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CNY Wrap Up (*´▽`*)/

Today marks the end of February & certainly all CNY celebrations are officially over since Chap Goh Meh.
As you know, now begins a new semester and I will not be able to blog as much. But still, I'm trying ^^v
Apparently I was so disappointed with myself when I had only 35 blog posts in year 2012 wtf. 

Well, you might be wondering, why am I still blogging about CNY, it's so boooooooooooring. 
Nonetheless, I know the excitement for CNY slowly fades away as we grow up, even CNY songs sound annoying sometimes (according to my Twitter feed).  But still, I'm here to pen down the bits and pieces 
of this festive season (*´▽`*)/ as an appreciation for all the happy things I did w/ my family & relatives.

The typical reunion dinner falls on Chinese New Year eve. I don't fancy steamboat / hotpots but I really enjoyed looking at my fellow cousins, from little ones to teenagers like me lol ; "snatching" bird eggs, meatballs, crab meats & so on & so forth. And then I realized these little joys &
learned to embrace togetherness :

Releasing sky lanterns with our wishes on it ; together.

Preparing Mee Hoon Kueh (Hand-pulled noodles) ; together.

Enjoying our home-made noodles ; together...

and so many more!

Also, I love to look at babies / kids as they remind me of the pure innocence that most adults have lost :) For that, I made a pledge to stay far away from my iPhone because I want to spend more time w/ the kids, not Twitter-ing or Instagram-ing the moments. I did it and so now is the time to post everything up! \(゜ロ\)

The baby (with yellow top) and this baby (with pink top) are twins! 

This is how my little cousin brother STARED FOR MORE THAN 10 SECONDS at my mom (the banker) ; after he lost. He smiled again after my mom returned his money - RM3. Super hilarious!

So cute! (●^o^●)/

Introducing my cousin brother from Singapore! Mischievous & crazy - that's how I would describe him. Very touched that he & I developed some kind of relationship now! :'D 

During this CNY, I stayed in Johor for an exceptionally long period, compared to the last few years. Also because of the very same reason, I got to spend quality time w/ my beloved relatives ♥ There were times that I feel real bored as well but my cousins (from Johor) tried their best to entertain me from time to time, like bringing me to rich humans' open house when I don't even know any of them or to KTV & etc. 

Had lots of fun w/ 'em :D

The most special Valentine's Day I had. My first time experiencing Hot Spring like rain pouring down on me!

The love birds who are getting married soon. I cannot bare w/ my brother's stupid face lololol.

That pretty much sums up my Chinese New Year in 2013. 
Managed to catch up w/ besties, friends, gangs that I treasure most & collected many more red packets this year O.O I'm amazed! This is probably the best CNY that I've ever had, whee!~ (≧∇≦)/

Thank you all for reading 
Will write again soon, stay tuned.