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Hello people!

I'm here to officially announce that I'm back in M'sia for good  ∩(ω)∩
Well I said so since many humans popped the same question when they see me: 'Eh you came back already ah?'. To be honest, I was back since a few months ago *hides* 

The truth is, life has been way too good for me back then. Been constantly travelling around, without any significant commitments. Livin' the life, I would say. And I loved it.

In fact, I was so good at adapting myself at different places but I forgot what home feels like. 
Being away for so long, all of a sudden I feel more lost in my hometown than 
I did in the most foreign country that I have visited. 

I have started off my first job right now and everything's falling into place, thankfully! :)
But here's more to a throwback post on my previous thoughts.
I will try to update more frequently from now on okay!

 Bits & pieces :

Up to date, my life in Melbourne is undoubtedly the best part of my entire life. Because of the very same reason, it had ruined my life ever since. Whatever I do, wherever I am, I miss those times, they were great times.

I miss Melbourne terribly, probably everyone around me knows that. Because I talk about Melbourne 24/7 wth. Deep inside I know that there's no way I could turn back time; to truly live there as a local anymore.

Back to my university life in Kuching, I call it home because it feels like one.
. As I have mentioned before, I had great girlfriends with no dramas, great housemates who pampered me like a princess; associated with a great club where I get to do what I love most - DANCE, be part of numerous great events & got great recognition by the lecturers.
I absolutely love my life back then, everything was awesome.

Upon graduation, I took the opportunity to travel around. Fortunately I had enough savings to wander a little here and there. No studies nor work stress. I got to participate in WAT USA, and traveled around the States for quite a while. Although there are a little complications here & there, but I'm still glad that I did it anyway.

I had the time of my life, no regrets.

Personal thoughts:

*that was written a while ago

Indeed, I feel extremely extremely lucky and thankful for everything I had. Being a Libra, one who treasure all these details in life, could only cling on to what's left - MEMORIES. And trust me sometimes it kills. It hurts when you know everything changes, and yet, that's how life is supposed to be. Nothing lasts forever. 

"Happy times make us happy at a point of our life but once it ends, it becomes a memory, something that is over and can never come back again. Isn't that a sad thing?"

Yes this was exactly how I felt! Pei Shi posted this and made me realize that well, at least I'm not alone lol.

What's worst is that I have been so busy enjoying those moments and in turn, neglected my blog for 1510 days. And when I have all the time I need, I am freaking reluctant to blog about them because I feel incredibly sad looking at those photos. So contradicting! It went on for a while, that I even considered to quit blogging wth. 


Back to Smiling Eyes:

But right now, I just want to blog about all those happy memories because they were awesome like that. Despite of the fact that it happened 68748910918 days ago, they are still worth remembering down the road. Well also because I don't want to look at 100,000 photos in my hard disc to rekindle these memories when I turn into 40 y.o. old lady HAHA. 

I treasure my blog very much. I love to read my posts with the photos and details of my past life events. Nevertheless, I don't blog to gain fame or wealth because this is the one thing that I want to do for myself

Admit it, who still reads blogs nowadays? Unless you have a pretty face or sense of humor or informational then that's a different story. I am well aware that not many humans would want to read 1000 words life story lol, except those who really cared of course heh! (So, thank you )

Now, this post serves as an important reminder that I no longer should dwell on my sadness that everything's over. I did everything I could, I appreciate everything I had and I should never build my sorrow on the happiness that I once had :) 

It took me a while to consider whether to put all these grandmother thoughts up or not. But well, I figured, it's my blog, it's my personal space. I put what I want to, not for the sake of what people want to read. We live in a generation where we portray the best parts of our lives, the highlights, the glamorous moments on social media. Yes, that includes myself. But I would love to make an exception for this blog - 

Missing Booo :)

"The single most important thing a traveler may ever learn on the road is when it is time to come home. We all come from somewhere. We’ve all left behind people we love. Some part of us is always going to belong to the places, to the people, to the worlds that we grew up in. And even the most seasoned nomad has to know when it’s time to pack up their bags and head home."

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