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So here I am, like finally starting to blog about my Korea trip (≧∇≦)/
Well I still find the need to blog about it here as I wouldn't want all these memories to fade away over time heh. 


Basically the Summer Camp was held by KNU to include a number of participants from all over the world. Therefore, we had the opportunity to meet humans all the way from Japan, China, Czech Republic, Spain, Russia, Phillipines, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Singapore, Taiwan & Lithuania! 

FYI, they only allow 4 participants from M'sia! 3 of us were shooooooooo lucky! *tears of joy*


Our journey started off perfectly with a super gorgeous air-stewardess guiding us through the crowded customs & etc. All thanks to YJ who is partially 'disabled' lolol. 

 We were then greeted by the friendly Koreans @ KNU & we had Pat Bing Su. *thumbs upppp*
Perfect desert during a scorching hot day!

The summer camp turned out to be a tour for all of us and it was totally beyond our expectations (゜レ゜)
We visited a number of places / attractions so lets start from the first day !

 #1 Campus Tour 

THIS. is their library, 5 freaking floors!
By the way, KNU is unbelievably HUGE. Like Swinburne Sarawak X 5. 
I'm serious. 

And they have their very own museum! *drops jaw* 

  #2 ChunCheon City Tour 

 Went around ChunCheon after that, I personally love SoYangGang Multi-Purpose Dam very much  
; as shown above. 

The water is superbly clam and the view is indeed, breathtaking ☆彡

 Visited Animation Museum and Robot Studio as well & really enjoyed the exhibition :D

 The best part is that there is only a little crowd so we could take as many pictures as we want *peace*

Buffet dinner ; us with the Kazakhstan girls! 

  Doreen & I went up to the stage & danced to 'Growl'. *blushhh* Had a great night overall :D 

DAY 2 

#3 Ceramics Day

Not really my cup of tea because I suck at it LOL. The picture shown above was YJ's masterpiece.
But no doubt, it was a great experience gee.

 From left : Momoko, Ji Hye, Michiru ; yeppudaaa!   

Pork-lover like me LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Samgyeopsal  . 
This has to be my favourite favourite favourite dinner in Korea. Still cannot get over it lolol.

Watched Transformers for the 2nd time @ CGV ; solely to experience how is their cinema like :D
And obviously we were too hyped that night; took lots of photos like nobody's business heh

We all have something for Korea's convenience stores, that's like the best place to get our supper like Ramyeon & Chocolate Milk ! 


#4 DMZ

 Visited Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)! 
The strip of land border between North Korea and South Korea. 
This place is absolutely one of my favourite because it was rather a rare opportunity for foreigners like us.

Spotted lots of militaries / soldiers but we were not allowed to take any pictures.
Thankfully we were not shot down but it does feel kind of scary tbh *hides*. 

With the bunch of girls; nyoming on frozen ice-cream :D

And Dak-Galbi for dinner! Tastes so so so so good especially its teobokki.
Ahhhhh I'm missing Korea already :(


Not forgetting to mention we had Korean Language Class! The lecturer taught us so patiently :D 
I'm so happy that I could finally read them now! *jumps in joy*
Despite the fact that I take around 1 minute to decode a sentence heh.

Had TaeKwanDo class too ; it's my first time and I could tell that I suck at it as well. HAHA.

On the other hand, Karen and Jeong Min were really good in kicking!

All I can say is that KNU Summer Camp has been a blast. 
I couldn't express how thankful thankful thankful I am to be able to be part of it, 
especially to Kangwon National University  who sponsored almost everything T_____T

Anyway, there is much much more of the trip that I have yet to share here. Stay tuned for Part II :D 
Meanwhile, enjoy scrolling our pretty photos taken at their field gee.

Special thanks to our official photographer :