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What makes my Chor Yat special ?

Guess I've not blogged about Chinese New Year before ; since I'm forever biased towards Christmas, heh.
Anyway, here's a post about my Chor Yat (初一) in year 2013 ! To be honest, I'd say that I particularly like the first day of CNY because of our annual traditions & the unexplained happiness that I experienced in :

ヽ(^。^)ノ 1. Gathering of all extended families 

I'm actually happy with the fact that I've a BIG family from my mom's side (at least 40 humans & above)
It's the only time I can meet all of them since I don't come back to West M'sia that often.
And here's a brief introduction for y'all although pictures of Family #1 & #2 are missing some members and also, no pictures for Family #6, #7, #8.

Note : The husband, two daughters, two daughter-in-laws, three grandchildren are missing  in this photo.

Note : My father & brother are missing in this photo.

ヽ(^。^)ノ 2. The ANGPAO Game !

As you know, giving red packets is one of the main traditions incorporated during Chinese New Year, but for US, there's more! We have this lucky draw sessions for kids / youths & it's conducted differently every year. So this it how it went this year :

Our youth's representative - Charlene first collected $$$$ from the working adults,
they can sponsor as much as they want to but minimum RM50 HAHAHA.

And THIS is the total amount we got this year! :D :D *throws confetti* 

The lump sum was divided into 10 prizes : 1st = RM228 ; 2nd = RM 198 ; 3rd = RM138 & etc. 
Afraid not because even if you get the last prize, there's still RM58 in the red packet! 

And the ANGPAO hunt begins. 
Each of us have to search for a red packet (containing a lucky number) in the living room !

So, all of us got our red packets but still everyone was anxious to know what they'll get :O

And then suddenly it's like a ceremony, we thank the sponsors first HAHAHA.
The line was in the order of the person sponsoring the least - RM50 to the person sponsoring the most  - RM300 - RM400. (Standing on a chair some more lol)

Featuring the FIRST PRIZE WINNER !

In conclusion, everyone's happy! 


ヽ(^。^)ノ 3. The photo-taking session 

Just like the others, we typically wear new clothes from head to toe ; symbolizing a new beginning in the new year. [source] Plus, I have a huge bunch of relatives who like to take photos very much (including yours truly of course), so the photo-taking session definitely cannot be missed !

The five happy sisters.
The adorable kids.
The boys.
The girls.
The red ones.

Peggy & yours truly. Cousin sisters for life! 

Happy faces of the day.

With my adorable cousin sister, Samantha.

Selca shots.

ヽ(^。^)ノ 4. The REAL reunion dinner 

Most families have reunion dinners on CNY eve. Yes we have it too but the real reunion dinner falls on Chor Yat every year, where EVERYONE (40 humans +) will head to the restaurant altogether and properly dressed. Less pictures for the night because we were busy catching up & obviously, EAT. 
Meet ups w/ ma brother & his wife!
Had first yee-sang of the year!
We're like get set....................... GO!
Obviously we're a little too hyped.


Which look do you prefer? 
I prefer my 'DAY' look a lot but my relatives said I look better at night (with more make up). 
Life is damn tough hahahaha.

So, I enjoyed my Chor Yat w/ my beloved family & relatives. Of course winning $$ makes me happy too but idk is it legal to post about gambling stuffs here lolomgbbbqwtf.
That's all for now, stay tuned