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CNY 2015 ( ^∀^)/

Hi people! 

Well well Chap Goh Meh is officially over and I finally got some spare time to update again.
Busy life, as usual. Needless to say, my time has been way way too packed 
when I was back in Klang; will talk more about that next time ;D

I guess I have blogged several times about my kind of CNY HERE & HERE years ago. 
In brief, we make a moderately huge family & that's why our Chinese New Year is extra extra happening!

Signature peace sign everywhere! ^.^v

Not forgetting to mention that I've a bunch of awesome cousins!
I personally feel like we can "link" better to each other now since we are all grown ups. ヽ(^。^)ノ 
I remember how the guys used to fancy computer games when they were kids, and us girls literally had nothing to do lol, except dolling up together ahaha!

So this time I am really really inspired to blog about our CNY again because I truly truly enjoyed it 
Not sure is it because I didn't meet these humans for ages already or what. *hides*

To be exact, both guys & girls could also "doll up" together already LOL ! 

I would say I'm starting to embrace this festive season more as I grow older; as it's not easy for everyone to meet often since all of us have different paths now :)

So... Just like the previous years, Chor Yat (The 1st day of CNY) is the day that everyone in the family dresses up nicely, takes pictures, collects red packets, plays games, eats and gambles! And the best part is nowadays we can even play different cards' games together as well as Mahjong wheeeee ;D
*feeling proud because I finally conquer the art of Mahjong*

Presenting the young & pretty girls HAHA.
And because of the very same reason, I am aware that I should post more than 1 picture LOLOL. So...

Hashtag Young Hastag Pretty Hashtag Thick Face. Sorry I can't help it :P

Well, even the aunties in our family look pretty good okay; 
and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't know some of them are already 55+ y.o. :O :O 

My pretty pretty couzies! Peggy & Samantha

 And here's the cousin sister who's the closest to me ! Wanyi Ong 
This CNY, we both coincidentally have messy hair together because we didn't go for hair straigtening sesh T__T 

 We have so many things & characteristics in common that sometimes I mistaken us as real sisters heh.

Tbh, all of us have many many many more pictures together! 
But I will keep those for the last part just in case you guys can't take it lolol.

Now now, I would say ALL of the youngsters look forward to the ANGPAO game the most, including me myself. 
If you haven't know what's this, screw it because it means you didn't read my blog. 
HAHA just kidding, refer HERE for more details. 

Basically this year we made it slightly different, in which there were two different categories :

Category 1 : Totally based on your ability to react under pressure.

We played "萝卜蹲", inspired by 爸爸去哪儿.
Each of us was assigned a colour &  then all we have to do is to response quickly when a human nominate your colour. Not even a second delay!

This simple game then decides our sequence for lucky draw in Category 2.
Of course, the top four winners get something in return as well !
1st prize : RM 100, 2nd prize : RM 80 & etc.

As you can see, yours truly is proudly the winner HAHAHA. 
And it's apparent that guys are not-as-competitive lol because none of them got into Top 4 blehhhh. 

Category 2 : Solely based on your luck.

Now we can queue up and select whichever Angpao we want on the table, in proper sequence (as decided in Category 1). I got to choose first since I won in the last game bwahaha!

So I picked a seemingly not-too-thick red packet because my relatives told us that the thicker ones contain many RM 1 notes & obviously we want RM 50 notes. Typical us.

Feeling real excited to check out the red packets!


 And most of us got that heartbroken feeling when we knew he got the first prize T_T 
RM 288 flew away.

Superbly thankful for everything ! I should give a 180 degrees bow! *tears of joy* 

P.S. : If you realize the 1st & 2nd winners were exactly the same back in year 2013. Lucky lucky us! 

From left: Cousin sis Peggy & Christine

On a side note, our CNY this year is a lot more fun than usual because Peggy brought her Canadian friend - Christine along to celebrate this festive season with us :D 

And she is superbly nice, sweet, fun, crazy and friendly! Such an awesome human that I don't even know how to describe okay I don't usually adore girls like this. Anyway, I'm really really glad to meet her & I hope we will meet again soon!

And trust me when I say she's like a superstar in the family this year, everyone requested to take a photo with her! None of us had this privilege, ever T__T Maybe because we aren't pretty enough lolol. 

 My relatives kept telling us that we're like long-lost twins ♡ 
Well according to them we don't look exactly alike but some of our gestures are pretty similar indeed!

Very glad that most of them love my camera much much ; all these were taken by Sony Alpha Nex 5T! 
Flattered, felt like the camera was super value for money! :D

And... THIS is what all of us do, while the adults were preparing the ANGPAO game. 

SELFIE SELFIE SELFIE. From my precious camera to iPhone 5S and to iPhone 6+. 

Trying so hard to fit everyone into the screen :D

Spent one whole week at Johor with them and no regrets! Did many more things together with the cousins this year. Thanks to Christine, all of us were very eager to introduce her our kind of Kopitiam breakfast, Midnight Mamak session & so on & so forth. 

All in all, we spent quality time together and I guess that's what CNY is for :) 


I apologize if this post is a little messed up :/ 
Took me pretty long to make-do everything with the limited time I have. 
Thanks for reading !

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