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[ WAT USA ] SMILING IN USA EP.3 : Walk with us to Washington D.C.

Hello everyone! 

First of all, lets all put aside how long I have abandoned this blog and focus on the present *hides* : 
So... I am finally blogging again because it was our travel trip 1 year anniversary! :D 
Not really relevant but I presume that's okay heh. 

Our first destination for the USA travel trip was Washington D.C!
Because of the very same reason, we were all very excited and energetic throughout the journey! ヽ(^o^)丿Hence, it's worth posting here even after 378438141 days. Self-reassurance matters lol.

But I have to say the entire trip was freaking cold although winter season was supposed to be over in March. And..we were so lucky to see snow the moment we stepped out from the airport! 

It means a lot because that was my first time seeing snow in real life :')  
And same goes to Blueebie lol ♥ Don't judge my koala from Aussie okay!


Introducing Miichii (most-right human),  the person-in-charge for this trip and she did a fantastic job being our tour guide! I remember how she used to read up the history of each places on the spot & summarize it for us ahaha. How nice (✿◠‿◠) 

Outfit of the day : #GAP 

Presenting Steady Cheesecakes (From left : Miichii, Stefan, Vincci & Hong Jian )  
It's amazing how we have came together after working in SeaWorld for 3 months! 

Fortunately, we made up a great travel squad especially with HJ as the professional camera guy, Stefan as the skillful poser, Miichii as the person to bully HAHA just kidding & the list goes on!

We spent 3 days 2 nights @ Washington D.C!
All four of us don't really fancy museums and so that's sufficient to see a little of everything.

In general, travelling in Washington DC is pretty easy as the main attractions are located in the National Mall itself.  Everywhere is accessible within walking distance, and most importantly, *coughs*  free-of-charge! 

 Library of Congress 

First stop: Library of Congress, also known as the largest library in the world! 
There were so many blocks that we weren't even sure which part to take picture of HAHA. 
Nonetheless, I love all of our happy photos together because that was how joyful we were :') :

 The U.S. Capitol 

And then we took a 5 minutes walk to the the US Capitol; one of the most iconic architectures in the world. 
After N years, the capitol building was still under construction but still, it looks majestic as the way it is : 


 Also, we took a walk at downtown, uptown, Chinatown or whatever area it's called ahaha. 
It was such a cold night that I remember I was shivering around with a Rudolph-like nose lol.
Not forgetting to mention the historic buildings look absolutely beautiful at night when the lights are on! 
Not many photos available due to frozen hands + depleted battery . 

Highlight of the day : Coincidentally met the other Malaysian gang! 
So happy when I meet my housemates heh ;D 

 Smithsonian Museums 

The Smithsonian has about 11 museums / galleries in the National Mall itself (plus another 2 in NYC). What makes them popular is because they were used as the main setting for Night at the Museum! ヽ(^。^)ノ

If I am not mistaken, we went to about 4-5 museums and yet I have taken very few pictures ahaha! Seriously not a museum-lover tsk tsk;  but it's good to look see & read up facts that I will never remember HAHA. 

And by the way, I am always confused whether the animals in museums are real or fake, like this :

Hola to Wei Lin & Rachel !

And there goes my favourite building in town : Smithsonian Castle & Garden!
The architecture and surroundings are so beautiful that it feels good to just wander around. 

Plus, there weren't many humans around and so we totally owned the place by doing what we do best : To pose & to take photos because every corner is an insta-worthy shot (*^▽^*)/ 

 Washington Monument 

Above all, Washington Monument is the must see landmark of D.C.
But come to think about it, I don't think anyone would ever miss it because it's 555'ft tall !
On top of that, you could also get tickets to see what's inside the monument if you're up early ;D

Speaking of fate! We met these humans once again ngawww.

 Lincoln Memorial 

The Lincoln Memorial is also the top-rated attraction in D.C., also known as the most visited memorial in the city.
According to HJ, this is actually his favourite attraction in the entire United States!

But true enough, you will be amazed with this massive, beautiful sculpture when you're there.
On a personal note, I like how the crowd actually stayed quiet with a respectful atmosphere in the memorial.

Ah! The view from Lincoln Memorial was spectacular  (see picture above), where you get to see the Washington Monument and the Reflecting Pool plus the city itself :') 

Good times, good times.

 Arlington Cemetery 

Behind the memorial to the west lies Arlington National Cemetery.
I have to say this is the most beautiful cemetery I have been to in my entire life.  
Worth the visit if you have the time (: 

 World War II Memorial 

Keeping the best for the last!  
The National World War II Memorial is awe inspiring; especially the captured spirit in the grand-scaled circle with 56 stone pillars. I love it a lot, really.

There is something about the memorial that makes it so incredible & impactful. 
 I do not have a 360 degrees camera but I will always remember this beautiful place in D.C. : 

Very, very honored to be here.

Across Atlantic to Pacific pavilion !

All in all, the whole setting of the National Mall is magnificent.
There is so much to see and feel in this historic city, which summed up to a very moving experience indeed. 
And certainly, I will never ever forget the memories that the Steady Cheesecakes shared together! 


Till next time, xoxo

Thank you for reading 

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