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Here goes a post which I wanted to blog about since last year (2011).
Reason for not blogging earlier : Shit happens after I left Klang & so I was totally in a miserable state. SORRY.
However,  I am so going to express my love to them here. Call me cheesy or what. 
I don't care because they are a part of my life that I cherish the most.

Even if it's just for merely few months, I will never forget how wonderful my life was with them around -
The awesome M2 peeps @ Taylor's College (SAM).

First of all, a group picture of all the beautiful people in ze class :

Girls shopping x Chilling session!

Hello lovelies! I'm still enjoying myself in Klang wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee. *peace*
Oh well, those enjoyments don't have to be : spending money like water to buy branded items, travelling all over the world ,meeting handsome dudes every single day lolomgbbqwth ,or meeting my idols in real life.

Rewind ;


Apparently I was too bored and started to view all the pictures taken since years ago. 
And they remind me of all the sweet memories I had, the moments shared with the great friends.*winks* 
Somehow I'm glad for the fact that I used to be a very active blogger. 

Moving on (:

Greetings readers (:
Oh I know I haven't been update my blog for quite some time. 
I'm really sorry about that but this is one hell hectic month - November, 
where finals and dance practices meet, plus all the unforeseen circumstances so, it's forgivable, bleh.

Birthday dinner wowowow.

Ohhai it's me again! Yes I'm doing another birthday post, even after so long heehee! as usual 
My celebration is all good, #likeaboss as I can say! TeetotheHee.

Big big thanks to the lovely classmates because I know it's definitely not a cheap dinner oops :O 
Yet, all of them celebrate one day before because it is fully booked on the Saturday.
I love that restaurant lots because I finally get the chance to eat my yam cake yummy yummy. My favourite! Been searching that for so long! :D 

I'm glad & thankful for those who attended the dinner and its okay for those who couldn't make it since they have flights on that day. At least, I'm not #foreveralone on my birthday :') *cheers
It was a very happy night ^-^ Get to sing & sing & sing until everyone became dead tired.

Happier when I receive gifts from them.-Those who accompanied me all these months (: - My doink gang! 
I love the accessories lots till I tried to mix & match with the best outfit immediately and planned to put it on the next Monday, which is tomorrow! HAHAHA. EPIC.

For them *hearts*
Below is a password-protected post. 
So sorry I couldn't write in paragraphs because the system does not allow me to do so. It's a little long anyway, heehs.  ._. 

Lots of loves from Ms.Vincci.

18th Birthday!


15.10.2011 - It's my birthday & I know it (:
Time flies. It had been 2 months+ living in a whole new environment, and honestly,
I still don't get used to it. I'm proud of myself for being strong though.
Birthday doesn't seem to be different from the other days here. Guess I'm the only one who is able to make myself happy ;) - SmilingEyes.
Ohmygod why my birthday post seems so emo oneeeeeeee D:

Thank God I had a HAPPY birthday. Oh well, I pamper myself from time to time in the case of shopping, relaxing, watching dramas, enjoying life #likeaboss. *winks*
Still,big thanks to my current classmates too who held a simple celebration for me.
I love to sing with them especially my fav singer Jessica Wang & Chung Wuizz! 
And so, I had fun, I hope you guys enjoyed too.
Thank you everyone! Thanks for the presents as well including Doreen,Michelle,Jess,Chung,Elise & Christopher Wong. *bows*

♥ ♥ ♥ 

People refer depression of being away from home and family as homesick.
Somehow I guess I'm likely stroked by friend-sick, no joke.

No doubt, I feel blissful each and every time I think of the awesome humans around me.
I miss their laughter, the joy and memories we shared together. Indeed, life gets better when you're around with the right people.
On the contrary, life'd been tougher than you could think of when you're all alone. 
However, it's a relief to know that their heart remains even though now they're now 123456789 miles away from me :') I'm not that emotional, I'm just too touched I guess T___T HAHA.

Warning : This part sounds stupid ; so stupid, literally.

♥ ♥ My bestie Bluee Gal called me in the afternoon &; for no reason I cried lol. She knows that everyone are waiting to be the last one to wish so she gave up ahaha. As usual, she's still that naive & sweet ; she even planned to fly here at first. Teehee!

♥ ♥  Till then, I cried again when SillyAaron called me at 11.30p.m. He's super smart because he called 30 mins earlier so that he could talk to me & also be the last one. Pro max. 

♥ ♥  Lastly, bestie LemonQian called & guess what, I cried like a baby. *hides* We recalled lots & lots of joyous moments we spent all these years, together.
For now, we've our own problems, we couldn't share them always anymore, we miss each other so, but the only reminder for both of us is to- Stay strong, keep going no matter what.

15 years best friend & still counting. 
Need words to say how much I miss 'em? I know right, *facepalm for crying on my own birthday*

On the other hand, I've really cool, handsome,  hilarious,  lame,cute boy-friends too.

First of all, I'm quite touched because Mr.ShienrunWong called to wish me during midnight. I don't want to say this but, I kinda miss those times when he bullying & teasing me non stop gah, like seriously :O

Next, take a look at my twin sisters of the day. Big thanks to Wanxiang, Yiksoon, JasonLoo, HenryLoh, Ah min aa's proud work. Initially I was confused when I see my pretty sweet face all over my homepage, end up I burst into laughter lol. They even thank humans who wished me, can so cute meh guys? Still, thanks guys :)

Not forgetting my all-time-best-male-friend too Mr.WilliamChiam,I know you miss me very X123  much (:

No exception to those who wished me on my birthday (: So,

Thanks to M2 - especially babu Jaclyn Tan, Amrul, Kenneth Choong who texted me at 12.00a.m, is it a coincidence or what? Of course the others as well, Anthony "superstar" who called &  Nadzmi, Rabecca, Joon, Alvin & blaaa. I miss them very much (: Best classmates ever.

Specially thanks to JingWen Daddy too, the last one who text me. I know you waited for , very very long. HAHA. Kamsahamnida, & saranghaeyo ! *hugs*

And and, all the humans who wished me in Facebook, Twitter & blaaa, I appreciate your wishes much, that's why I reply 'em  Anyways, I'm finally legal to hit the club now!
Hints to my babes VivianTan, Jieying & Ivan Ang! Teehee ;D  

I'll be back in early December, will stay in Klang around 1 month +. So no worries alright (:
Since most of the humans been asking, because of my present.
I'LL BE WAITING THEN. Please make sure you guys double up the present since it's around Christmas, my favourite festive season. *grins* HAHAHA. Just kidding :D

Perhaps, typing all these & long winded thanking part seems useless to the others, but it matters to me. No cake for this year, no bestie's hug & kisses, no parents around, no relatives' & cousins' warmth, just wanted to say that the flooding wishes, brighten my mood, made my day as well. Loves.


With love,

Love, no more.


As you know, I'm freaking freaking exhausted now and I'vemyassignmenttodofml
However, it's my baby's birthday, I'm sparing some of my time to blog a simple one to wish her (: *sincere look*

Picture taken just now. 3/4 of the class celebrated her birthday & on nom nom-ed steamboat. Sweating like nobody business obviously.

Dear dear dear Doreen, you know you must be real special to be up at this space (MY BLOG) lololo. So far this year I did this to my guardian angel ONLY. *wink wink*
You're officially EIGHTEEN now, so


I've only know her for 1 month+ but it feels like we've known each other for a lifetime.
FYI, the sociable girl has a really really kind soul, she helps everyone, which always put herself in troubles, bleh.
Anyway, I thank her a million times because so far she did a lot a lot for me :')
A very very good friend indeed a.k.a my "boyfie".
Guess she's the one who knows me best in the whole Kuching.
She drives me around to have my lunch/ dinner ;
She knows I love shopping so she brought me to different shopping places in Kuching, like seriously :O
She brings her water daily for me to drink HAHAHA ;
She lend her jacket to me if I feel cold in class ;
She likes to laugh at my mandarin accent ._. Godierawr ;
She fetched me from the airport all way even though she'll be late for class like 1 damn hour ;
She loves to treat me, everyone, which I hate this part the most actually. LIKE LA YOU VERY RICH. HMPH.
Sometimes she even break into my dorm & wake me up early in the morning gah ;
We share our best friends always. I tell her about my bestie - LemonQian & BlueeGal's stories whereas she tells me hers.
Without her, I couldn't even meet him yesterday :')

Retarded face, because.I.can :D

not forgetting that she's the only one who have to bare with my tears 24/7, especially last week, where if you place me on top of a building, I'll seriously jump down. #justsaying.
I felt really really sorry to other humans in the gang too, just wanna say nobody will ever left aside (:
I've some errrr. troublesome problems which leads to emotional breakdown last week and so... she's occupied by me most of the time. HEEHEEE I'M SORRY ALRIGHT?. *blush*

In other words, she'll always be with me, which I truly appreciate it, I'm not #foreveralone anymore T.T
Okay I know I rely on her a bit too much teehee .__.
I don't know what to say except THANKYOU, THANKYOU & THANKYOU :')
I know you love me very very much hohoho, because I love her too okay :P
Lastly, saya suka hamnida again (: YouknowwhatImeant.
Reminder : Do not keep your problems to yourself, you're not superwoman, you've us, you've ME (:

*hugs and kisses*
P.S : I know they gave you birthday kiss but not me, so sorry my kiss is to precious to be given away HAHAHA. oops.

With love,

We run the world! :DD 09.26

Yes why am I here again, because blogging mode is ON, so...


Of course, I've my very own purpose too. It's our buddy day :')
BUDDY DAY - 26th of September every year which 3 girls on Earth -LemonQian , Bluee Gal & Smiling Eyes celebrate their friendship 'anniversary' and confess their love, bleh :P
And obviously, I miss them, so X 926 times much.
It had been a while since we hang out together, like really long.
Just want to tell you girls that :
although I make new friends around,
although we hardly talk to each other and laugh like crazy women anymore,
although we are all busy with our own life journeys,
somehow our hearts would not drift apart,
one thing for sure that no one EVER replace you both in my heart
whenever, where ever we meet, we will still be having our girls talk like there's no tomorrow,
right right right?

P.S : I bet they miss my so cute & pretty face lots bleh .

I bought these during the Malacca outing with m2 classmates. They're actually paired, they've their own 'siblings'. OkayI'mbeinglame
These are just representatives for 3 of us, realizing that we didn't take any pictures lately.
SO SO SAD. Remember we're all cam-whore partners? :')


Guess the girls will kill me if I add him in this post as well.
Anyways, look who I meet up with in Kuching! T.T
Lets put in this in a nicer way, he fly here to see me yeay :) (: *blush*
And yeah same goes to him. We didn't meet up for like seriously so damn long,
but the sister-brother bond is still there wheeeeeee.

He is SNSD's crazy-big-fans now.
I'm so gonna invade Korea SM Entertainment with him one day. Yes we will lol.

Had a great great great day! Thanks to my my one-and-only-so-called-brother ;)

xoxo again. You'll miss me!

There are so many things can make you happy. Don't focus too much on things that make you sad.


So goodbye ♥

Greetings readers ;)
I knew that my blog is dead, literally. I've been MIA for so many days.
Well, it's only 14 days actually, just in case if you miss me, teehee.
Tell me you do,bleh! Still, I feel kinda guilty for not updating that often anymore *hides*

As I mentioned in previous previous posts (Click Here) / for your information,
I'm currently in Swinburne Uni, Sarawak campus pursuing my business studies via JPA scholarship. Blaaaa Kuching is my place from now on,rawr ; but I hate cats wth.
So, I'm gonna be here for four miserable years :O

Reminiscing ;

Like usual, time flies.
At the starting point, it seemed like I've so much to do, but so little time, I was lost.
Two months ago, Dilemma, it was all complicated ; as I'll be leaving so many great things behind after the decision.
One month ago, I'd thought to make the best out of my remaining time. I'd planned to work on part time jobs, so that I can earn as much as possible.
Few weeks ago, the fear is striking in and out, reminding myself courage is the power to let go of all the familiar .

Well, it didn't turn out how it supposed to be, plan phailed literally ; ALWAYS ;p
However, it had been a freaking-super-very-extremely-awesome-awesome-awesome-month I had. Lol no joke, not exaggerating this time!
As I can say, life's so so good. *thumbs up*
Indeed, life gets better when you’re around the right people. *wink wink*
Thank God because year 2011 been pretty kind to me :') No regrets living as a human lol !

I.smiled.everyday ;
*Put your hands in the air & say YEAH YEAH YEAH! *
Okay, lets get back to topic before I tuned into hyper mode again, oops.

Booo! Hugs and kisses to all of you, xoxo.

I cherish the 377648721359823853 memorable moments I had with all the precious ones. The memories with them shall remain in my heart always ;)

My super-crazy-BFF Bestie LemonQian & BlueeGal,
My super-hilarious-BU gang WilliamChiam ,JasonLoo, VincentChee, Wanxiang, ClaudeLew, CassandraJingWen & omg so many more.
My super-vain-Babes - VivianTan, JieYingLim & Ivan Ang,
My super-outgoing-classmates - The M2 peeps,
My super-cute-relatives & cousins sekalian,
My super-dope-club Taylor'sDanceClub,
My super-super-super-cool LeeMinHo via CityHunter drama LOL ,
and lastly my family-who-super-love-me.

Special shout out to Jeffry.H.K.Ong - He's the only not-so-real-brother I have, and always will be :) I hope you don't forget me though. So sorry because I wasn't able to hang out with you before leaving. You're still the special kaig0r in my heart, know? Though we seldom contact each other anymore. Heehs :) No idea why you suddenly came to my mind :S

No worries. I'll never ever forget all of you, teeheee.
Feel free to call/chat/skype with me anytime you want :) (:
Skype username : smilingeyes1510

This would be how I never realized how much I would mean to people in general. I'm touched :')
I'm thankful enough to all the great friends,classmates, relatives, family & idols & who ever be with me through all these great moments *bows*
Again, I'm sorry for not sparing some time to THANK ALL OF YOU because I'd been busy packing, arranging my schedule & get everything done to fly over.

And so, it's quite impossible for me to fit my gratitude to everyone in one single blogpost, so stay tuned !
I'm grateful for everything & I'll be thanking you guys one by one after this, happy? :)
Also, to write this piece down so that I could remind myself in future, I'd truly lived before, with the presence of awesome people around! *hint hint*

The future is scary, but you can't keep running back to the past because it is familiar.

To be continue.
'So goodbye, don't cry and smile :) '

With love,

We ignore each other & try to pretend the other person doesn't exist, but deep down we know it wasn't supposed to end like this.Thank you too?

Hello hello!

Hello hello you shining readers!
Miss crazyemotionalstupiddumbprettycutesexy Vincci is back :DD
*coughs* Lol just for fun. Heehs.
A delighted post this time, since I'm in the mood right now!
I hate it when my blog full of emotional stuffs, teehee.

So, basically I had lots of fun in my so-called-holidays.
Too busy to have fun therefore no time for ma blog. *flips hair*
So, here's the delayed-not-so-long-ago post.
Semua syok sendiri punye pictures. Enjoy scrolling again!

Here's my babes! Like finally we're able to meet up after 1734141 days planning LOL.
P.S : Thankyou very much to our FFK queen -VivianTan (most left) :P

Babe Vivian, yours truly & babe Jieying!

Heehee just kidding we still love you very muchhhiee

Another sexay babe here, Jieying Lim. Hohoho I miss them so muchhieee.
*small eyes means sexy ; sexy means small eyes* HAHAHAHA WTH!

Chilling in Express Cafe.....'s WASHROOM. LOL!

So, Take 1.

Take 2 & so on. Teehee :D

Obviously, the most photogenic queeeen, pattern more than badminton, tsk tsk.

Not to miss out another sister here, Ivan Ang. Fly us all way long to ss15 Snowflakes , Chatime. HAHAHAHAHA. Thankyouuuuu & sorry bro!
Quite a nice guy, according to my sisters :P

Running out of time because of my curfew. Still, taking pictures non stop in Chatime heheheh.We're just too adorable *blush*

Okayokay.Last picture & ciaoz! Had a gossip,camwhore,crazy session with 'em.
Love them so much, xoxo.

Had another gathering with my 5-Berlian then 4-Baiduri-buddies too! Yes, I'm that busy u.u
Again, fly all the way to the biggest Pasar Malam in Klang with WilliamChiam, JasonLoo, Minghui, Elaine & her sis.

Fly all the way back again with him to meet the Baidurians.
Yes, as if we're really FLYING, hohoho.

Jason Loo! My best joker ever.Imagine that I kept laughing all the way to & fro in his car.
HAHAHAHAHA THANKYOU. I'll miss him :')

Loves mayeeee's DSLR, so dope so dopeee.

Posing #likeaboss, oops, who cares ? :P

Another joker, Henry Loh posing with my bag, tsk tsk ;P

Obviously, it fits the owner best HAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHA :D ;P

Okay,this is what happens when two jokers meet, literally.

Hardly imagine we're doing all these in a public cafe LOL!

Baby please don't goooooooooooo!
*Should've push him down!, geez*

Group picture. Wanxiangs Sones, JasonLoo, YiksoonLee, Sc Tang, Henry Loh(showingoffhisipad) & my babe JieyingLim!
Minus Sephender & Aaron aka my two sons & our photographer NgMayYee D:

A special solo pic for her. Heehee thankyou girl :)
Pictures above are credited to NgMayYee with her DSLR. Heehs.

That's all for now. Happy happy weekends (ago) with all the awesome humans around.
Happy happy post for them too :DD
Glad that I've number of true friends that I can count on in my life. Thank you all :')

A guy that couldn't even handle a friendship well, doesn't worth to be a friend, nor worth the time.
Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind - Twitter #ohteenquotes

P.S : Realized that my blog is overstuffed with camwhore pictures, oops sorry.
Forgivable right, yeah yeah yeah! ;P
Sorry, a little too hyper teeeheee.

The End.

M2's Trip :D

Ohhai everyone!
Finally I'm here to update my not-so-lively-blog , teehee :D
FYI, I just came back from Genting & Malacca Trip with the awesome classmates.
Had lots of fun, of course (Y)
Since it had been a while I blog a proper post,
I'll let the pictures do the talking :D
Warning : This content contains 367162398718 pictures. Enjoy scrolling. Thankyou. LOL.
All the can-die-phrases were used just for fun purpose. MissVincci ain't rude, heehee.

2 hours of sleeping before Genting Trip at Jaclyn's house. We're superb, aren't we? :D

Booo! Super bad hair day + Fugly spec + Heavy eyebags + Chubby face = SO SAD CAN DIE T.T
Lol just kidding :P Btw I changed my spec which I don't really get used to it.

Introducing the males : Kenneth & Alvin :)

And of course, yours truly & JaclynTan :DD

And and one so-pretty-can-die RabeccaTan. She's gorgeous, heehee :DD

Introducing the best joker in the class : TanJoonXian. So-funny-can-die-also,oops.

Another super funny classmate I've - Amrul. LOLLLL.

And the super plooop classmate - Anthony aka feizaiii.

Look! Flying aeroplane *so excited tune*

This is the only ride in our Genting Trip LOLLLLL.
Heehee just kidding :P

Next : CYCLONE. The weather is so-hot-can-die type & we've to wait under the sun for 13764127481421 minutes. Screw the architect. Oops.

The sun kissed my face, ohnoooooo :O

These teddies were quite-cute-can-die. Heehee since it's huge enough. Idk what this game called but it was a quite challenging one.


I iz can haz a shades too, bleh :P



It's our very first time. Like usual, we take pictures while waiting :)

Look at the funny classmates. Act-till-so-real-can-die. LOL

So scary until I'm gonna die. IM SERIOUS.

I'm proud to announce that : I SURVIVED, TEEHEE.
The fear is killing seriously.It was pretty great experience anyway.

CORKSCREW! YEAY! Oopsie, too bad it rains :(
Plan phailed. Will ride this some other time :)

Here comes the so-hungry-can-die humans with the hotpot session ! :DD

Look at the face! :P

Stayed in Ria Apartment for one miserable night, which I felt so-insecure-can-die, like seriously.
Thank God everyone came back safely.
No pictures for the night since ehem ehem.
Anyhow again I stayed awake most of the time, so far pig-Vincci- is-breaking-record. *claps*

Chillin' around. Life's goooood :D

Candid shot.

Our gay partner of the trip.

This guy is so-ploooop-can-die , teehee.

Peace! Had a great time in Genting.

Back from Genting. Supper.

Was femancing with Jaclyn until 3am.
Pimples popped out non-stop-can-die. *bang wall*

Malacca trip begins! :D Camwhore session begins too :P

He looks like a girl , oops :P

Food = Life.


Jonker street- night time.

Tornado potatoes!
Camwhore in CAR, lol.

Say HI to Nadzli :) (:

Say HI to another twin- Nadzmi.


The End.
Stay tuned people, xx.

Most of the pictures above are credited to TanJoonXian. Thankyouuu :)