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Behind The Scenes @ Swinburne Tennis Court

Greetings readers!
First of all, much much thanks to all of you who're still reading my blog -
Delighted when people appreciate my effort to update despite of how busy I am. I'm still trying my best :)

[ X ] 15 March: Swinburne Dance Club Installation Night
[ X ] 22 March: Swinburne Sarawak Student Council Installation Night
[ X ] 23 March: Swinburne Sarawak Open Day
[ X ] 30 March: Swinburne Carnival

Yay for all of us because we managed to pull off the performances *a round of appause!*   ҉ ٩(^o^)۶҉"
So, I promised to post photos behind the scenes for : Exclusive Photo-Shoot Session & here it is :

Basically everyone were asked to dress casual street style / hip-hop look for our photo-shoot.

Matching jackets! (The red one is mine btw, looking good on Doreen! )

Meanwhile, vain humans like us started to take self-captured shots when it's not our turn, oops.

Some even gotten too extreme, call him a potential male model.

On the other hand, yours truly who had no idea how to climb up a pole or do freezes/ flares chose to...

P.S : Spot the fake tattoo on my.. so called lower abs.

Behold the Treasurer & President ; being normal.

Secretary & Vice President ; being vain.
Yes, this pose again. HAHAHA we just can't help it !

Totally got shocked when Phang kneel down all of a sudden, I was like LOL WTF ARE YOU DOING?!
But I'm not the real victim phew~ Look at how he 'kissed' YJ please : 

Swear her reaction was priceless. She was like WT*. F*CK YOU, F*CK YOU , F*CK YOU

One is never enough. Some crazy shits Swinburne Dance Club humans do.

That Awkward Moment when you....

i) Don't know what to do / what to pose during a photo-shoot.

ii) Knows how to pose but it turned out to be a cannot-make-it face.

iii) Trying to be cool end up people commented that you look like a dog pee-ing LOL

iv) Successfully did a baby freeze but the hair was messed up.  

v) Trying to pose but two intruders came in & join the photo shoot.

vi) Realize that the photographers, PP , are the best models with the best pose. 

WHAT? Nothing, just my way of giving each picture a nicer caption. Don't mind me oookay!
Now now, familiar with this pose? : 

Refer to the previous blog post, I think I nailed it better than my master, Daniel Sineros :D

A picture specially for the love birds - Ivanna & Wendy ! She cannot take her eyes off him heh.

Wendy contributed to the dance club too although he's not a committee member, nor senior member.
So I chose to put him in this post heh :D

Chim Yun & Daniel's hollowback! 

Got inverted hollowback somemore! *cheeeeeeers* ヽ(^o^)丿

Awesome bunch!

Still remember that it was a very very tiring day photo-shooting & video-shooting. But couldn't deny the fact that I was really really happy with them. Had lots of joy and laughter together :D

Sense of accomplishment after we completed everything, at night - 10 pm. 


I don't usually talk much about OOTD because I don't get pricey clothings from ZARA, TOPSHOP & whatsoever. But I guess this outfit is worth mentioning somehow. Kindly look at the price for EACH item, super affordable! Mad love for all of them especially my sneakers (*^3^)/~☆

Navy Blue LA cap from Ipoh (Original) - RM 25
Sexy crop top from KL                         - RM 10
Graphic Jeggings                                      - RM 36
Playboy Dunk High Top Sneakers             - RM 100  

Ending my post with self-captured shots w/ my fellow committees  ♡

Exclusive Photo-shoot Session - SDC 彡

Whoomp! Feelin' fly right now because:

i) Macroeconomics test is over
ii) Submitted QA assignment today
iii) Heading to Bites By The Batik later to have yummy noms
iv) It's a public holiday tomorrow *make someeeeeeeeeeeeee noise!*
 v) And certainly can't wait to dance 'I Got A Boy' during Swinburne Carnival, like finally a K-POP routine  from Swinburne Dance Club!  ♪(┌・。・)┌  ┌(・。・)┘♪

SDC Installation Night 2013

Okay I know I've not been updating my blog for 27141841 days already. I'm so sorry T.T 
As expected, I'm caught up with so many things! Yes, a very happening university life indeed and I'm loving it :) Still, not forgetting to mention about mid term tests, assignments due dates & so on & so forth, oops.

Anyways, I'm here to blog about Swinburne Dance Club's Installation Night because I was the Organizing Chairperson for the event lololol just kidding heh. Okay I'm really glad that the event was a success, very thankful for every member who turned up that night and certainly to my beloved committee members:
Doreen, Phang, Adeline, Zi Qiang, Yong Jia, Parry, Bryan, YY, Chim Yun (Choreographer), 
Ivan  (MC) & Wendy (Soundman).