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All I can say is I've been wanting to blog about heaps of  events, current life & etc. but I was way too busy. 
TRUST ME I REALLY AM.  Anyway, I miss this space lots & I'm here today to blog about my birthday.
(Lol whats with the formality, rusty blogging skills tsk tsk) 

So.... I'm officially 21 ! :D :D :D 
Also, I would declare that my 21st birthday was the BEST birthday that I've ever had. *tears of joy*  
That explains the need to blog about it; no excuses this time!

P.S. : Last year I wanted to blog about the birthday surprise SDC members gave me so badly but I ended up procrastinating non-stop and poooof! Saying this to hint you guys that I really appreciate that surprise heh *hides*


Totally.did.not.see.this.coming! !
Although I expected a mini celebration to be on the 15th instead *thick faced HAHA* 

Been wanting this ever since! It's so fluffy and pretty!
Friends from Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, France whom I usually hang out with!
MY DREAM CAMERA (≧∇≦)/ (≧∇≦)/ (≧∇≦)/
Went to numerous stores to find this camera in Melbourne but failed.
Been saving money for this so I offered to pay at least half of the price; it's the effort that counts! :D
POSTCARDS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD (≧∇≦)/ (≧∇≦)/ (≧∇≦)/ (≧∇≦)/ 
Well I guess they noticed I love receiving cards because 
I'd peek at my apartment's postbox almost everyday heh! The cards made me really really HAPPY!
For the first time in forever my birthday candles are not the normal ones yayyyy!

T________T It's like a DREAM COME TRUE!
No kidding! Everything felt so surreal & I'm still very very amazed, up till now tbh .  
I'm really touched, happy, surprised, overwhelmed, blessed, contented *inserts all happy terms*
Special thanks to every every single human who is involved, especially Jasper, Dominic & Doreen! 
  I've no idea what should I give in return but I'm really thankful to have y'all  *bows 90 degrees*


Tbh, I felt super shy to be the center of attention & I was like "Oh shit what should I do next HAHA."
Spent the rest of the night playing poker cards, drinking, taking selfies & fooling around with helium!
As usual, time for pictures :D

Once again, thank you people for such a wonderful birthday celebration! 
I know some of you were really busy with assignments, presentations & etc. *touched*
Also, I apologize for being super awkward on the day because idk what else to say at times heh.

There goes my selfie with everyone! : 

From top left : 
Wanyi, Yelin, Rosalie, 
Delona, Eunwon, Victor, 
Nicholas, Jennifer, Malvin, 
Ferra, Jaynee, 
Jasper & Dominic! 
Oops forget to take photo with Ah Min :3

So here's one with him who flew all the way here :) Thanks for your present too! 
Hope you enjoyed Melbourne!

Lastly, big big thanks for all the sweet wishes!
My birthday celebration wouldn't be such a blast without you guys.


Specially for humans who are located 168571581942 miles away ! 

#1 Swinburne Dance Club Members

I'm really happy to see these wishes on the members' postcards!
Not forgetting to mention that I miss dancing with them so so so so much :3 
To be frank, SDC humans are the ones whom I miss the most when I'm away from Cat City. 
These people sum up my life in Kuching :') My university life is nothing without them, seriously! 
Anyway, all of them are swag kind of humans so they wouldn't be as cheesy as me HAHA ! 

SDC calls this ^.^V my signature pose!  

And the next day I found out that they did the exact pose & tagged me in Instagram LOLOL . 

The next day, I woke up early in the morning - 5 am to work; feeling real tired & disastrous.
To my surprise, I received a video of them singing Happy Birthday to me in Whatsapp. (Due to time difference)
It was just a small act but idk why I almost teared HAHA I'm serious! Too happy I guess :'D

Special thanks to my favourite girls in SDC : Doreen & Adeline ;So glad that we're still keeping in touch from time to time and the best part is, chatting with y'all makes me the happiest (^▽^)/
Also, their cards stand out the most among all ! LOOK LOOK LOOK!

Big big thank you to Doreen Yong who coordinated EVERYTHING behind the scenes; I heard you did a lot & I really appreciate it! Thank youuuuu so so so so much babe and of course, thanks for your hand-made card as well ! :D I miss you very much & likewise, I'm really blessed to have a friend like you ♥ 

And I would never ever forget her special celebration for me previously! 

Adeline's card is really the BEST, I swear. Oops, sorry to other humans but... 
It was such a smart idea to include MY PRINCE CHARMING KAI's photos ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
HEHE Thank you so much Adeline I love you! Also, thanks for introducing EXO to me as well :D

Personally love our crazy conversations in Whatsapp & I can't wait to meet you to teach me more of EXO choreo! 

#2 Coursemates : Doreen, Linda, Pei Yong, Queenie + Angie & Shaney 
And to my Business coursemates all the way in Swinburne Sarawak, I'm touched! Cox I thought I've been forgotten long time ago! Hope you girls are doing well over there :D See y'all next semester ♡ 

#3 Daniel Sineros & his fellow collagues:Mathu & Sean
I would say this is a really special one as well because someone cleverly included a customized-bracelet inside! Was really surprised and delighted by the effort :D Absolutely love the design of the card, especially the snowflakes part! I know it's not easy to cut the tiny snowflakes  ;D Also, thanks to his colleagues who were so eager to wish me although we have yet to know each other. You guys are pretty sweet I'd say!

#4 Babu Jaclyn
Received this a few days after my birthday; and I felt so amazedddddd by my babu's artwork ! Everything was hand-drawn with cut & paste here & there :D Started to reminisce our college life too; it'd been so long since we last met T____T I will see you soon babuuu! 
Thanks for the card heh, I love it!

#5 KNU Fellows : Jeremy. Angela , Karen, Oli & Kat  
I couldn't believe that they send their cards all the way to Australia omggg! Thank you people ! 
All of your wishes plus drawings (for Oli & Kat)  are really special to me.
Love you guys! I wish that we could meet each other again some day!

P.S. : I was told that there are few more postcards more to go! Probably caused by delay in delivery. So whoever it is, thank you! No worries I will update you guys whether it's received or not! :D

And of course to those who specially wished me on Instagram, Facebook & etc. 
*sends flying kisses*

Some of you may be a fan of my brother's comics as well. So I'm ending this lengthy post with it: 

I personally love his comics a lot! Felt a little depressed after reading though.. 
anyway, I still appreciate the effort! Love him lots  

Went to a few places on 15th of October & I wish I could blog about it as well ! 
And I'd have to introduce the pretty blogger - Fion in my blog already 
HAHA I LOVE HER SO SO MUCH idk how should I describe it :* :* 
Anyway, stay tuned readers; thanks for reading !