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Time flies and unknowingly I left this blog for about half a year already wtf.
All the promises to update regularly be gone lol. Not gonna say anything this time, *ahem* no promises.

To be honest, I have a whole lot a whole lot a whole lot yes you get it a whole lot of things to share. 
Indeed, university life is still super super hectic but fulfilling at the same time;
 and I do embrace all these moments :D :D :D 

The fact is, I'm falling in love with Cat City because of all these wonderful humans :
(P.S. : Yes yours truly is still the same; loves to thank people on her blog HAHAHA)

The picture says it ! 

I consider this girl as my best friend in Kuching.
She has been super super kind and nice to me idk what to say!
I guess we both could only depend on each other, "相依为命",  ever since Adeline left us AHAHA. 

And the best thing is, after knowing I will not be in Cat City next semester, 
she celebrated my birthday in advance for me T______________T
and I totally did not see that coming! 

NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE has ever made a cake for me, not even a slice!
Super damn touched when I found out that she made such a huge birthday cake by herself
topped with a whole lot of Oreo crushes because she knows I love it. T______________T

And she gave me a super super huge Panda, which I could make it as my pillow!

And this thumbdrive / pendrive / whatever drive that I very love since long time ago T______________T
Because I always steal hers away oops :P

With a custom-made video inside specially for me OMG I could faint seriously.

T______________T    T______________T    T______________T
FYI, It's rather difficult to surprise me because I'm quite smart la ahaha just kidding. Also, I used to wonder why people would tear when they got surprised. So I told her that she could take this as her achievement lol.
Btw, no pictures of us because we both looked damn auntie at midnight, so no selfies taken heheheheh.

Okay. I might sound dramatic / exaggerate too mcuh and all. But I truly appreciate her effort very much :')
Don't really know how to describe because I'm always the one who plan surprises for people.

Anyway, THANK YOU, DOREEN, for everything that you have done for me, especially cooking for me, listening to my complaints about formal matters, and supporting me 24/7 throughout the semester. Lots of loves for you ♥ ♥ 

Well well, I wouldn't forget the other humans that matter to me too! 

My uni life revolves around Swinburne Dance Club, which I need another blog post to elaborate ahaha! Towards the end of the semester, I enjoyed hanging out with the engineering bunch & studying w/ them. 

Special thanks to Easter Island Dominic Ting *top left & right* who allowed me to go to his house whenever I like. Seriously love to study there, probably because no bed for me so no sleeping x)

Angie & Shaney  - Favourite girls in my course ! 

Our subjects start to differ this semester and so we rarely got the time to chill & laugh like how we used to at cafeteria :/ Also because I'm super busy over SDC matters *hides*. Anyway, I'm glad that we managed to hang out before I left and I hope you two know that I still love you all HEHE. 

Gathering @ D -11 w/ Doreen, Vanessa & Susan & etc.
Thanks to Doreen Lee who treated me and introduced me to a bunch of Koreans! Had fun ^^v 

Le girls. 
Top : Pretty / swag Korean girls. 
Bottom : Sweet-looking Malaysians HAHA *thick faced*

Not forgetting to thank le housemate - Tracy who boiled super nice herbal chicken soup for us! 
And Shi Wei & Ming Tiong who made creamy spaghetti for us. 
And Andy who dropped by egg tart for me to wish me luck.  

And of course friends who helped me either in studies, SDC matters, student exchange inquiries, 
which made my life a lot easier & less burdensome. 
*wideee smileee*

Trust me at one point of the semester, I actually wonder why is everyone being so nice to me, like 
AM I DYING SOON? HAHA Hopefully not. *touch wood touch wood* 

Anyway, life has been really really awesome in Kuching, which is rather unexpected.
I guess it's the shine of rainbow that appears after a long period of storm / monsoon lol. If you get what I mean. 
Therefore, I'm appreciating these moments a lot more right now. Thank you, humans-humans sekalian ♡ ♡