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I'm Winzhi, better known as Vincci or Smiling Eyes.
Why Smiling Eyes? Because my eyes can smile  Nope, actually it was derived from a Mandarin song when I was really young. To my surprise, some people actually address me as Smiling Eyes in real life !


I blog occasionally about a little of everything in my life. The truth is I treasure my blog a lot; no matter how infrequently I update this space. However, I do believe that staying in the moment is much more important. Admit it, we all have our own real lives we can’t neglect ;)

I hope this explains my inconsistency in blogging. No doubt, I am still trying my very best ! 


I don't have a pretty face or a luxurious lifestyle, but I am contented with every, everything I have
In fact, I'm pretty cheapskate if you know me well lol (not something to be proud of).  

I appreciate all the good times in my life, countless blessings throughout the years; together with the awesome humans I have met from time to time. What about the bad times? To be honest I hate it HAHA oh well who doesn't, but I guess it's those bad times that make the good times a 1000 times better ! 


I want to be be a successful business woman / entrepreneur. Can I say because I love money? Kidding !
I want to be a real dancer. Dancing is my passion, I love SDC & I still have a lot a lot a lot more to learn.
I want to travel around the world with my own savings. I love managing budgets & planning trips by myself.