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 HER : 
Named Winzhi, better known as Vincci or Smiling Eyes ツ
A typical Libra.
Turning twenty on 15th October 2013.
Currently pursuing her studies sponsored all the way in Swinburne University of Technology,Sarawak.
She blogs about her personal thoughts, every significant experience gained,
mood, loves/hates and a little of everything in life :)


Loves dancing.
Prefers basketball than any other sports for humans.
Reads self-enrichment books  to be a better person on Earth.
Tortures herself with HTML/ CSS codes to design her own blog template day and night because she loves the sense of accomplishment.

Loves winter season the most.
Pink gadgets. Pink background. Pink snowflakes. Pink luggage & ... =  PINK
Pretty active in social medias too. You're welcome to contact/follow her via the links below :

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She's an interesting human ,in spite of her not-so-pretty,, not-so-cute, not-so-friendly or what so ever face. 
And of course, you'll get to know her more by just, reading her blog.
Last but not least, she has a wonderful life with the awesome humans around from time to time.

'Specially thanks to those who loves me for everything I am. Vincci hearts you all.'
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