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Love & Girls.

So few weeks back; when I'm still in Kuching, Doreen, Susan & I baked a cheeeeese cake!
Well well, initially I planned to be like pxdkitty - to blog about cheese cake recipe & all.
Turned out that it was more complicated than I thought, so I was like... forget about it HAHA.

"Don't Overlook Me" Campaign

People who have physical disabilities or impairment, especially one that limit mobility are often wrongly regarded by some as not being able to contribute to the society in a meaningful way,
which is clearly a misconception.

一个用华语打出来的 blog post !

对自己的要求太多,公的私的都有,要准备好 FOR INTERVIEW, 要做工,要赶 PRESENTATION ,要忙 SDC 的东西, 要学舞,要学韩语,要打部落格,要换部落格的 DESIGN & LAYOUT ,要逛街,要逛淘宝,要看书,要看戏,要旅行,要跟朋友出去等等等等。

Movie Marathon :D

Good day readers, 

I'm finally back home - Klang, and here comes my 2 months + long holiday! 
Well, actually I've been enjoying life since 7th June, the day my final exam ends -  

Credits to Fabian Chai. 
Why focus on my muscular arms HAHAHA.

Din din @ Gourmet Sausage

Once blogged about Gourmet Sausage here : 
So I stumbled upon another Groupon deal earlier and if I'm not mistaken, it's RM 55 for 4 humans. 

Bought it without hesitation because Gourmet Sausage is reputable enough and so,
I know I wouldn't be disappointed  *speaks like a sir*



I'm back to my baby blog ~  ヽ(^o^)丿
Had my last paper today which means, I'm done with this semester, like finally! 
FYI, I was super tensed up in the past few weeks, went to campus with super stressed & freaking ugly, smelly look as if people owe me RM 10 billion, no joke. Sorry if my face annoyed you people in Swinburne, just in case, HAHA.

  As usual, high expectation kills. 


Greetings readers!

So few days back, I flew back to KL to attend my one and only brother's wedding (*^3^)/~
FYI, my family was superrr busy planning everything for months as the event was meant to be something BIG
Not forgetting to mention that the engaged couple were really stressed out as well. On the other hand, I only 
had to worry about my outfit of the day since it's not any ordinary wedding dinner. Innocent kiddo! *grins*