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Random rants.

Here I am, wanting to rant a little of everything.
The truth is that I'm so so stressed up, for so many aspects in my life.
Leading to an uglier side of me who is 1234567 times more sensitive to what people say / think.

Negativity strikes. And to be honest, I hate it. 
I cry, I complain, I feel inferior and I am tired with all these. 
I wish to get rid of it so badly & I'm doing all I can to eliminate such mindset.

Perhaps I was pampered in a carefree lifestyle for way too long.
All of a sudden I couldn't take so much stress altogether.

I wouldn't deny that I miss Melbourne life so so much, I really do.
Certainly I'm grateful for every, everything that I have.
I truly appreciate all these life-changing experiences.

But I am not going to stop here.
I want to achieve more; I want to be better.
I want it so badly, and so I'm constantly challenging myself.

But that's the very same reason behind my stress. 
Now I just need a leap of faith plus persistence to do what I want to do & what I love to do.
I believe I can do it. 
Yes I can do it. 

Well that's me. 
At one point I could be very positive and be like LEGGO BABEH.
And another point I would be like LIFE IS SO TOUGH CAN I JUST GIVE UP,

Emotional indeed, and yet easily affected by people's actions & words. 
Guess that's something I need to work on. Aha! One more, one more problem~

P.S. : I just want to say sorry that I'm extra sensitive lately ngaw. 
Please don't hurt me any further ahaha. 제발 !

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