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Meeting F I O N I S M ♥

Well to be honest, I felt super ashamed to open up my own blog now, le sigh to my 2013 New Year Resolution, which was to publish at least *ahem* 60 *ahem* blog posts.

Guess what, 2014 is coming to an end and I've only blogged 5 times this year. 5 TIMES. *gasps for air* Deep down inside I've thousands of reasons for that which I totally pardon myself. Okay I do feel guilty at times. I really do.

And.. there's this one girl who urges me to blog like there's no tomorrow - FION PARIS JACKSON.
Well that's not her real name, let's just call her Fion from 

Considering the fact that we've only known each other online for about a year (without consistent chatting & etc. because I'm anti social like that LOL), I swear this girl is the sweetest, bubbliest, and most importantly, REAL. Super caring & lovable that if I'm a guy I would've fall for her already HAHA, sorry I can't find other ways to exaggerate how nice she is.

And to make this clear, the whole blog post is dedicated to her even if you're not interested ;  Because she asked for it HAHAHAHA okay she did but also because she deserves it. 

Here goes our first outing which was...history, rewinding to the beginning of the semester.
Fion was kind enough to bring me around the city, at that time I'm still new to everything so I'm quite amazed heh :D

 After leaving HOME - Klang & SECOND HOME- Kuching, I found out that I tend to be socially awkward around people; I guess that's normal for humans in a brand new environment. To my surprise, I feel super comfortable around her, leading to all the bullshits, gossips out-of-image laughter and the cheapskate side of me.

Plus perfectly natural selfies!
I conclude that she likes to stand behind me to appear "smaller" / "tiny". CHEATER. HAHA,

 Attention on my snowflakes pendant;  given by Fion!  ❅ ❅ 

I hereby admit that Fion is super awesome in bribing people because she knows exactly what are the right gifts for you. HAHAHA. FYI, almost everything related to snowflakes attracts me, which pretty much explains why I love Christmas & winter because they are somewhat related !

And...I almost wanted to hug her and jump up & down when I receive these as my birthday gifts :


Snowflakes bookmark and personalized cupcake with a snowman OMGGGG!
 *jumps in ultimate joy*

It was pretty unexpected to receive gifts because most of my close friends stopped doing it since I flew to Kuching. Well who doesn't love presents you know what I mean, even if it's a tiny little one! *smirk face* 

Due to our busy schedules in different universities / working hours, we usually only meet up once in a while for like half of the day. Nevertheless, I appreciate all these outings with her and I hope I will never be forgotten, even after leaving Melbourne T____________T ( HINTING YOU OBVIOUSLY LOL).

 Note to Fion: 

I would like you to know that I'm not as BO SIM / NO HEART as you think I am okay. No doubt, I am a busy person but I treasure you a lot as a friend rawr. And afraid not I WILL find you in Penang and we WILL keep in touch regularly. *slams table* I mean it.

Pretty books from Typo for our Hangul notes!

On top of that, I am super duper X 100 times thankful to Fion for tutoring me Korean language. I've been dying to learn Hangul ever since but I forever don't know where to start from. Fion was one of the kindest humans on Earth to send me links & images of her notes on Whatsapp and giving me weekly assignments LOL yes she is cool that way.

Although I stopped half way due to stress from part time jobs & exams, but what she did totally inspired me to get serious about learning Korean! I'm a super slow learner when it comes to language but I will persevere. *flips hair*

Although at times like this Fion will just give me a MEH impression because she knows I'm a lazy ass .-. 

Glad that we had our sleepover as our last *hopefully not* memory in Melbourne.
I consider myself superbly blessed to be able to have you as a friend, and for the first time in forever, it's a friend whom I know from blogging! Don't worry this will not be the one and only blog post about you, cheers :D

To other bloggers like Wenxi, Maple & etc, I wish to meet you girls one day too! 

Those who are still reading, thank you and... 


( ˘ ³˘) ♥  X.O.X.O 

More blog posts to come? I hope heheheheheh.