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Obviously I am still trying hard to maintain my blog, after a million years. Hashtag never give up HAHA.
Well I will leave my thoughts about that on an upcoming post, so here's one on Discovery Cove, people!

Proudly presenting :

But first and foremost, for those who have no idea what Discovery Cove is all about, 
which I presume it'll be the most of you who are reading right now ahaha! 
Here's a little piece of information about DC:

Discovery Cove is one of the top-rated attractions in Orlando, FL; owned by SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment. And I mean it by saying TOP-RATED. Humans from TripAdvisor refer DC as one of the most amazing places ever. This is mainly because the experience where you get to swim with bottlenose dolphins, manta rays & etc. is really extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, superb, amazing! *inserts all wonderful terms you have in mind HAHA*

So we decided to take a day off and visit DC on a one fine day. (⌒▽⌒)/
FYI, the usual price for a DC all inclusive package with dolphin swim is approximately $ 300 per human & 
$ 200 for a day resort package without dolphin swim. Yes that's about RM 1200. *gasps for air lol*

But thanks to SeaWorld, we only had to pay about 25% of the price T____T *tears of joy*
It was really really really really a super awesome deal, I swear.

Promo for SeaWorld's Ambassadors :
$ 70 for all inclusive package with dolphin swim & $ 25 without !
Well I chose the one with dolphin swim because I love dolphins 


To be very very honest, Discovery Cove is like a paradise indeed; well at least for me it is. 
It was such a wonderful experience and I absolutely love the all inclusive resort concept

Once we checked-in, we were supplied with unlimited towels, toiletries - including sunscreens! Having that said, we don't really have to bring anything in particular. All of the outfits - wet suit, vest, and even snorkeling gears were well provided!

We literally don't have to worry about a single thing. Just be the boss HAHA.

Breakfast for two: Miichii and I ! SO MUCH AHAHAH. 

And I guess the best part of all would be the ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT buffet provided ━━━(゜∀゜)━━━!!!!!  
Breakfast. Lunch. Tea time. Basically whenever you feel like eating lol!

Not forgetting to mention that we have UNLIMITED SNACKS / ALCOHOL DRINKS while chilling in the park. There are numerous snack bars throughout the park where you can get free pretzels, ice cream, cookies & etc. 
That's the life, really. 

And I still remember how hilarious the guys were because they took so much so much food like there's no tomorrow! Like what I said, just be the boss since everything is paid for already. 
Typical Malaysians we are ahaha!


In DC, the dolphin swim sessions are scheduled on a first come first serve basis upon check-in.
So we arrived early - around 7 am and fortunately we got an early spot altogether yay! 
Also means that we can have beautiful shots taken with dry hair & pretty face ;D

So we took our own sweet time to enjoy the luxurious breakfast and then get changed when it's time.
Anyway, I don't have many photos taken during the session, since iPhone isn't waterproof. 

Girls being girls ^^v

Compulsory group shot with everybody! :D

And lastly a compulsory selfie but someone had to photobomb :3

It's apparent that Miichii and yours truly are super camera-sensitive lolol.

The dolphin swim lasted for about 30 minutes if I'm not mistaken;
It was amazingggg because you get to touch / pat / feel the dolphins and observe them up-close! 
Why do I sound like a pervert LOL

On an additional pervert note, you get to hug the dolphins & swim and kiss them as well wheee! 
Well it's not everyday that you get to be so close to dolphins so I really really really love it.
It was such an unique experience & I'm thankful to be given such opportunity hee (*^3^)/~☆

Pardon my weird expressions because the deep water swim with dolphins scared me for a little wth!

We went to the Aviary after the swim. I'm not really fond of birds so let's just skip to the next part. #totallybiased


And then, we had an underwater snorkeling experience at The Grand Reef ヽ(^o^)丿
The reef is man-made but it has both deep + shallow sections and it felt super duper real in my opinion!
Also, the water here is freaking freaking cold that I shivered most of the time while snorkeling lolol.

Still, it was a pretty cool experience because you could swim with all kinds of tropical fish
and Manta rays up close. You can even touch one if you're fast enough!

And these are some cool shots taken by Miichii & I; taadaaaaa:

Just underneath us no kidding! In fact there were so many of them :O

It really look like one due to the low resolution. And in case you don't know who's the villain :

HERE. Okay back to topic.

These are the beautiful chorals that we get to see! Trust me it's even prettier when you see it by yourself.

Another awesome part of the Reef is that they have this shark tank
As seen above, there is a sloping glass underwater that you get to be SO CLOSE with a shark :D

And finally, 
this is Vincci touching Miichii's butt HAHAHAHAHA I honestly don't remember when I did this at all!


FYI, the wind-away river is like a big, lazy river with fairly strong water current. 
It is pretty soothing because your just put on your life jacket and let yourself float effortlessly. Or lazily. 
And here's where we splash water at each other like a 8 y.o. kid and take happy pictures together! \(゜O\)

Okay I am out of words now so let the pictures do the talking :   

First, let me take a selfie! *duzi duzi duzi duzi* 

Followed by happy wefies!

Happy group shots; especially Ji Tsong who jumped in joy in the last pic ahaha!

And a collection of some happy humans who were floating near to me :

This is Stefan; enjoying the river swim~

This is Lynn; enjoying the river swim too~

This is Guo Jie; enjoying the river swim as well~

Sadly when it's me..

I look like a floating dead corpse wth. #faceproblem 

Here's an edited one to prove my statement earlier. Life is just unfair HAHA. 
Okay I am just being lame but I mean it.


Last but not least, we chilled in the water & enjoyed the free snacks and drinks yeeeehaw ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It was quite a perfect ending for the entire day; at least we don't have to rush around or so. 
Well, I guess that's all I want to share about my visit to Discovery Cove!

Ending my post with a few more shots taken on that beautiful day :

The ladies!

And the lads!

Best selfie partner goes to Miichii ahaha! 

Groupfie taken by Guo Jie. Gotta admit he has pretty good skills!

But I'm better still. HAHA.
Love groupfies like this that include everyone together :D

These are indeed good times.
Thank you buddies whom I had lots of fun with, thank you SeaWorld, thank you Discovery Cove 
I love SeaWorld, I love Orlando, I miss USA :')

P.S. : My thought and prayers go out to those who have suffered losses in the tragedies that strucked Orlando. This madness NEEDS TO STOP right now and I hope everyone stay safe over there.

Tough times are there so you can have a good time later on - and appreciate it.
And once again, I'm thankful to have such good times :)

Signing off, x.

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