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3 weeks in Kuching.

Hello everyone! 

First, I need to slap myself like a hundred times because I've not been an efficient blogger, not at all D:
Tbh, I've at least 50 pending blog posts but I obviously have time management issues gahhh.
*continues to slap self*

Anyway, I was back in Klang a month ago but decided to fly to Kuching once again, for no reason
Actually, it was for many reasons. Mainly because I believe in pursuing my own dream & happiness HAHA WHAT. 

Spent about three weeks in Cat City & everything was awesome, too good to be true I'd say.
No words could explain how much I love my life over there, really :'D

Felt very very very very loved by everyone around me when I'm in Cat City! 
Especially my favourite girls, Adeline and Doreen plus my fav buddies, YJ, Sebastian, Ziqiang, John, Cindy & etc. I think I should have taken selfies with each of them & post their profiles here first HAHA.

Thank you guys so much so much for pampering me like a princess. 
I know very well that nobody has such obligation to treat me this way, and so I'm really really thankful ! 
*bows 180 degrees* *sends flying kisses* ~\(^ε^*)/

Personally demanded my name to be displayed upon my arrival HAHA LOVE IT!

It all started with a double surprise! Special thanks to Adeline unnie  for making this possible heh! 
We took a reaction video & it was freaking epic! They got super duper shocked to see me, and best of all they couldn't recognize me with my bangs lolol. I will keep watching it until the day I die HAHA.

Since most humans aren't back in Kuching yet, these two: Ah Beng & Ah Seng HAHAHA a.k.a 
YJ and Sebas were my companion of all times! 

Had lots of joy and laughter with Ah Beng and Ah Seng! 
Thank you both for every, everything, you know how much 刘海妹 love y'all ! ;)  

And Adeline is officially the best unnie in the world ♥ because her Fried BeeHoon is sooo goooood :D  
Not only that, she always spend her night time bringing us out, dancing with us heh.
And she's forever hyped HAHA how can I not love her!

Note : Never go to ZenQ for desserts people, UFO is a better option!

Also enjoy hanging out with Cindy (most left) a.k.a Pinoy HAHA because she is super crazy too, I like! :D It would be pretty awesome if she doesn't have curfews and stuffs like that. 

 One of the days that we helped Dom out in his factory, most tiring day ever which make it memorable too!

And when we're back home, I put on masks for them without telling them that those are animal masks! 
Their reactions are hilarious, as usual! Anyway only the Seal looks cute, as shown above gee.

As time goes by, more and more humans are back and I receive more and more love heh just saying :P ! 
And I'm the happiest when it's...

Watching movie is my favourite favourite thing to do of all times ♥ 
I think we watched more than 10 movies over the past 3 weeks ahaha it's so enjoyable!
I love the fact that we can sit comfortably at Dom's house and watch any movies we like :D 

Oh by the way, each of them was holding a bowl of popcorns because the popcorns I bought from KL were too awesome too precious that they have to divide it in advance HAHAHA SO CUTE. 

Together we had 60 bowls of boat noodles at Mangkok, superrr duperrrrr gooooood yumzz! 

 I'm also very glad to be brought out for nice lunch and dinner, almost everyday. Good food FTW ( ´∀`)/
Tried several new places too and gradually fell in love with Kuching local cuisines!
These humans pamper me so much that they'll figure out what to eat daily heh,
What else could I ask for :')

And ZiQiang who came back from his hometown bought me the best chocolate ever T_____T 
Super duper touched can! Even I myself wouldn't buy these luxurious chocolates!
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu 

Worked in a pharmacy again! I love pharmacy jobs nowadays. And I felt very loved when the whole bunch visits me during my lunch break ahahaha! And Adeline unnie ♥ dropped by unexpectedly as well. Even more loved! ;D

I was really happy that day because I never had this while working in Klang / KL. 
I am like forever the super independent one to work and to have lunch break alone ahaha!


Cindy specially made this World's-Best-Chicken-Stew for me OMG DAMN TOUCHED T____T
Was indeed very privileged because I'm the only one who got this lunchbox & 
everyone else had to order their food from the hawker stall *evil laughs HAHA*. 

Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu, Cindy 
You're really an amazing girl that if I'm a guy I would have fall for you already ahaha cheesyyyyy.

And after being here for four years, I finally get to experience how is Kuching Festival like !
I wish to fly there again for Rainforest Music Festival next year ahaha :D

Went to Kuching Fest for 3 times! It feels like our night market here actually, still enjoyable when the weather is nice! There were a whole lot of ice cream stalls this year. Among those ThaiCool has the craziest queue and buzz around. The queue is THAT long when it's not even open wtfff! 

Faces of dissatisfaction.

On the last day of Kuching Festival, we girls decided to join the bandwagon, and we thought okay we just have to wait for about 1.5 - 2 hours. Really wonder how nice could the ice cream be! 


Waited for FOUR FREAKING HOURS. Yes the ice cream was really really good but no the wait wasn't worth it. Couldn't deny that their Fried Ice Cream is really one of a kind with lots of toppings! 
Still a memorable experience anyway ^^v

The guys who were forced to wait with us almost died. HAHAHA. 
But then they enjoyed their Fried Durian Ice Cream at the end of the day :D 

*Deng deng deng*
And my trip wouldn't be complete without these two girls : Adeline and Doreen ♥ 

We're the V.A.D (Vincci, Adeline & Doreen)
As usual, we spend some quality time together by having a special girls outing heh! 
Really treasure this friendship lots because they are awesome like that. 
And we chat in the Girls Group everyday HAHA so much love!

You girls brought me so much joy and laughter, y'all are the best 么么达 ( ・∀・ )/
I seriously need another blog post to talk about our Girls Outing 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0. 
Can I not procrastinate anymore T_T

From left : Riri, Vivi, Nini (RIVINI)

And Doreen made us this ONIGIRI plushies SO CUTE I CANNOT.
Thank you so much Doreen, I know you can see that how much we love it ahaha!

And of course, back to what brought us together : DANCE!
Spent a lot more time to practice with Adeline lately and went all crazy about BTS choreography HAHA LOVE IT.  And don't worry Doreen, we will have more time to dance together in October :P

Dancing in studio is a MUST do when I'm back in Kuching. 

Look at how YJ drifted apart on the left!

Shamelessly recorded a few short videos of our dance practices heh! So much laughter and NGs too :D

Looking forward to see more SDC members next month!

And some of the nights, we will spend our time playing board games! 
I really love it because playing games are so funnnnnnn, especially when everyone tries to act as a good guy ohmygodddd we laughed until cannot. Special thanks to John ;D

Not forgetting to mention that John is also lovable and crazy in a way that he could just dance to some girlstyle and make noise at home like nobody's business HAHA.  When I'm about to leave he'll just be like BINCCI DON'T GOOOOO. It's nice to have him around ;D

The last day before I leave Kuching, I had the best home-cooked dinner in the world.

Special thanks to Doreen ♥ because she brought the pork for me all the way from Miri T____T 
Yes I'm very touched again. And she volunteered to cook for me my favourite dish!
And everyone else also contributed to cook other dishes :D *except me*
*tears of joy*

Last but not least....
(n‘∀‘)η゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* !!!!!  

So so happy because that place is forever fully booked! 
Finally get there this time and we took lots of pretty photos together yayyyyy. 
Keeping those for the next blog post (God knows when) and yes I know this post is getting longgggg!


All in all , what could be deduced from this blog post is that I love all of them so so so much and that explains why I love Kuching. Thanks for the love all these while, people! 

And here comes the end of my trip! Having them to send me off at the airport :(

I'm still very amazed that how could I be so attached to this place, Kuching, as if it's my second home. I will be back again in a month time but after this, I guess I will really have to move on with my next stage of life. I tried hard to squeeze everything in this blog post because really, I don't want these memories to fade away over time. And I really treasure all these good times! So so so blessed and I'm thankful for everything 

Till our next time, VAD; and RIVINI HAHAHAHA.

Anyway, I will be back again in 1 month time, oops you can't get rid of this bitchy princess ahaha!
Can't wait to attend my graduation, dance party and prom night yay ;D

Signing off! 
To whoever who has the patience to read everything, 
thank you too 

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