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Well, I'm here because......
I don't want the negative-ish 'Random Ranting' post to appear on the top of my blog for so long.

But to be honest, I'm not supposed to be writing here.
I have tonnes of assignments to do and they're all killing me, like seriously.
And, so I only gave myself a limited time to come out with a blog post.
And.. great, I don't know what to say now ._.

I needed a topic that is short, random, but with fairly nice pictures.
I scrolled though my phone & saw lots of pretty selfies of myself from SDC Kpop Party.
So I decided to blog about it HAHAHA. reason sounds valid. 
But not the party itself cox that's gonna take like forever.

Also means you have to bare with my selfies all the way heh :D

Hereby I present the latest K-pop hit songs that I love ! 
*deng deng deng deng*


Official MV :

Vincci's Favourite Stage Performance :

I was so so addicted to this song at a point of time. 
And I'm super super super glad that I get to dance to it during SDC Mini Kpop Party wheeeee!

The BABY team !

So much win for this 100% DIY car that fits the MV style of 'Call Me Baby' HAHA.

On an irrelevant note, I have no idea why I love BAEKHYUN superbly much in this comeback! 
He's the 2nd in my bias list now :D I love his gaze, especially when he performs on stage 
Not forgetting to mention that his voice is so awesome, so charming that I cannotttt. 

Aha! This brings me to my next song:



EXO Next Door's OST !
If you're an EXO-L like me, it is a must to watch EXO Next Door :D  
I'm literally obsessed with them, I admit. But there's nothing wrong with that bleh !

My new love is Baekhyun but I still love Kai. I love Chanyeol all along. Starting to love D.O as well. 
Okay don't give me the speechless face.
Gee :D


EXID is pretty new but I'm starting to love them more and more! 
They got their fame through 'Up and Down' I suppose, with the crazily sexy hip movement. 
Not only that,  I have to say that their songs are pretty catchy as well :D  

And I fell in love with HANI, whom I found superbly sexy & goddess-like. Although I was told that she's very masculine. Okay I conclude my bias tends to incline towards good-looking humans who can dance well HAHA.

And thankfully once again, I got to perform 'AH YEAH' on stage during the Kpop Party yayyy.
Will upload these performance videos some other day. 
And also, I love dancing with my girls! 

And all these dance routines drawn us closer awwwwwwww ♥ ♥ 

 4. BTS - I NEED U 

I never thought that I would eye on other Kpop male groups because my love is all with EXO now And I'm loyal.
However, Adeline Chin Ying Ying has been distracting me with her love - BTS HAHAHA
Of course most credit goes to BTS themselves, their choreography is one of a kind 
Watch Boy In Luv and Danger if you haven't!

Couldn't deny that their songs are getting better nowadays !
Can't wait to dance to this song after finals, I CAN'T WAITTTT :D :D 

On the other hand, you might be wondering, what about Girls' Generation?
For those who don't know, I don't care about other Kpop groups / songs previously.
Mainly because I was so in love with SNSD. I loved only them, nobody else. 

I needed more new songs to motivate me to study and more dances to watch!
Girls Generation did came back with a new song - 'Catch me if you can' but it was..

Guess things have changed along the way, especially after Jessica left the group :'(
I'm still waiting for the one day that they can impress all of us, like how it used to be.

Okay I know I sound kind of unrealistic when I'm talking about all these Kpop idols.
Since they are just humans, public figures & so.

 Like what I always say,
everyone should pursue their own happiness in life.
Hence, if watching these Kpop stars and listening to their songs make me so happy so motivated,
why shouldn't I ? 


Okay that's all for now. 
More to come after finals. I promise. 
Okay I know I said this for a hundred times already but sometimes you just need to have faith LOL.

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