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CNY Shopping Haul ~(‾▿‾~) (~‾▿‾)~

The title says it all ! 
I'm currently in Johor, my parents' hometown & 
here's one last post before kicking start the festive season - Chinese New Year   ┐(˘⌣˘┐) (┌˘⌣˘)┌

Posting this up because Yaya Lee looks gorgeous here & I look like a fat pig, I know.

Look of the day. Lovin' my earrings from Diva - Only RM 3 cheap or not?!!

So basically I'm busy shopping & hunting for NEW outfits from time to time, not giving up until the last day lol.
Anyways, we headed to Sushi Zanmai, Sunway Pyramid before starting our shopping haul & 
here are some pictures I'm showing off to tempt you. *drooools*

 Starter. Idk what's the name but the taste is so damnnnnnnn gooooood.  (˘ڡ˘) /

Too hungry so immediately grabbed one slice of Salmon Sashimi & hence, left 2 pcs here. 
Thank God I'm not a food blogger HAHAHA.

Snapping pictures while waiting for our food. Girls being girls ^^v 

 Shoyu Ramen.

 Inari Soft Shell Crab! We love it ~(‾▿‾~) (~‾▿‾)~

 Dragon Roll. *gasp in orgasm lolol wtf*

My love & I after a fulfilling brunch  Off to shop whee!~

And so.... this is how we shop.  Two fitting rooms some more!

And sometimes besides trying out the clothings, we.. pose & take pictures as well lolol.
Like this :╭(′▽`)╯

Mustache top again! 
.*slams forehead*

HAHAHAHAHAHA I know this is super random but 
that ombre hipster really looks damn delicious ohmygod. *drools again when it's not even food lol* 

Also shopped at La Senza, Setia City Mall w/ Yaya Lee on the other day. 
The paper bag is too cute to resist !!! Note : I did not get that ombre hipster okay .__. Too poor.

Okay come back come back readers. So, we chilled at Pacific Coffee w/ their Hot Chocolate.
Got 30% discount now!

 Then, after Sunway Pyramid, we went to Setia City Mall AGAIN.

So, there goes our day! 
Really like our crazy moments lots, especially when we're too hyped in the car like listening to
AYO GG! I GOT A BOY @$^&*@^$&@%(*@ HAHAHA &
crazily talking about how awesome is Raymond Lam at the same time.

Overall a fun day w/ her despite of the frustrations due to her job, money etc. 
Also, we were quite disappointed w/ the 2013 fashion line because what we got this year is like 3 times lesser than last year. I went crazy & continue shop online for more outfits but it's tooooo late.  
\("˚(:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅)°)/  Gotta just deal with it. Okay.jpg 

P.S : Did I mentioned that Ooi Kheng Li FFK us in year 2013? I'm so going to..... to be continued.

So, Happy CNY readers!
Throw your smartphone aside & enjoy meeting your family, relatives, cousins & etc, taught by Claude Lew.
Lastly, wishing everyone a joyful & prosperous year ahead.
I love y'all. Thanks for reading my blog *flying kisses*

Got a new desktop Wallpaper from MIAO !
Finally, a snake that I consider cute :D 

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