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Here's a real lengthy blog post right before the year ends, I've so so so much to share on my blog. I've been through many things this year & I certainly wouldn't want to forget all these wonderful memories. 

The truth is... I still love blogging; a typical instagram / facebook post is NOT sufficient to pin down my thoughts or feelings. Okay I know my time management sucks - 6 blog posts in a year wtf, but I'M NOT GIVING UP.

Back to topic.
Summing up year 2014

1. My life revolves around Swinburne Dance Club &
 I swear it's one of the best decisions ever. I LOVE SDC.

All of us share our passion to dance together and no words can describe how bubbly, hilarious, crazy they are. Spontaneous plans of making pancakes, karaoke-ing, partying & selfie-ing NON STOP 24/7 HAHA.
What I can say is.. I'm forever thankful to be in this club.

This is Jean. She graduated already le sigh I'm so gonna miss her :(

There are times that we were so stressed out for performances / events, 
and also times that I felt like killing everyone because being the President is too stressful LOL kidding kidding. 

But at the end of the day, the members are the ones whom make me feel like, everything was worth it. 
Thanks to people in Swinburne Sarawak who supported us / complimented us as well, we will stay humble & strive for the better. (Typical ex-president speech).

See you guys next semester!

2. I treasure these humans a lot, 
in spite of them being miles away. 

In the midst of growing up (like very old already lol) , I start to realize that it's relatively easy to make friends, humans whom you say 'HI & BYE' with; whereas finding a true friend is not as simple. 

Sometimes I do wonder.. have I changed to be more introvert or whatsoever.


My pretty cousin sister, we "click" super duper well that I treat her like my real sister ! 

Strong friendship bond we shared since high school  

Plus these two buddies who appear on my blog for countless times already. (。◕‿◕。)

And the others that I did not get to meet up this year !

In short, no matter where I am, I still feel like these are the humans who know me best & truly accept me for whoever I am. Call me naive, but I secretly (not anymore after this post) wish our friendship lasts long.
Thank you and yes I know I repeated this phrase many many times. 

3. Went for the most memorable Summer Program &
 totally fell in love with Korea.

I've been to Korea once when I was a kid & honestly I didn't know this trip would make such a big impact to me. 
It was this program that awakens me (LOL awakens some more) the difference between traveling one country & living in one country. 

No words could describe how much I have learned throughout this period; being fully immersed in the Korean culture for more than 2 weeks, I miss everything there! 

No doubt, I don't mind visiting the country again & again because it has already become MY FAVOURITE COUNTRY now. And yes, I'm determined to pick up Hangul ever since.

Not forgetting to mention that the whole trip is FREE, so I really thank Swinburne Sarawak & Kangwon National University for everything.

4. I achieved one of my dreams - 
To study in Melbourne, Australia. 

Being a JPA scholar, I never ever thought this could be possible, so trust me it's really like a
DREAM COME TRUE (Use all sorts of font styles: Bold, underline, capital letter to emphasize this lol). 
I was raised up in a way that my parents' money are NOT my money & I'm perfectly fine with it. So I don't expect them to spend like many many 'Ks' to send me overseas. 

Nevertheless, I'm super super thankful for my parents giving me sufficient allowances to live in Melbourne. Without them, I wouldn't even be here! THANK YOU MUMMY & DADDY! `ィ(´∀`∩

Anyway, I definitely need another blog post to talk about this amazing journey of studying abroad. 

5. Discovered my love for travel ! (Well who doesn't love traveling?) 

But I do think that traveling should be for a good cause, not to show off around. One thing for sure, traveling is pretty awesome, everyone should go for it, whether it's in Malaysia or out of Malaysia ;)

Clipboard at home!

With that, I have learned to manage my income & expenses from time to time. I've worked pretty hard ; having
2-3 part time jobs while studying to achieve my personal goals.

Nevertheless, I'm more than thankful to have the opportunities, time, money, permission & etc to explore & discover all these beautiful places:

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Gold Coast, Australia

North Island, New Zealand

Being able to travel around freely without any guided tours, together with your friends is just.. AWESOME !

Also realized that traveling with parents is cool too because I don't have to pay for anything. *wide smileeeeeeeeee* So I was lucky enough to be brought to these places without spending my own savings :

Phuket, Thailand

Sydney, Australia.

 5. I did things that I never thought I would've done. 

I guess Tandem Skydive is really the bravest thing I've done so far ! But then again I've gone through so much struggle to do it, seriously my face turned GREEN when I'm up high on the plane. 

But to be honest, it wasn't as scary as I thought, so people just go for it ! 

Purposely edited this picture this way so that people can't see my cannot-make-it face .-.

It's true that people say your perception / thinking changes after skydiving. When I was in Everland, Korea, I have no guts at all to go for those thrilling rides. I was quite disappointed at myself. I don't feel good at all rejecting my friends' invitations again & again.

Went to Gold Coast theme parks - Movie World, Wet N Wild, Sea World & I'm so freaking proud of myself that I did almost ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the rides. Certainly it means nothing to people who loves all these thrills but to me it was quite a big deal. 


Also had the experience of RAFTING FOR 14 KILOMETERS in 2 hours over 30 rapids OMG.

I'm grateful for every every every, everything

.But I dream big, I hope to achieve much more in years to come :)

Lastly, I hope you guys enjoy all these pretty photos taken from my camera / iPhone, they're not from Google! 
Oh ! Please don't be tricked by my seemingly slim & pretty look because honestly I look nothing like that now. 
Got so much fatter & uglier already; like this :

Kidding kidding :P Okay I'm working hard to get slimmer already. Anyway..


P.S. : I sincerely hope 2015 would be a good year. To be honest, I am always afraid of having too much good times because bad times will follow right after. CHOI CHOI CHOI. Positive positive.