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Post-Exam Thoughts

My finals are finally over! But it's rather different now, 
because this marks the end of my university life too. I can't believe it :') 

I wouldn't say time flies because honestly, I've been through a lot of ups and downs in my university life. 
Fortunately, I would say it's 80% ups, 20% downs in this long journey!

Tbh, I think I have been very very very lucky & blessed all along;
to have wonderful friends & housemates around, esp those who really pamper me (´▽`)/ 
to have great lecturers most of the time, who truly believe in my capabilities,
to encounter & experience those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities 
(especially Korea Summer Camp & Exchange to Australia!) 
and most importantly, to be able to dance in Swinburne Dance Club ;D
                           (doing something that I really love to do!)

The 'down' part usually relates to my studies, 
where I get overly stressed up for almost every semester wtf due to my own expectations. 
Unfortunately, I did not change for the better. Super last minute until cannot! 
FYI, I usually start my assignment when my course mates finished them -_- 
which is like 1 or 2 days before due date.  *slams forehead* 
Trust me when I say it has been super duper tough for me, especially this semester ಠ_ಠ
                           But well, it's all over :D

To sum up everything, my university life has been pretty pretty awesome ;D 
I am so glad that I did not spend 618264914 hours studying or so; even though I am a scholar (thanks to procrastination wth)
Instead, I spent most of my time sleeping, hanging out with awesome humans, participating / organizing events, practicing day and night for dance performances, taking selfies okay kidding HAHA.

Meanwhile, I'm officially back to blogging life ! 
This time, I will urge myself to keep updating throughout this break, I WILL.
*feeling determined* 
Stay tuned :D

P.S. This post was somewhat inspired by this article which went viral in the Internet : 
A First Class Degree From Oxbridge - So What?
I would say it's worth the time reading it :D

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