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Leaving Melbourne.

Lately I found out that I don't really blog much about my personal thoughts / feelings anymore. 
Most of my drafted blog posts are based on different destinations in different countries 
(Korea, New Zealand plus Gold Coast, Sydney...); which take forever to compose. 
Too many beautiful photos to choose from I guess ahaha!

So this would not be an informative blog post, but a more personalized content that is not meant for everyone. I'm just gonna blabber generally about "Melbourne", and also insert all random and irrelevant photos taken on the streets HAHA I don't care.

 All I can say is this journey of studying abroad was too good to be true. No doubt, I don't feel like leaving at all. Who does? I think I said it too many times that humans on my social media might be annoyed already lol :P  

Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn Campus.
Melbourne Star.
Melbourne CBD.

Vincci & the matching tram.Trying to sound cool and all but ahaha failed :P

The Journey.

I've learned so so much from this exchange program, indeed I am superbly thankful for every everything. It was a life changing experience, like what they say it really broadens your views & perspectives. I consider myself super super lucky to be granted this wonderful opportunity.
Thank you JPA, Thank you Swinburne Sarawak, Thank you Swinburne Hawthorn.

I'm grateful to be fit, to be well and to have the luxurious to eat, to enjoy life and to travel abroad.
And I will continue to strive for the better; to realize my dreams.

Why am I always saying thank you? Hmm. Previously I went to the State Library and I was totally blown away by this piece of art. This particular photographer captured the daily lives of Syrian refugees, their tents (as where they live), their struggle & pain. So I guess the answer lies within, it's also a reminder for myself, because greed is just.. human's nature. Trust me I've a lot of unnecessary wants too ahaha!

 Captured Shots. *click to zoom*
Captions. *click to zoom*

In the past two months, I chose not to work so often but to prioritize 'exploring Melbourne' instead.
Made a whole freaking list of to-go-places and woke up everyday to travel here & there.
Thank God I did.

At times my friends and I just felt like chilling / lazying at home and then we will be like,
Okay everyone get their asses off the bed and off we went.

Explored different destinations - Great Ocean Road, Grampian, Phillip Island, 
different areas - Glen Waverley, Richmond, Boxhill, South Yarra, 
different streets - Chapel St, Lygon St, Bridge Rd, 
& of course places of interest in the CBD itself.

Nevertheless, there are so much more to see but unfortunately, we don't have that much time :(

I'm so going to miss everything there! Absolutely love the vibe, the environment, the food, the people, the weather, the street performers, the architecture buildings, the beach & basically everything HAHA! 
I could really understand why Melbourne is known as the most liveable city in the world.

She is beautiful the way she is. 
Most of us assume "Melbourne" to be a female due to its unpredictable weather, just like us girls ahaha! And fortunately, even in Summer, the weather there is still chilling & sometimes it's as cold as winter; 
not as scary as what people told us! 


City Highlights.

 Throughout the two months break, I finally get to stroll around streets till as late as I want;
AND I LOVE IT. Carefree life like this is awesome.   

Also, I decided to include all these beautiful humans who got my attention.

One of the top street performers in Melbourne. Everyone loves them. 
I personally love the drummer - Alex Cooper to the max!

No joke the violinist is so so freaking good ! *jaw drops*
Too bad I only saw them on the streets once :(

Couldn't remember her name but I love her! Not many humans would pay attention to her since she sings Mandarin songs, but her singing is awesome.


This white lady @ Swanston Street moves really really slow & elegantly.
Gave her coins & told her that she looks pretty heh ;D
Got this in return! Little things like this make my day :)

Wanted to take a picture of this pretty bird & its owner put it on my head right away. SCARE DIE ME. *LOL smile awkwardly*
Okay a little more calm after that ahahaha. It's heavy though!

Walking on the streets.
Take 1.
Take 2.
I CANNOT. Too un-natural omg HAHA.
That I-don't-care face bleh.

All these remind me very much of our old friend, Phang Zhen Sen. I've been to places that he went, experienced all the great things that he shared with us, and most importantly, I've missed him. I apologize for being annoyed at your countless tweets & rants about "missing Melbourne" in the past because I totally feel you right now. How I wish you're right here, with us, with SDC; and I will buy many many Australia's tees for you, vegemite, snacks, because you love them all. 

Despite of the grief and sorrow, I choose to believe you're doing well and you've found your happiness somewhere somehow :) I know this feeling is contagious; I struggled a little on whether to type it or not, but at last I did :') Can't help but to tear again.

On a side note, I'm really really excited to fly to Kuching! Knowing that I could dance and go crazy with the members again make me happy ;D No words could describe how grateful I am for everything I have right now. 

Back then, the thought of returning to Kuching alone was devastating, mainly due to culture shock between West & East Malaysia. I still remember the old me who usually isolate myself at Swinburne's female hostel, struggling with problems, friendships, homesick & etc. 

But not anymore! Because I've found a place where I belong - Swinburne Dance Club. 
Nothing much, I'm just very glad to see things turned out to be the better :) 
*feeling touched*

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