Vincci.