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Well, School starts..
Dealing with several problems now..& trying to settle them in the most perfect way..
Yet, for that sacrifice is needed. No doubt.
I'm afraid to face it.. But there's no way for me to do so..
It had been so many times & I'm still feeling so so scare =((
Or maybe I'm a coward? No, I'm not.
I WILL solve this by myself, I will accept the challenges from the God.
Since the day I born till now, Lion always always always
giving me problems & I will never ever lose to YOU.

Fine fine. I realized that humans sometimes do love to COPY others.
This is so normal in life huh. & So I'm going to take it easy. I feel so proud =.=

Just IF you are not on purpose I wont mind cause sometimes I might did the same thing,too.
But please I say please,
Don't keep repeating the same mistakes , if yes You're stupid then.
My daddy always said so ~



Surprisingly I get a PILLOW from a teacher.
AND the teacher is MY BIOLOGY practical TEACHER!
o.o o.o o.o
Did i ever mentioned that I used to do other work while biology period,
& she KNOWS that & others others thingy.
FYI, I really don't like her teaching & I don't really like Biology, too.
Well, today was her last day. She did actually asked me to see her after school.
Then then then ,s he claimed that the pillow is a present for me.
As I get 100% in Biology in the previous exam. Woots!
I'm so shock then. I asked How about Shienrun's?
Oops. I forget what she said already .
P.S Shienrun, u won't so gurlish jealous about a pillow right?

Okay okay. Of course I apologized to her.
Geeee. Feel a little regret as the teacher willing to teach us
but yet she couldn't control her class well. That's her weakness.
& so 4 Baidurians always & always made lots of noise. We're bad ~
Wow, she even made a bookmark & gave choki-choki to EVERYONE of us.
She wrote by herself & all were different.
o.O She said me comel, budak pandai, talk,talk & very active.
Anyway all the best teacher ! -^^-

Ohoh.. Thursday thursday,
Encik Nik , our lovely chemistry practical teacher going too.
I love his teaching =p He is so funny & even much more better than
our chemistry teacher. Haha xD.
But anyhow he feel kinda disappointed with our class because some cases.
Sorry to teacher.
Plus, we actually prepared a BIG BIG card with all the wishes & bla bla for him.
He was surprised & yet happy too. We kinda unfair huh. *evil laughs*
Anddd... He gave us chocolates!!!!! Happy happy!
Again, All the best to Encik Nik -^^-

OhohOhoh.. One more thing.
We going to KILLED by our history teacher next week.
FYI, we late enter class TWO DAYS as two teachers going off.
We did actually stay at the laboratory for photo session & bla bla.
Puan.Bibi warned us on Thursday as only 10 minutes left for her to teach.
& YETTTT, we repeated the SAME mistake on Friday again.
She was extremely angry, I guess.
So so
, Be prepared, guys. xD

P.S : I would not update my blog so often anymore.
Felt sorry as my mood was so-so in this week & I get angry easily?
Especially to the pig =p I know you will tolerate with me. HEHE

1)大名: Loh Winzhi
3)谁传给你的: Yin Wee, JieYing, Aaron,Wendy Chia
4)生日想拿到什么礼物: Any present =)
5)最近压力大的事: Examination?
6)想做的事: Watch tvb dramas as many as I could
7)有没有喜欢的人: Nono.. people I love got .. HAHA
8)跟谁出去最幸福+快乐: HCC, w.qian, jiawei
9)如果你的好朋友吵架了,你会怎么做: Try to solve the prob =)
10)最想和别人去那里: Anywhere .. Go visit other country - JAPAN!!!
11)圣诞节想做什么: Celebrate with friends!
12)最想跟谁庆祝圣诞节: Any1 who close with me
13)最近在做什么: Preparing ------
14)有几个兄弟姐妹: 2
15)最喜欢的一首英文/华文歌: English -You're not alone,Chinese -Tong Yi Ge Yi Han
16)喜欢什么颜色: Pink + Black
17)上厕所会不会冲水: OF COURSE
18)喜欢男还是女生: =.= Noob
19)最想大大声说什么: Depends ~
20)半夜敢不敢上厕所: Depends also..
21)你现在最恨谁: LION! *Actually not hate , I'm not that bad*
22)现在喜欢做什么: Anything I like larh
23)睡相好不好看: Nope.. Like a pig..Haha
24)现在的时间: 11.41
25)是否厌恨传给你这卷子的人: Definitely no larh aduii..
26)体重多少: Secret secret
27)今天天气: Okok
28)如果忙完了你最想做什么: Sleep
29)失眠后会怎样: Sms sms sms
30)你晚上睡觉会不会尿床: Nope
31)你晚上睡觉会不会流口水: Haha..depends
32)你有没有吃过夜宵: of cox
33)近期开心的事: Alot
34)自由对你来说重要吗: Suree
35)你觉得在朋友当中谁最性感: Bee yee Mami =p
36)你觉得你比较笨还是聪明: Depends also xD
37)你比较喜欢爸爸还是妈妈: Daddy larrr
38)你现在最想看到谁: Kei kei
39)你爱看戏吗: No doubt
40)你敢向你讨厌的人说"我恨你吗?: Depends
你打算几时结婚啊: Depends
你喜欢你的生活吗: Yessie
相信塔罗牌吗: 50%
睡觉前所做的事情: Hug keii
你的偶像: Raymond Lam !!! Woohooooo!
你喜欢的季节: Winter lar aduii.. See my blog also know d wert
最想去的地方: Japan!!!!
最讨厌怎样的性格的人: Betrayers
你会抽烟吗: Definitely NO
你会喝酒吗: ONLY sometimes
你常哭吗: Yup. A way of mine to release stress
你常笑吗: Confirm yes. HAHAHA xD
想睡到几点: Depends
朋友和情人你会选谁: Depends HAHA
机会+命运你会选谁: Depends
你很自恋吗: S0metimes although ppl think I am
你有穿耳洞吗: Yeap
这问卷多不多: YES
喜欢吃冰吗: Yeap
现在幸福吗: Quite *minus those lion thingy*
最在乎谁:Best buddy
房间里最重要的东西是什么: My bear bear & otherss
没有朋友你会怎么做: I won't talk
如果天使给你实现一个愿望,你想要什么: Everything goes smoothly
喜欢那个水果: Pear
最怕人家问你什么: Haha..Are u Christian or Buddhist (I'm half!)
喜欢下雪吗: OF COXX! Obviously larh
喜欢下辈子要做什么: Depends .. God decide
希望再被tag吗: Depends
你喜欢等人吗: Not TOO long
1 。被点到必填,不填代表你不尊重传给你的人和问卷
2 。请老实回答每一问题
3 。不能擅自涂改题目
4 。写完请点10 位小朋友,不可以不点
5 。完后请通知那10 位小朋友
Why MUST tag?
Okay i tag EVERYONE.
If you want just do it but if u don't then ignore it.

Cause ME not very likeyy this tag.. See my answers also know =p

unexpectedly, thank you very much !
You still never learn.
I felt so disappointed on you.

I'm not so strong as you think t.t
I hate LION!!!!!!!!!!
Stupid stupid stupid stupid..
I now telling you I'm seriously NOT gonna stop tuition..
You refused to fetch I WALK.. I DON'T CARE!
Can't you just use your brain & think?
Wth is in your mind? Getting angry like a crazy woman yelling here & there..
Woahh.. New method of yours is complained to all the relatives huh..
Let them feel like you're so pitiful & indeed scold me through the phone, too!
Ruined my life even more & more..
Don't you understand?
NO human will be perfect.. Everyone did mistakes..
But for sure people will learned from it.. So do I..
Can't you use your BIG eyes & see how hard am I trying to change?!!
& Yet, ONLY ONCEEEE ONCEEEE I repeated the same mistake
you so so so so angry for what????!!!
Yea. I admit I'm wrong too..
BUT, instead of punishing me in the more proper way,
you seems like prefer to blackmail me or do whatever..
YOU ARE SUPERB!!!!! Yaya.. I'm not a good daughter AS your kailuii..
You're failed as a MUM.. You don't even know how to teach your children..
You knew it..
You're the one who don't even touch one of my books since Standard 1..
& now what I get is all my effort !