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Well, I know. My blog is full of dust.
Sorie I jz nt in the so called "blogging mood".
Anyhow school holiday starts~
Yet I feeling super duper boring.
I miss school-ing time. *without exam of cox*

Will post about the last day of form 4. -Monday-
Most of the students went 2 school to take results I guess.
Hmm.. frankly I'm satisfy with mine much =)
Thanks God. I'll appreciate it. 10A 1B.
Only me myself knows watthehell I being like b4 the finals.
So, I din pin high hopes on it due to certain reason.
I'm proud to say that I din get a C in BM! xD
But i so going to get screwed by daddy SOON.

Ohh.. I wanna tell the SOMEONE too.. =p Results is not everything , try harder next time k?Maybe this time just a lil failure.. Don't be too unhappy with it. All of us worry about u~ & sorry as I always fail to comfort u =( Jiayou ba ^^ I'll support u!! muackxx! Wish lemon stay str0ng no matter what happens~

By the way, next year will be a super tough year.
To be honest, I really don't want to go to the first class. Aikx
I love my class much. =D =D
bestie Qian, sweetheart Jieying, lovely Kaili, Mel, rockxx mayyee & DaVe, Aaron s0n, SHARON shienrun, V-juan,wanxiang, Brandon & bla blu bla & of cox bawah pimpinan Digu-digu SC!
making 4 Baiduri so noisy yet fun ^^
Not forgetting that whole sch punye teacher pun hate to enter our class.
Bwahahaha.. Kesian us. xD
Everyday get scolded by teachers-teachers sekalian.
V really gt so noisy eh? Even worst than class behind T.T
No doubt I had really lotss of fun here. yay!
Qian, stil rmb in the beginning we feel so awkward as pengetua placed us in the 2nd class,
saying that : first class is only for our OWN students! *like lar kami orang asing*
But really feel lucky sia to be in this class. rite rite? xD
Sadly, all of us have to seperate in the next year =(
Hopefully our friendship wouldn't change just bcox of that -^^-

Like the song we used to sing for farewell for every practical teacher :
We had joy,
we had fun,
we had seasons in the sun,
but the hills that we climbed were just seasons out of time~

The memories we had will always remain in my heart ~

Berlian class..
No exam = study
Exam time = study study
After exam = study!!
1 word = stressful.
Of cox I’m not saying every students in that class. But I guess is 40% of them.
Human can be easily influenced eh.
Don’t tell me u still can play if the human around u is studying so hard? *I can’t!*
Plus, it’s SPM year! +++ stress.
T.T Sigh! Although a hardworking student is goooood,
But seriously I don’t feel like being like that.
I prefer laugh, laugh & laugh! Like is the purpose for me to go school xD
Some of them can play too but it’s a lil over for me.
Unlike in Baiduri class.
Only gt few pembuli that’s why can handle.
But in berlian class nxt year seems more pro pembuli there bukan?
If u, u will choose to dibuli or just study for spm? T.T
May God bless me not to become mad in that class.
Or maybe miracles will happen? Nobody knows.

FYI, I ran out of topic xD xD
At first I wanna post about the happy moments how we play in rain.
So stay tuned. To be continue.



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Exam is finally over! Yuhuuuuu!
Will update blog nxt time.. Muahaha.. xD
Aiming for lots of dramas & outings with crazy friends.!
Birthday, I used to be excited for it,
longing for it, related everything to it.
I used to be happier on that day,
not because of presents received,
not because of wishes, I just don't know why.

But for this year, I'm not like that anymore.
I don't even want the day to come.
I feel even more unhappy, even more down.
Yet disappointed, hurting.

Anyhow, I wanted to say thanks to all my friend.
I was surprised =)
& sorry I was crying at that time.
Thanks for the cake. Thanks for all the sincere wishes.
Thanks for everything.

If only I can wish.. I wished to end my life now.
Can I?
I know... I shouldn't think this way.
But trust me, if you were me,
u wouldn't wanna face this miserable life,too.

I couldn't take this anymore.
I admit, I'm the best crier ever. You can't imagine it.
Yes. Cry is not a solution after all. So, I am THAT stupid.
I don't know how am I going to face all these.
But I still have to.
Well, I believe I can do it but takes time. Very long indeed.

This is the very first time I lost my hope towards exam.
Perhaps, it's not worth. I promise, I'll try my best.
Don't look down on me. Don't pity me.
If you think is that easy to overcome this situation.

Forgive me.
I'll appreciate my friends that care me always =D
I'm sorry & thank you.