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CNY Wrap Up (*´▽`*)/

Today marks the end of February & certainly all CNY celebrations are officially over since Chap Goh Meh.
As you know, now begins a new semester and I will not be able to blog as much. But still, I'm trying ^^v
Apparently I was so disappointed with myself when I had only 35 blog posts in year 2012 wtf. 

Well, you might be wondering, why am I still blogging about CNY, it's so boooooooooooring. 
Nonetheless, I know the excitement for CNY slowly fades away as we grow up, even CNY songs sound annoying sometimes (according to my Twitter feed).  But still, I'm here to pen down the bits and pieces 
of this festive season (*´▽`*)/ as an appreciation for all the happy things I did w/ my family & relatives.

What makes my Chor Yat special ?

Guess I've not blogged about Chinese New Year before ; since I'm forever biased towards Christmas, heh.
Anyway, here's a post about my Chor Yat (初一) in year 2013 ! To be honest, I'd say that I particularly like the first day of CNY because of our annual traditions & the unexplained happiness that I experienced in :

CNY Shopping Haul ~(‾▿‾~) (~‾▿‾)~

The title says it all ! 
I'm currently in Johor, my parents' hometown & 
here's one last post before kicking start the festive season - Chinese New Year   ┐(˘⌣˘┐) (┌˘⌣˘)┌

Posting this up because Yaya Lee looks gorgeous here & I look like a fat pig, I know.

Highs & Lows 雷霆掃毒

All pictures credited to K-TVB.NET

I've been catching up w/ Hong Kong dramas recently, yay! ♥ 
It's exactly what I want to do in my holidays so I actually feel real blessed to do so,
I once blogged about City Hunter so I thought I could blog about this as well :)

The drama - Highs and Lows was indeed, widely discussed by humans months ago. 
I particularly love action movies/ dramas and also, my favourite idol - Raymond Lam was one of the main characters so it's a must to watch*deng deng deng*