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Hello peepo! 
As some of you may know, I'm joining Korea Summer Camp under Swinburne University for 2 weeks! 
And the best part it that it's 100% WAIVED, with FREE ACCOMMODATION & FOOD. 

Many many students were interested with this program, I feel real lucky to be able to be one of the participants yay! And the best part is, I'm super excited to travel w/ excited; with my favorite humans.

So I did some research at home and have a full list of destinations lol. 

And fortunately, KTO has some sort of promotions going on, whereby they give students like us 
FREE T-money (for transportation) as well as a Korea Pass with 45000 Korean Won *winz*

Life is good. And yes, we're a bunch of budget travelers. Grab all the discounts / vouchers we can! ^^v

On a side note, I traded my iPhone 4S for iPhone 5S under Maxis ! 
My brother took the plan and so it's super worth it for me as I only need to pay around RM800.
. *wideeeeeee smileeeeeee*


UPDATE : So I'm currently @ KNU, together with a whole lot of humans from different countries like
Japan, Spain, China, Czech Republic, Taiwan & so on and so forth. 
Will definitely find some time to upload our photos!