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LEGOLAND Malaysia!

Good day readers! *waves*
As seen above, I'll blogging about Legoland today, which I believe we've heard / seen their advertisements somewhere somehow, ranging from newspaper, radio, Facebook to Groupon. 

Intro : LEGOLAND Malaysia is packed full of family fun with more than 40 rides, shows and attractions. Almost everything is hands-on, so you can push, pedal and program, or steer, squirt and splash, your way through a truly interactive experience – and of course there’s building too. [source]

I myself was curious about the hype as well & so I bought the early bird ticket, priced at
RM96 per human. Market price : RM140  
So right after Christmas... I had a 3D 2N stay at Johor and then to Legoland.
Indeed, I was filled with mega excitement that time. 

But to my horror, I've to announce here that :
Didn't want to blog about it at first but I thought I could share my experience so that my readers don't have to be the next victim lolol. But of course, it's just my two cents. 

Well, I believe the Legoland concept is definitely something new to Malaysians & not forgetting to mention that yours truly as one of the M'sian citizens, was really looking forward for an awesome theme park! 

It wasn't THAT bad but to be honest, I would rather opt for Genting Highlands or spend more money for Universal Studio Singapore, again. - READ USS BLOG POST HERE.

Lemme tell you why now.

Reason #1 - The heat is...unbearable & worst of all, the theme park has really less shades. 

This reason might seem quite ridiculous but trust me when I say that kind of weather can really affect your mood, especially you have to STAND UNDER THE SUN while waiting for the ride, except the roller coaster (as shown above). No wind, no shade. I was frowning like an old lady all day long, like seriously. 

Reason #2 - Most of the games are meant for.. kids. And obviously I'm not a kid  -.- 

Yet, if I recalled correctly, my relatives & I actually went for kids' games like this in our Taiwan trip, merely for fun! But in this case, relating to #1 again, it was bloody hot in Legoland I can't even.... Mood ruined.
Nonetheless, I do believe it's quite a good place for parents & their children to have some fun :)

I think this was the ONLY exciting game in the theme park _(-.-)_

These two dudes ran away when I want to take a photo w/ them .__.

Reason #3 : Super super less entertainment in the theme park. 
Overall it's quite boring, no mascot running around, no human singing / performing in public or what so ever. Except for the two humans (as shown below) , who stood there like 15 mins to let us take photos.

Might as well tag #OOTD since I don't have any other full body shots heh.

Came across news saying that the Miniland was the highlight of the whole theme park. I was quite impressed with it also but then again, you can just scroll down this post & have a rough idea about it lolol. Or maybe search for those travelling blogs for clearer pictures.

Don't have to pay RM140 just to see that mini land. I'm just kidding HAHAHA but it's quite true.

So, that's all about Legoland, this blog post is merely my personal opinion ; as I actually read some good reviews of the place too. And lastly, here's a friendly reminder for y'all to bring caps, sunblocks and umbrella if you're going! Sadly nobody remind me to do so  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Thank you for reading, xoxo ♡