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Colorful Easter!

Just a short update here to share my vain pictures taken during Easter Day.
Not a human who celebrates Easter, so it's never too late for this post :D
Once again, I'm sorry for all the postponed blog post since I took a long time to deal with the blog template previously. *puppy eyes*

Finally, you're here.

HELLO EVERYONE. *waves hard*
Like finally, I'm here, back to my baby blog again.
I'm so sorry for the long-term-hibernation. As you can see, I've changed my layout !! 
It may be nothing to you, but trust me, it caused me headache for like one whole freaking month. No joke.

Oh well, I seriously think that I can show off a lil part of my talent here
because I'm so damn proud of myself  T.T 
Anyway, I really hope you guys like it. Or else I'll kill myself. Just kidding, hee.

Back to topic.
And so I'm going to blog about Girls' Generation.
I don't care this happened one month ago or what. Because Vincci hearts them to the max.

*tears of joy*

X'mas 2011.

Christmas spells out love, hope, and joy (:
I love Christmas & my idea of Christmas is pretty simple - Loving others.
I believe the peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas everyday in our heart. 

According to Justin Bieber, Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year :

Moving on (:

Greetings readers (:
Oh I know I haven't been update my blog for quite some time. 
I'm really sorry about that but this is one hell hectic month - November, 
where finals and dance practices meet, plus all the unforeseen circumstances so, it's forgivable, bleh.

Highlights of the week!

It had been a really long week for me indeed, SHIT HAPPENS, heehs.
Perhaps it's part of a growing up process after my birthday :S
Anyways, I wasn't THAT miserable, Thank God. *cheers* 
Thanks to them as well : 

R.I.P. Steve Jobs

Just feel like updating this post, though I still have one more subject to go on Sat (:
I still could remember the one & only human who I blog about his death was Micheal Jackson.
Yes, again. Things can just happen in a blink of eye.
FYI, our class just studied about his backgrounds & history for the Innovation & Change subject one week ago & now.... :/

P.S : My very first attempt to put myself as wallpaper. Thanks to DoreenLee gah.

I don't really know what to say but, thanks for everything, Steve Jobs.
I love my iPhone, a lot. I love you too :')
Without you, without your invention, life would have been so bored.
I've no idea why but I was quite depressed when I saw my CNN notification early in the morning, end up realizing that the Sigh.

You left your mark on our desks, on our ears and in our hands. Thank you for bringing the future. - Twitter DamnItsTrue

On the other hand, I was really inspired by his speech, where the video link I shared on my facebook :

Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.

Don’t settle. Keep looking.
No one wants to die. At yet, no one escapes it.
Death is life’s change agent.
Right now, the change is you. Your time is limited so don’t live it living someone else’s life. -Steve Jobs

You're just amazing. You'll be missed. Indeed you'll always be remembered.
Rest in peace, Steve Jobs (1955-2011)

Guess most of the bloggers blogged about Steve Jobs to gain traffic lol which is so damn lame? (According to some tweets) , somehow I would like to convey my condolences to all sincerely :') May God bless him and perhaps he left us for a better place? *fingers crossed*


Way back to Ipoh! :D

So, FYI, I went to Ipoh for 3 days 2 nights few days ago.
Daddy mummy once lived there, & they love the place much.
And obviously I've been influenced by them, heehee.
Here's my-own-creation of facts about Ipoh.

#fact 1 : Ipoh people are friendly people :)) They knows their neighbourhood well & definitely won't be giving you the not-so-nice-black-face

#fact 2 : Most of them are Cantonese, which is related to #fact 1. oops stereotyped much? But that's true :P Anyhow I love the people over there, HAHA I love people here as well alright.

#fact 3 : The elders, aunties & uncles in their 70s work as waiter/ waitress! You can see them pushing trolley, cleaning, collecting plates in the area :O

#fact 4 : They're contented with whatever they have, which is related to #fact 3 again. They don't strive for jobs with high pay, nor live in stress, or in denial, lol wth. They, probably just work, happily.

#fact 5 : Because of the #fact 3 & 4, Ipoh has low development ; the road, the old buildings, ordinary eating places have been there for yearsssss. For me, I prefer Ipoh more than Penang, heehs no joke.

#fact 6 : Ipoh water contains high level of minerals & blaaa. The air is fresh, the water is healthy. Thus, girls from Ipoh can haz nice & fair skin. Anyway most of them shifted to KL, according to daddy LOL.

#fact 7 : Because of all the facts above, Ipoh foooood is superb! ANY FOOD THERE IZ AWESOME, simple because, their passion cooking with patience, awesome.

#fact 8 : All these so-called-facts are my opinions & comments & observations & conclusions & blaaa. Just for sharing purpose, no offence :DD

Enough with all the facts thingy here, you're not reading a textbook anyway *winks*
Time for pixies !
P. S : Did I mention that I took less pictures before this, anyway after I posted everything, I still have quite a number of pics after all :P

Outfit of the day :DD RED.IS.THE.NEW.PINK! I still love pink alright.

Camera ain't fuctioning in low light places. Blurred.

Check out that restaurant's name!

The first thing to reach for once we arrived. THIS.IS.SO.AWESOME T.T

Looks damn simple right? But this is much awesome than ANY Bobochacha in our area u_u

Shopping - #girlslove. Unfortunately, I fell in love with this dress ^^v *peace*

Tadaaaa! It's a maxi dress, which I don't really get used to, since Idon'thavelonglegs.

Btw the colour combination is too awesome (my favourite) Price is reasonable,

Bleh, another one. Just for trying purpose :))

Okay enough with all these pics. Sorry for spamming :P

I'll never have the chance to get hungry there. Thankyouverymuch heehee. Makan again!

3 of us had 7 glasses of fruit juice that night ohemgeee.
Can you imagine that, even their fruit juice can be so tasty T.T at normal stalls like this!

Ipoh Hofun with beeeef! Meat balls! All my favourite yeay!

Day 2. Attended dinner :))


i ) Good hair day (Y)
ii ) 8 minutes to put on contact lens. *proud*
Remember those times when I sat in front of the mirror for 45 minutes end up still PHAILED? #Memories.
iii ) Put on light make up BY MYSELF. I'm SO GLAD that I didn't ruin my own face! LOL.
As you know, I'm damn phailed in that kind of lady stuffs.


First shot after light make up but I love the lighting. My eyebags + dark circles are covered in this pic but Idon'tknowhow. So, it's a fake face of MissVincci :))

Daddy's BFF in Ipoh & the babyyyyyy!

Dinner time again.

Eat, eat & eat.

Ignore the eyebags, thankyou. Had insomnia the day before.

RED-EIGGIE. It's my first time trying that!

End up realizing that it makes no difference with other white eggs LOL.

Met my TDC's friend over there. Such a small world! :DD

Day 3.

Delicious Dim Sum for Breakfastttt! :))

Their Chee Cheong Fun is shoooooo nice!
How can I not love Ipoh?!! :')


Frieddddddddddddd Poopooopiahhhh.

Remember, I'm always an independent girl since childhood time, #foreveralone for breakfast, lunch & blaaa ; used to think hanging out with friends is the best thing ever.
But I realized that it was quite a happy thing to travel with the family, too :) :) :)

Minus the times parents non stop nagging about my #fats fats & fats, that's quite a sad & sensitive issue for me right now :/

Anyway, I enjoyed. Vincci hearts Ipoh!

I'm thankful for everything I have right now :))
Thankyouuuu God. Life's real goooood. All these memories will remain in my heart, indeed.

The End.

Last day of April. Say Hello to Mayyy :D

Well, starting college life now can be listed in the Happiness post,Click here.So yeay! :DD
Though I've whole lots of class tests coming up next week.
ESL, Specialist Maths, Maths & Accounting. Stress like hell xP
FYI, we're like having tests every week ohemgee.
Anyway I knew that I haven't been writing much recently.
Neither the random post, random mood, random ss pictures or blaaa here.
I miss those carefree times, heeheee Imma lazy bump :O

By the way, blogging mojo is back today, the last day of April.
It had been a hectic month indeed, which I wasn't really happy with everything.
April doesn't seemed to love me. *sobs*
Instead, random shits popping out from time to time, like non stop seriously. #fml.
Okay I didn't meant to disgust you guys but I'm really tired dealing with all sort of troubles.
No worries, I'm still fine. I'm still alive,wth.
Life still goes on, smile & face it :)

Back to the purpose of the blog post.
For me, today is one of the unlikely-to-be-happy moments in April, I guess
Sometimes when things goes wrong again & again, despite of whose fault it would be,
I believe it's normal for human being to be discouraged.
After all, it's the attitude & effort that matters.
Things are better to be left unsaid in this case.
I'm just plainly disappointed, nothing much :)

Just a simple update anyway since I've pictures to share, teeeeheee.
Still, I'm glad to meet few of my friends, ex classmates & etc.
If you're clever enough, you might be able to figure it out why, how, what happened & blaaa.

Saturday - 30-4-2011.

Woke up early in the morning - Dressed up myself with formal wear (OL-OldLady look D;) - Fetched the bestie LemonQian - Woahhhh-ed at Shienrun Wong's outfit LOL - Been blamed & screwed because I was late. HAHAHAHAHA. The second time, sorry guys I didn't meant to :P At least I fetch you guys okay, bleh.

Reached school - Teachers claimed that our skirts were too short -.- - Drove all the way back home & changed (In phobia already, I 'wrapped' myself up eventually just in case they disallow me to enter the school again) - Story time with the bestie - Pictures with the ex-classmates - Received award - Had lunch in Aeon JJ Vivo.

Not forgetting to mention that I was sweating all way long because I was wearing like 3/4 layers, wth. It's DAMN HOT OKAY. And it makes me look fat :( #FML.

Pictures time :
I was the first to receive the award. Taking pictures of the queue :P

Introducing my bestie LemonQian & the noobie ShienrunWong.

The ex-classmates.

Me & the big-head WeiJian. Heeheee. He has a big brain too. Just kidding :P
I'm just saying he's SMART in other way :)

EPIC moment.

Act cool but FAILED.

Ohhai everyone :DD

No more sports wear for Shienrun Wong , it was a surprise for us omg xD HAHAHA.
So lucky for him to be accompanied by two girls all times :p bleh.

His favourite pose, and we followed. LOL.

My both partners of the day :D

Best partner always, can? :P


The dudes. Oh and 1 outstanding oneee.

Showing off their certs & trophies :D

Okay now I realized Y ALWAYS THEIR PIC, Y NO MY PHOTO? DD:

The girls. And ohh one sissy inside. HAHAHAHAHA.
So cute rightttt.

Pity me. I'm always the photographer, because my camera loves me so much *blush*

Big head VS Small head.
Can you see that our mood-ruined-face of the day?
That's why less syok-sendiri pictures of US. Big big sigh.
We still have our LOVE for each other. Awwwwwww.

Last picture in school.

:) (:

Lunch time :
I treated them :DDD See so kind of Miss Vincci, heeeheeeheee!

Super act cute one.

I like this pic much. Qian is sooo cute. She didn't do that on purpose,
there was something inside Lol I forgot whats that.

And you know what, WE MISS YOU LIM JIA WEI, Vivo miss you too.
We didn't forget bout you okay! :P Hahahaha. I know you miss us much.

While waiting for the fooooooooooood.



Ours - Shienrun's.
Obviously ours taste better rightttt.

Recommended by Qian.!

And I gave her the present. It was kept in my room for months d :/
Glad to see that she loves it so so so much!
its okay for my purse to bleed. Awwwww.

Picture of the day, xoxo.

The End.

Bye April, Hello May!
Ain't coming back.