alternative text
Wat I can say is..
Sorry my friends,
I'm not as strong as what you guys think.
4give me.

Life is miserable
without u

Well, GIRLS having many hormones related to emotions.
For me, in this situation, my emotion is .__. now &
seriously, I can feel my body health being more & more weak.
My condition seems to getting worst day by day.
God, do you still feel unsatisfy torturing me until now?
I guess you can feel HOW I FEEL right?
Or maybe, that's my payback for what I pray.
If it is, I'm willing to.
Promise, k?
I'll overcome all these. I'll grow up.
Thank you Lord.
All the best for PMR candidates -^^-
I feeling so weak now .__.
Need a rest, long term rest.
Study? I won't see final as too important d.
Just try my best =)
Pray hard.

& for me.

You know what? I wished to get a hug from you on my birthday.
We still friends, right?

Don't worry about me, friends.
I'm okay.
I still able to take care of myself.
Exam is around the corner.
So, no update anymore I guess.
Stay tune till 6 of Nov.
Good Luck to everyone.
Don't let exam stress out yourself, don't be like me.
=) Smile always.

Qian, I told you I cannot listen to songs.
Especially that song. You made ppl cry again le la.
I hate you =p
You're my best best best buddy ever.
Thx 4 acc-ing me.. Geeeeee

..I love you.
Everything is OVER.
I'm feeling so not well.
I'm not in the mood to study.
But I have to.
Nobody will know my feelings.

Hope u happy always