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Highs & Lows 雷霆掃毒

All pictures credited to K-TVB.NET

I've been catching up w/ Hong Kong dramas recently, yay! ♥ 
It's exactly what I want to do in my holidays so I actually feel real blessed to do so,
I once blogged about City Hunter so I thought I could blog about this as well :)

The drama - Highs and Lows was indeed, widely discussed by humans months ago. 
I particularly love action movies/ dramas and also, my favourite idol - Raymond Lam was one of the main characters so it's a must to watch*deng deng deng*

And now, I'm super proud to announce here that 
Okay keep calm & continue typing...

I was really surprised to see such a refreshing casts, and to be honest, I love them all, no joke
Believe it or not, these actress / actors are already my personal favourite all along ; 
Yes, before Highs & Lows is aired even. 

P.S : So you tell me how to not fly like a G6 while watching this drama?! 

Raymond Lam as Happy Sir  韋世樂

Needless to say, I love Raymond Lam, a lot. Like seriously A LOT. And I'm so glad to know that his acting has improved tremendously over the years :'D I couldn't take my eyes off him, as always ; despite of a little overreacted part while playing his role as Happy Sir. It's his first time acting as a cop so it's okay for me!

Not forgetting to mention the sub-theme song of the drama is super-duper awesome as well :

I'm in love ♥.♥ 

Kate Tsui as Chan Ka Pik 陳家碧

I started to admire Kate in Lives of Omission (潛行狙擊) & Forensic Heroes (法证先锋III) , although I once disliked her in Moonlight Resonance (溏心風暴之家好月圓) . Anyway, it's already the past, she totally shines in this series & my love for her is increasing drama by drama! *flying kisses* In fact, I couldn't think of any actress that can play this role better than she did. 

Although people may not like her because she's not the oh-so-kind princess like typical main female characters in other dramas but to me, she fits the character perfectly, from a beer promoter to a drug queen. And now, she finally gain some recognition & I’m really happy with it  (*^3^)/~☆

Ella Koon as Sandy 高希璇

It was really unexpected to see her in this drama! You couldn't imagine how happy I was :D  I consider her role in Highs & Lows a breakthrough because she usually plays roles like shopaholic, typical rich princess. She's French by citizenship but a Hong Kong-based singer, model & actress. Super talented & that's why I adore her very much, more info HERE

Trust me it's not every year you see her act in dramas and this time, TVB invited her for Highs & Lows! *throws confetti*   I think she's really really gorgeous, I still remember I watched Survivor's Law II (律政新人王 II) just because she's the leading female actress & I want to see her pretty face lolol. 

Those eyes, that nose, that smile, that body, that voice. Shit there's something wrong with me.
If I were to go for plastic surgery, I would like to show her photos to the surgeon HAHA.

Michael Miu as Heung Sir 向榮

The only not-young-guy that I truly admire since I was a kiddo, simply because of his manliness wtf. No doubt, his character is the most interesting one in this drama. I never thought that he's a dirty cop. Initially I thought it was Ben Wong! 

Nevertheless, he delivered a solid performance throughout the series. One of the moving moments was the hospital scene where Michael told Raymond it was because he treated Raymond as his brother, he wouldn’t let anything happen to him :))

Ben Wong as Pun Sir 潘學禮

Ben Wong’s acting is still as good as he was Spicy Ginger (direct translate wtf) in Lives of Omission (潛行狙擊) ; although his antagonist character annoys the audience much. But it also means that he portrays the character pretty well ! *a round of applause* For your information, I really support him BWAHAHA maybe it's because I like bad guys. Anyway, I hope he doesn't give up & keep acting.

Absolutely love Raymond & Kate scenes because basically that's the highlight of the whole series!
I believe many fans secretly want them to get together in the end but too bad .________. 
Hopefully they will be paired up in some new dramas or maybe in reality, hee.

Vincent Lam as triad boss.
"A man that never hits a woman, a gentleman."

Apart from that, everyone was really well-casted! 
Supporting characters like Micheal's gang & even the triad boss (as shown above) did a great job I would say. I actually like him lol I told ya I love bad guys.

The ending wasn't as disappointed as expected, since it's a typical TVB drama's ending :D
I really appreciate that Raymond doesn't end up falling in love with Ella instead. Or else I'm going to kill myself. Moreover,  Raymond and the kid scene at the end was really cute! ( ´∀`)/

Overall the plot is pretty awesome ; enhanced with some odd twists that I've never expected.
Even the background instrumental music is good! Well, the series reminisces Lives of Omission a lot ;
not only because of the casts but also the undercover scenes! In case if you're wondering... 

THIS... is Lives of Omission. Everyone's fav, Laughing Gor! 
It's also one of the best dramas from TVB & I'll always remember that :)

In conclusion, this is how I would rate 'em :

Lives Of Omission : 9/10
-1 because of the super tragic ending. Cried like shit while watching the last episode.

Highs & Lows : 9.5/10
-0.5 because it doesn't make sense when Raymond Lam is forever injury-free, even after a car hit.

Frankly speaking, I prefer watching dramas over scrolling over Facebook feed and do nothing for hours. After all, I grew up with TVB & I don't know why watching TVB dramas had always been one of my greatest joys. Maybe I'm too easy to please lol.

And so, I would like to thank all of the directors, scriptwriter ,actors and actresses, workers behind the scenes who produced such great dramas. Without you guys, my life would have been really dull, like seriously. Also, I learned a lot from TVB dramas. Specifically, I love how these series (Lives of Omission & Highs and Lows) display negative consequences of drugs, prostitution or whatsoever crimes, as a reminder for all of us.  

Special thanks to Highs and Lows' Executive Producer  : Lam Chi Wah &  Scriptwriter : Leung Yan Tung

I don't understand how did I type such a long post even when it's only about one drama wtf.
Anyways, I posted this for myself, as I really love Highs & Lows very much & I hope that I'll always remember such an awesome drama existed in my life before. 死而无憾 HAHAHAJust kidding.

P.S : Don't worry, I won't blame you if you didn't read this long-winded blog post heh!

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