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Baby Freezing at Hosier Lane

Warning : This post is flooded with 73529853423990542 photos !

Today I am gonna blog about my photo-taking session at Hosier Lane. Okay it's mainly because I love all these photos so so much, and I obviously couldn't post all of them on Instagram. Of course, I'm also here to fulfill my New Year Resolution heh! (33 blog posts Fighting!).

The thing is.. not many humans would admire graffiti and some may deem it as an uncivilized act - vandalism. Anyway, I personally love graffiti because I haz the swag lolol just kidding. Maybe it's more to a hip hop / street dance thing so... it's totally my style*thick face until cannot*

Artists at work.

Hosier Lane, a popular pedestrian lane way that is FULL of graffiti, located nearby Flinders Street Station. Most humans could draw / scribble on the wall legally here, and the amazing thing is that, these artworks would not stay there for long (unless it's something real special). 

Means you could possibly find something new during your next visit; it's ever changing! :D

I did not take any photos at the lane until my last week in Melbourne, super last minute, as usual. 
Well well, it's because I had a vision (LOL VISION WTH), that is...
I want to see myself doing a baby freeze at the Hosier Lane. 
So ambitious! *clap clap* 

FYI, I have so so little strength that I wasn't able to do one in the past, no matter how hard I try. 
; as if my hands were made out of TOFU wth! And I'm super pain intolerant as well gahhh *sulks* 

Visualizing myself doing a cool freeze.... 
Haha cut it off. It's just me doing my favourite armpit pose lol  what a gross name.


So I practiced at home several times & got my elbow burnt due to the carpeted floor -_____- 
Stopped practicing due to the pain and the next day I got so so depressed because.....
I. CAN'T. DO. IT. I just.. can't. :'(

 Fell down like a hundred times at the Hosier Lane T_____T Then I totally had no mood to do any other poses or whatsoever. *merajuk* Also because I'm out of ideas bleh!

 Not forgetting to mention the burnt area on my elbow hurts so badly :( This shot was taken after my failing attempt & now I realize I was really super sad HAHAHA. *shakes head*

 Feeling down...

 Helpppppppppp! *imitates Ju Onn's voice*

 My very obvious not-that-happy face of the day; MEH.

This is probably the only satisfying shot. But this is so not me! I don't do breaking! words are contradicting lol. Baby Freeze is what breakers do and why am I doing it then.

Okay here comes my confession, it's partly due to peer pressure HEHE. Most of the girls I know in SDC can easily do a baby freeze. EXCEPT ME. *draws circles at a corner* 

So this gives me some sort of motivation & I tried at home again (neglecting the pain) the next morning and.. FINALLY T____T *tears of joy*. 


 Did a little bit of stretching first this time *macam yes*

Okay lets do this! *hits fist hard and strong*
 Get set.
 GO! Deng deng deng deng!
 Easy peasy. *smirks* (It's actually not).

Btw if you realize, these pictures are mainly candid shots & great observers would immediately notice that they weren't taken at the same time - some with my checkered outerwear & some without.

It's a little frustrating for newbies like me to wait for humans who pass by, like I finally can do one and...

Take 1. 
 Take 2.
 Take 3.
 Take 4. GASPS.

 Proof that I can hold more than 3 seconds lalalala. *flips hair*

The most difficult part would be doing it in front of this wall that I love the most. 
Mainly because the ground was uneven, it's like a slope which causes problems for people like me -_-
Anyway, I didn't give up! Did like 10 times of successful baby freezes out of.. 25 times? Good enough I guess!

You can see how worried am I from my expression ahaha!
Exclusive shot of my super un-glamorous fall. Ouch!

Anyway that's like the max I could go, I'm pretty dumb at this that I couldn't even stretch my leg or put it straight or do anything at all. My mind is literally blank when I'm doing it.

Summing it up, my hard work paid off yay yay yay :D *wide smileeeeeee*

Glad that I achieved my so called "vision" HAHA, well it was seemingly an impossible task for me to do at first! :O

Honestly, I wish I could do breaking but I'm just not fit for it. Lets just go back to Kpop shall we HAHAHA. Anyway, kind words / compliments from sifu Daniel, Zaba, Yong Jia and Doreen really made me happy! Because they know how failed I was lolol.

It also means that Adeline is the only mean creature here HEHEHE but I still love her.
Awwwwwwwwww uek :P


Personally find everything looks cooler with special photo effects / filters, especially Black & White!
I'm pretty sure if Doreen is here she is going to take so many emo-looking pictures ahaha! (She loves it idk why!)

| U P S I D E   D O W N |

| D E T A I L S |

 | U N T I T L E D |

| L O S T |

| S W A G |

Behind the scenes : AHHHHH CHOOOOOOOO! *rubs nose* 
and then I was asked to look at the camera LOL.

In case you miss my face, here's a closeup shot of my chubbychubchub face. Must diet like seriously.

 Lycan gets special attention! Yes I'm a werewolf lover.

 Till my next visit, Hosier Lane.
P.S. : OMG Can't believe I composed such a lengthy post for a simple destination like this.
How am I supposed to blog about the whole Victoria & New Zealand ahaha!

Still, thanks for reading, people. 
Lots of loves from me! 

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