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Off to Singapore.

I've been really busy and I still am. So sorry for the lack of updates.
I hope you guys can see that I'm struggling hard to keep this space alive.
I miss blogging (: 

That's why I'm trying to blog from my iPhone now!  

But nonetheless, I've to admit that I've a life to live. We all do. 
One thing that I always remind myself is to live my life to the fullest (o^^o).
And I believe I am doing it right; right now. 

Sometimes, working in KL can be quite a happy thing too. 

Positivity is contagious.
The truth is, I had so much so much so much fun recently hanging out with friends, spending time with cousins, or even if I'm shopping alone. For that, I'm really really thankful (:

Stay in the moment.
Definitely not going to spend 638485993 minutes instagramming it or blogging about it. 
So give me some time, alright?

And now, I'll be going to Singapore for a short getaway, about 5 days yay! 
Enjoy your holidays, people.