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No updates for almost two months. *hides* Sorry readers.
This summer semester has been wayyyy too busy, it's very the unexpected.
No worries, I'll be back soon. 
I sure will :)


Just wanna say, 

Well, I appreciate all the little things, humans that had make it up to the year 2011.
Till then, I shall live everyday in year 2012 optimistically & continue cherish relationships around me.


So, I'm now assignments-free ; exam-free ; stress-free, work-free, drama-free,
seems like I'm able to revive officially.
More posts to be updated, I hope.

Have I Told You Lately.

Part II from the previous post (Click Here) , heh. #justsaying.

Sometimes you never realize how much you like someone, until you watch them liking someone else

 I Love You, I Want You,  I Need You, I Miss you,Still waiting ☹

Turning opposition into drive (:




Credits to Elise Wen's facebook (:

Sorry I've no time to blog a mandarin post recently. Yes, FYI it takes me a very very long time geez.

Thank God X 336741274 times life had been so much better in these two days.
Less fucked up moments, less tears, less emo hour :')

Thankyouverymuchtomyself because I procrastinate my blog posts as well. I've two drafts on going now, like finally.
Smurf you readers, smurf you babu & m2 classmates, smurf you my BFF Lemon & Bluee, smurf you Klang usual gang/ friends, smurf you current classmates as well, smurf every single humans who treated me right.
Smurf you too, but you changed.
Yes I've alot to share in my space right here :3
Somehow Miss Vincci's mid semester test is the upcoming week ohfml.

Like usual, preparations at the eleventh hour and no time to blog geez.
Seriously I'm so getting used to my style after 17 years of living *blush*
Till then, more updates after the week ;)
15 mins over! Gotta tuned on my NERD MODE ohkthxbai.

Tia, my favourite girl *hugs*
Had second class phototaking session today , but I guess I won't have the time to blog about it rawr.

Smurfily xoxo,


Oh hello hello, I've been very busy lately so my blog is dead, I know.
Sorry for the lack of updates, sorry for the poor management of blog posts, oops.
I'm really sorry. I felt guilty whatthesmurf
Anyway, I'm thankful enough for those who drop by this blog eventhough it's showing the same damn boring,longest, latest post ohemgeez.
Blame the blogger, oopsie.
Oh well, It's because my domain and hosting is under construction & blaaa blaaa blaaa.
Anyway, I've a lot to share, I'll update my blog often! *pinky promise*
With love, Vincci.

Sneak peek ;)

*pinky promise*
Tadaa! I'll be updating about my life in Kuching tomorrow.
It will be a long one, I guess :o
I'm preparing my pictures already hohoho.

Picture credits to Michelle Liew - current classmates.

Anyway, SELAMAT HARI RAYA to all my lovely muslim friends out there !
Talking bout Malay humans. I kinda miss my m2 classmates ._. seriously.
They're onehellfreaking awesome people. P.S : Amrul, Nazli & Nadzmi mimi cat.

Alrightyy, To all the non-muslims,
Okay I've no idea why I get hyped, LOL.

Stay tuned, xoxo.

Berightback ;)

I shall be back to blogging on a regular basis, soon ;)
Girls outing later & off to Penang tomorrow!


Be right back ;)

Upcoming post :O

Ohhai everyoneeeee :)
I'm sorry for not blogging that often anymore, compared to last year, oops.
As you know, I've one more month left, Imma busy slacking around before it's too late T.T
So, it's 'forgivable', I guess :D


Upcoming post : Trip to Ipoh with family :))
Not much pictures taken this time, it will be a simple one.
Shall continue tonight, teehee :D

P.S : I hope I don't scare you off with this succubus face! Bleh :P


Updates of the month.


Random updates of MissVincci's life.

1. I'm way too busy to blog about all the outings recently, oops. More events/ outings & trips to come! I love my life ;D ;D

2. 1 month+ left to fly to Swinburne Uni, so babes & dudes, please book your date with me as soon as possible as my schedule is getting packed ;P Iknowyouguyswillmissmemuch.

3. Feelin damnnnn fat fat fat fat fat X 23232323 times recently,no joke! Big thanks to all the awesome food in Malaysia *grins* , diet plan starting soon! Rawrrrr. (Y)

4. Purse keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding. I need to earn more money! I need fast cash jobs :/

5. To all the readers who leave their comments in my Chatbox, so so sorry for not replying quite some time, will do from now onwards ;) *winks*

6. Stressing myself much for the advertorial post next since I'm lack of ideas wtf, I'll update more proper post soon.

+ Movies over the months.

Rated : 7/10 :)

The Roommate. Interesting storyline (Y) I still can remember I was grabbing William Chiam all the time.
Rated : 8.5/10

Hearts Minka Kelly & Cam Gigandet. They're a little too hot righttt. *drooooools*

Rated 9.5/10 *thumbsuppp* ;D ;D

Lots of funny scene, I just love him too much T_T *touched*

ANOTHER AWESOME MOVIE FOR THE MONTH YEAY! If only I can drive like them ;P Super cool can?
Rated 9.25/10 :D :D

Thanks to the classmates for the accompany!
I was dying to watch this at first, heehee ;D

Hearts Vin Diesel to the maxxxx Ohemgee. His muscles & his body FTW!
Can you actually believe MissVincci is saying this? :O

+ Random from Tumblr.

Isn’t it sweet how a simple hug from the one you love can calm you and your worries will fly away? Sometimes, all we need is to have someone who will be there when the rest of the world walks out.


OOPS! Blog is getting so dead recently.
I'm so so sorry for that.

S.O.R.R.Y *ploop ploop*

Btw, life's goooood here :D I'll update more blog posts very very soon,
after my Genting & Malacca trip with the awesome classmates, teehee.


Travel ; Alone. 一个人的旅行

More than a feeling.

A young teen with wild dreams ;
A sudden urge to blog about all her favourited destination in years to come ;
A blog post to share part of her dreams and goals in life ;
A small space here to pen down her feelings & thoughts ;
A piece of memories where she hopes that one day she come back this page in future,
probably all these would remind her the particular thinking of herself at this particular moment.

Just can't get enough :

: learn Japanese language before the Japan trip; travel all different places in Japan in different seasons ; have a home stay family in Japan ; Manners ; Free & easy lifestyle ; DOPE.


Second love.
: Travel to Venice & Rom & wonderful places there ; Be like Angelina Jolie & Johnny Depp ; Honeymoon ; ROMANCE.

Awwwwwwwwesome !


: Love stars, a lot ; Dark sky with whole lots of stars and a huge moon ; Discover the astrology signs and horoscope ; HAPPINESS.


Real picture of Aurora.

: Obsessed with Aurora, so much so much. Uncommon ; Northern / Southern area of the Earth ; ONE IN A MILLION.


: Korean language ; So Nyuh Shi Dae's concert ; Korean traditions , culture ; REMARKABLE.

Hong Kong.

: ; TVB palace ; Pictures ; Dramas ; Raymond Lam ; ASPIRATION.


: With friends ; Travel around ; Play around ; Yummy food ; Have fun ; SATISFACTION.


: Night view of the city ; Famous structure ; Eiffel tower ; AWESOME.


: Eye of London ; London Bridge ; Breathtaking scenery ; Photography ; EXPERIENCE.


: Master studies ; Live ; Love ; Laugh ; THISISLIFE.

She has no doubt to travel around the world, alone.
She doesn't give a damn where the fact she's not a millionaire or what-so-ever.
She dream big, dream high, like she used to be.
She believes in achieving all her goals in future.
She is waiting for all these dream-come-true moments as stated above in this post :) (:

Everything is possible, nothing is impossible. There are no limits. Whatever you can dream of can be yours.

God bless :)




对我而言,旅行,不单只限于付钱, 跟着旅行团,拍照,回来告诉大家我去过那个国家,就算了。



Saya berjanji akan belajar bersungguh-sungguh untuk mencapai kejayaan dalam hidup LOLOLOL. *ONE MALAYSIA*

P.S : Randomly feelin' different while typing this blog post. Oops. Don't hate me blogging in a different style today alright :) And and of course, I still wished to travel with all my beloved ones, I know I'm not #foreveralone. Lol I hope so :DD Stay tuned people, xoxo.

No matter what you may be going through in life, always stay strong. Don't let other people bring you down. Believe in yourself. - TinyTeenThought


Booo! :D

EPIC MOMENT in college :DDD

I'll be back to update soon teehee!
Off to Port Dickson with the very cute cousins again :)
Have a great weekend ahead people, xoxo.

So much to say, so little time.

You'll never forget ur first true love.Either the scars they left behind stay there forever,or the heart never beats the same way again :') Thanks for leaving me ; the great memories. The only person who I gave in love to, so so much.

Never say never to procrastination.


Sorry people!
I know it had been quite some time since I blogged a proper post D:
Will be back soon. Stay tuned alright.

Have a nice day!



If only this would work ,LOL. :

Bye See you next week.
Hopefully I'm still alive till then.
God Bless.




Kicking out a random post here due to my extreme of curiosity .
Or maybe because I'm lacking of ideas to blog.
By the way, did you guys saw this mysterious star-shaped symbol before?
I didn't saw it somehow I manage to find out this common symbol pointed out by the list of bloggers. O.O

From Ash-Oh-Tonic. ( Spot the symbol on the right side!)

From Ash-Oh-Tonic. ( It's even on TV!)

Is this an alien symbol or what?
There's videos in youtube showing this weird thingy too.
Somehow it will be revealed on the 6th of April. O.O
Announcement will be made in this website - or

I hope that would be something interesting! HAHAHAHAHA.
Please don't fool me eventually it's actually some sort of advertorial post or what so ever.
Because I'm waiting in anticipation LOLLLLL.
Nothing much. This blogpost is mainly for sharing purpose & obviously to kill my boredom.

Will be back to college again tomorrow. Sigh.
I miss my sweeeeet holidays. Wish me luck for the entire week. *fingers crossed*

I miss my blog :)

So people, do you miss me? I will take the answer as yes,teehee.
So here am I, back to my blog.

Time flies. It's the beginning of April'11. We gonna die soon LOL.
Starting college was like so far, so good.
Minus the sleeping part. I'm a pig :P
I hope I will survive throughout the year with whole lots of assessments, though it isn't that scary after all, I guess.

Teachers/ lecturers in college were great as well.
Somehow I miss my ET tuition teachers superbly much. They're like the best ever.
Met my favourite teacher Mrs.Tan & Mrs.Lee on Wednesday.
I'm glad that they're real happy and proud of me, as their student. Wheeee :D

A big thanks to them because of their encouragement.
Too bad Mrs.Lee was wanting me to go for sciences.
And I'm taking art subjects now.
Seriously I hate to make choices. All these made my head spin round & round.

Again, I want a brand new phone.
Rewards for my Spm results. FYI, I love myself very much.
As stated before, my dream phone in the past was either BB bold 9780/9700.
Yet, there're humans around kept giving me comments & opinions.
Eventually, I don't really know which phone actually suits me now,wth.

Obviously, I'm more into Blackberry.
Because, I love BB torch now. *bang wall* Hahaha.
The other brand that I might be interested will be Sony Xperia. That's all.
I've narrowed my choices but I'm still in dilemma. FML.

There're rumours stated that new BB Bold Touch will be released soon.
Namely Dakota/ Montana or blaaa.
Which means the improved BB Bold 9700 or whatever will have touch screen,
or whatever it's better.

This is the one.

This is the BB torch 2 - rumours also. Better RIM.
This is the BB Curve - Sedona/ Apollo or any other names. Lol I forgotten.
Thinner BBs.

Should I just like stick to BB bold instead of waiting.
Or go for my new love- BB torch?
Or maybe another choice of mine- Sony Xperia don'tknowwhatmodel.
Or bla bla bla. Any suggestion? :)
Ohya, Iphone has been kicked out from my list of choices earlier.

Btw this post is super duper weird. I was stuck in many ways which idk why.
Will update again when I've the blogging mojo. Heehs!

Stay tuned.

I'm a normal teenager :D

Hello readers.
Sorry for irrelevant post previously as it's only for the lovely bloggers outside. Teehee :D
I'm kicking off a random post here again.
Basically I'm going on the same routine,like everyday
This is what I up to recently. I'm kinda busy sometimes, you know.
Laugh out loud,wth.

1. Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Hotmail, Tumblr.
3. Cracking my head on the bestie's present. Head gonna seperate into two seriously.
4. Checking out brand new stuffs on net & being calculative on my budget & craving list
5. Dancing exaggerating moves with loud music on / with my favourite Girl's Generation!

In conclusion I'm a very common + normal teenager :D Teehee.
Alright I did some serious stuffs too like thinking about my future, wth.
I mean deciding what course to study and blaaa.
I discovered how SEO works. That seriously makes my head spin non stop, epic.
(In case if you're wondering, SEO is something to do online marketing)

Plus, I actually wanted to use wtf so much instead of wth.
It's similarly a trend recently wtf. No no I'm not that rude unless if you piss me off.
It's just like a cooler/ sounds nicer ending? WTF.
HAHAHAHA. So, can I?

P.S : SPM results probably will be out on 21st of March.
So no worries, relaxations come FIRST. wheeeeeeeeeeeee :D

Coming soon!

Hai readers! Are you ready for my Bali trip post?
Stay tuned :)

P.S : It will be an extremely long one. Do spare your time for that!


Hello people! is back :)
Yet proudly announcing that I've successfully change my blog layout!
If you didn't realize it I'll definitely chop you into pieces! Teehee :D

Well, I believe my readers had been looking over at the same template page
since the day I started my blog. 2008?
Still, I'm not determined enough to change to New Blogger Layout this time :/
So for your information, I'm still using the damn classic template,
which makes my head go round & round like almost every hour.
I'd actually added many new widgets into my blog,
and so feel free to check them out people :)

Anyhow I've spent 3 days 3 nights cracking my head designing and editing my template, wth.
I'd been ignorant and facing the computer whole day long until 4/5/6am :O
It freaks people out yet some humans may sense stupidity in this act or
questioning like "what the heck for you waste so much of your time on the blardy blog? "

Somehow I've gained real much knowledge as well as experience on the
very complicated HTML codes.
And of course, Google page will be my best partner for everything. *touched T.T*
It definitely wasn't an easy job since I didn't own any professional software or what so ever.
Instead of using Adobe Photoshop which is costly, 3P tend to be my alternative way.
3P =" Photoscape, Powerpoint, Paint "
I discovered & investigated those aliens words, okay I mean those codes and even type my own code in it, LOL. Till then, I'm still proud of everything.
I'm overwhelmed by satisfaction and joy indeed :) :) :)
It's just like you're given a super duper tough Add Maths question and
you get the solutions RIGHT after real long time of calculating & thinking.
That's the reason why I love the subject so much. *winks*

Alright alright. I know the content of this blog post is totally irrelevant but
please do let me share my so called "hardwork". Thank you very much ;)
Do leave a comment down there : "footsteps".
Your compliments/criticization will surely be appreciated by the author.
*Sifat keterbukaan :)*

You can now Follow my blog too!

Click Here ♥

Thanks! :)

Cheers! :D