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Shitty!! There's NO ST.JOHN in Batu Unjur..
Oh noooo...How sad..
Perhaps, it's considered as 98.88888888 % confirmation from KPS..
As Tuan Lim told me that he's goin to meet
our school pengetua personally..
so far just the penolong kanan said NO..
Argh! Hopefully there's a miracle..
Anyhow no hope from me anymore..
By the way..I am still under div 17 -shahbandaraya..
So...i'm still a st.john member~
Sigh! *tears*

We're not afraid, as we pledge to serve..
We shall yet prevail, the aim of serving life..
As we stand here together,we trust we'll not shatter..
As we stand firm in unity, we'll make a miracle..
Cause we're here to prove..
That we're here to serve..
To all our nations..

w00h00...St.John Rockxx..

why i smile..
cause euu make me s.m.i.l.e..


I still remember i promised someone to be happy..
yet i hope i can do it...
Woot! ^.^
Simple & nice day~
Too excited when i saw da fireworks after my BM tuition in ET..
Glad to watch "them" with my two best buddies..*laughs*
Awwwww...Love it..
Too hyper..
There's no any explanation for it..
Can't describe by words...
Crazy crazy vincci~
See ya..CNY's cumin..*angpaoss cumin*

Just my feeling towards ....I had a bf ?!

Question question in my parents mind..
Do their daughter was in a relationship...
I knew that..Their answer in their mind is YES for sure..
But i can swear i don't have any... close friends knew that clearly..
as they always busying help me to find one..
but i don't want ! i'm unavailable..^^
Luck is nt beside me these few days...
Oh godd...Whenever i typing msg or in a call..
For sure my daddy enter my room at THAT MOMENT
argh! speechless...
They didn't tel me anything..BUT i knew what they thinking...
That's the worst...
The way they talk to me are being totally different..
It really hurts.. the feeling of "kena fitnah"..
Besides..They CHECK MY INBOX..Spy on me...
I......explained to them many times though..They wont understand..
What is FAKE ...And now...
i don't even want to explain to them anymore..
It seems that i'm wasting my energy ...
as for them..what i said is a they WONT BELIEVE me...
And everytime my mood will turn extremely very very bad just
because of this...i dunno why...
Its like almost wanna cry..Anyhow fortunately for me,
the moody moody thingy just "touch and go"
After that i will be fine..but actually i knew that i am still afraid..
eventually i will act like nothing will happen all the time..
the only way to cool down myself...
My mummy, simply simply go tel my relatives
that i'm a relationship or bla bla..
My daddy, obviously he ACT like apa pun tak tau...
but i noe he took my hp....see my inbox..
in front of me!!and yet I'm pretending to sleep....!!!
With that,he don't even allow me to go out to celebrate
my results with qian..i was EMPTY in mind..
Is this signifying that i'll be grounded at home?
No more hang out with friends?
Can i still bare with this plus with other problems?
I dunno....
Just like what qian qian say..
Everything will b okay ^^
There're still humans that brighten up my life all the time~
^.^v Thanks to them~ Muackz.


"LONG TYM NO C !!!! " * crazziee *

Aiyayai....sry ya.. Didn't get to update my bloggie for such a long tym..
Just imagine..the last post was posted in last year...!

awwww.....WELCUM 2009!!

New year New
Hope~ A
lthough my countdown on 31st of Dec for year 2009
is on my bed...! *tears*
Hope for everything goes smoothly in dis m00 m00 year..
Get to enjoy my new scho
ol environment..* winks *
Hold the close relationship btw my friends & "family" & I..

Satisfying results...!! EXCEL!

Save the earth!!

as well as the whole world ECONOMY...
lack of $$ nowadays...Argh!!
Geeeeee.....many many more...

Anyhow i'm still ME...a crazy gurl..i noe..~
^.^v Most importantly, feel happy with my new life..


30 Dec 2008~

Thanks god.. I gt STRAIGHT A's!!!!!!!!!!! W00h00....i'm HAPPY with it... Thx for those who always lend me a hand in studies.. Gratz to all my friends who get straight a's too.. Longing for friends to treat me eat... Wakakakaka..xD THANKS EVERYONE.. Loves~

[Vincci - Here i am..]

[I still love to PLAY..]

[I'm still CRAZY ]