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Outing at Matang Family Park! :D

Greetings readers!

I'm currently in a midst of a struggle between assignments, dancing and blogging ; quite a usual thing actually.
My point is, I'm starting to get tensed all over again.~゜・_・゜~For now, I'm going to just, put 'em aside and blog about the outing to Matang Family Park during my semester break!


Time flies, so as our 1 week mid-semester break. _(・へ・)_ 
Well well, before my depression strikes in again, I would like to update a little on what I did this week.
Personally, I'm very proud to say that I enjoyed my break very much because I've been super productive! 

Totally irrelevant picture. Just want to show off how much I love my sneakers heh.

Of BFFs ❤

Randomly found out pretty photos of my BFFs and decided to post them up!
Despite the fact of me having quite a blissful life here, I still miss them very much oookay. 
Without them, my life will never be complete. Awwwww so sweeeeeeeeeet.  \(⌒▽⌒)/  

Swinburne Carnival : I GOT A BOY

Ayo readers! 
Whining is over, because I'm finally taking a break from my hectic university life yayyyyy (●^o^●)
Time to recall my wonderful memories in Swinburne last month, despite of all the freaking
assignments and tests that I mentioned HERE.

Keep calm and....

Been posting a lot about dance, dance & dance related stuffs recently so here's something more personal :) Although it's more like whining actually.