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I have not forgotten about my blog. I know this space may seem nothing to some humans out there but it means a lot to me. Anyway, I'm sorry to announce that it would be on hiatus mode from now on. 

For those who don't know, hiatus is known as a temporary gap, pause, break, or absence. 
Means I will not be blogging anytime soon.

To be honest, I have a lot to share; of all my BFFs plus different gangs' outings, birthday celebration with relatives, internship, awesome events, Singapore trip, Santubong trip & etc. As I said I had a great time in the past few months, and I really wanted to pen down all these super wonderful moments. 

But now, everything goes wrong and nothing goes right. Besides studies and dance matters, I really wouldn't want my blog to be another burden. I know, this is life. I told myself that this period is fucking torturing because it's unfair to be happy all the time lol. I hope it makes sense. 

I miss Smiling Eyes, miss being happy about every little things in life, or maybe being naive, spreading positive vibes around & etc. I am still appreciative for people around who care for me, but I am not going to lie /act like I'm all happy and okay because I suck at that.

We miss you.

17 / 09 / 2013

 I'm sorry I cannot get over your death, not yet. 
I'm sorry I took your presence for granted.
I'm sorry I'm just like a typical human, only learns to appreciate you when you are gone. 
I'm sorry for being such an asshole.

Phang, I miss every single bit of you. 
We had so much fun and laughter together...Thank you.. thank you for everything.
You were the first person I approach in Swinburne Dance Club. You were all energetic in our first performance, I looked up to you (: You were the only guy in my 'I Got A Boy' routine and you nailed it. 
I'm proud of you, really.

Did you used to piss me off many times and made me cry?
And now, it's far worse than that. 
I'm dwelling in such miserable state because it's my first time losing a close friend like you.
I go to sleep every now and then hoping that all these are just a dream but it turns out to be a disappointment again & again. Would you hate me for being so weak, for crying like a baby all day long? 
I hope you wouldn't.  

We are all grieving for you.  
We love you, Phang Zhen Sen. (19/07/1992 - 15/09/2013)

18 / 09 / 2013

I should have loved you more, should have treated you better. You deserved more from me...

24/8 : Meeting Favourite Bloggers!

Shamelessly calling myself Smiling because I feel like it teehee.

Greetings readers! *awkward smile*

Totally feel guilty to start my blog post every now and then with sentences like "Sorry for not updating & etc."  I suppose you guys get the drift heh so I shall skip that part. But to be honest, I took like 1000 photos in these two months wth & I've no idea how should I put them into this space. Cray cray.

But that's a blogger's job, especially a blogger who procrastinates so much like m( ̄□ ̄;)_

Off to Singapore.

I've been really busy and I still am. So sorry for the lack of updates.
I hope you guys can see that I'm struggling hard to keep this space alive.
I miss blogging (: 

That's why I'm trying to blog from my iPhone now!  

But nonetheless, I've to admit that I've a life to live. We all do. 
One thing that I always remind myself is to live my life to the fullest (o^^o).
And I believe I am doing it right; right now. 

Sometimes, working in KL can be quite a happy thing too. 

Positivity is contagious.
The truth is, I had so much so much so much fun recently hanging out with friends, spending time with cousins, or even if I'm shopping alone. For that, I'm really really thankful (:

Stay in the moment.
Definitely not going to spend 638485993 minutes instagramming it or blogging about it. 
So give me some time, alright?

And now, I'll be going to Singapore for a short getaway, about 5 days yay! 
Enjoy your holidays, people.


Buddy Trip To Genting ! ☆彡

Hi everyone!

I'm finally blogging again. I know it had been quite a while, working life is tough.
But that makes me appreciate my weekends even more. I'm grateful to be able to claim that 
my life is still quite awesome, with wonderful friends & relatives around. Thank youuuu  (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑) /

Anyway, here's an update about my trip to Genting Highlands last weekend w/ my favourite bunch of friends:

From left : Yours truly, Yik Soon, Shienrun, Han Yern, BFF Lemon Qian ♡  & GD Ah Min.  

Liebster Blog Award (*´▽`*)/


So, I was nominated by quite a number of bloggers for the Liebster Blog Award earlier !
In case if you're wondering, 

Liebster is in German and it means 
sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, 
lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute,
endearing and welcome ♡ 

Love & Girls.

So few weeks back; when I'm still in Kuching, Doreen, Susan & I baked a cheeeeese cake!
Well well, initially I planned to be like pxdkitty - to blog about cheese cake recipe & all.
Turned out that it was more complicated than I thought, so I was like... forget about it HAHA.

"Don't Overlook Me" Campaign

People who have physical disabilities or impairment, especially one that limit mobility are often wrongly regarded by some as not being able to contribute to the society in a meaningful way,
which is clearly a misconception.

一个用华语打出来的 blog post !

对自己的要求太多,公的私的都有,要准备好 FOR INTERVIEW, 要做工,要赶 PRESENTATION ,要忙 SDC 的东西, 要学舞,要学韩语,要打部落格,要换部落格的 DESIGN & LAYOUT ,要逛街,要逛淘宝,要看书,要看戏,要旅行,要跟朋友出去等等等等。

Movie Marathon :D

Good day readers, 

I'm finally back home - Klang, and here comes my 2 months + long holiday! 
Well, actually I've been enjoying life since 7th June, the day my final exam ends -  

Credits to Fabian Chai. 
Why focus on my muscular arms HAHAHA.

Din din @ Gourmet Sausage

Once blogged about Gourmet Sausage here : 
So I stumbled upon another Groupon deal earlier and if I'm not mistaken, it's RM 55 for 4 humans. 

Bought it without hesitation because Gourmet Sausage is reputable enough and so,
I know I wouldn't be disappointed  *speaks like a sir*



I'm back to my baby blog ~  ヽ(^o^)丿
Had my last paper today which means, I'm done with this semester, like finally! 
FYI, I was super tensed up in the past few weeks, went to campus with super stressed & freaking ugly, smelly look as if people owe me RM 10 billion, no joke. Sorry if my face annoyed you people in Swinburne, just in case, HAHA.

  As usual, high expectation kills. 


Greetings readers!

So few days back, I flew back to KL to attend my one and only brother's wedding (*^3^)/~
FYI, my family was superrr busy planning everything for months as the event was meant to be something BIG
Not forgetting to mention that the engaged couple were really stressed out as well. On the other hand, I only 
had to worry about my outfit of the day since it's not any ordinary wedding dinner. Innocent kiddo! *grins*

Joining SDC Duo Dance Competition

Greetings readers!

Finally blogging about the Duo Dance Showcase Competition organized by Swinburne Dance Club whee~
Well well, it's going to be quite a lengthy post since we've quite a number of awesome photos taken during the event itself & yours truly have a lot to share! 

Photos are credited to the photographers of the day : Zhensen Phang, Aaron Kuek & Ludo Lan.
As usual, photos taken by yours truly will have watermark. Macam yes.

My 8 Reasons to ♡ Iron Man 3!

As expected, it had been quite a while since my last update. *hides* 
Well, all I can say is that I'm still alive, despite of the maximum stress level within these few weeks. 
I'm left with another 3 weeks & then it will be the end of the semester already. Gotta hang in there!

Outing at Matang Family Park! :D

Greetings readers!

I'm currently in a midst of a struggle between assignments, dancing and blogging ; quite a usual thing actually.
My point is, I'm starting to get tensed all over again.~゜・_・゜~For now, I'm going to just, put 'em aside and blog about the outing to Matang Family Park during my semester break!


Time flies, so as our 1 week mid-semester break. _(・へ・)_ 
Well well, before my depression strikes in again, I would like to update a little on what I did this week.
Personally, I'm very proud to say that I enjoyed my break very much because I've been super productive! 

Totally irrelevant picture. Just want to show off how much I love my sneakers heh.

Of BFFs ❤

Randomly found out pretty photos of my BFFs and decided to post them up!
Despite the fact of me having quite a blissful life here, I still miss them very much oookay. 
Without them, my life will never be complete. Awwwww so sweeeeeeeeeet.  \(⌒▽⌒)/  

Swinburne Carnival : I GOT A BOY

Ayo readers! 
Whining is over, because I'm finally taking a break from my hectic university life yayyyyy (●^o^●)
Time to recall my wonderful memories in Swinburne last month, despite of all the freaking
assignments and tests that I mentioned HERE.

Keep calm and....

Been posting a lot about dance, dance & dance related stuffs recently so here's something more personal :) Although it's more like whining actually.

Behind The Scenes @ Swinburne Tennis Court

Greetings readers!
First of all, much much thanks to all of you who're still reading my blog -
Delighted when people appreciate my effort to update despite of how busy I am. I'm still trying my best :)

[ X ] 15 March: Swinburne Dance Club Installation Night
[ X ] 22 March: Swinburne Sarawak Student Council Installation Night
[ X ] 23 March: Swinburne Sarawak Open Day
[ X ] 30 March: Swinburne Carnival

Yay for all of us because we managed to pull off the performances *a round of appause!*   ҉ ٩(^o^)۶҉"
So, I promised to post photos behind the scenes for : Exclusive Photo-Shoot Session & here it is :

Basically everyone were asked to dress casual street style / hip-hop look for our photo-shoot.

Matching jackets! (The red one is mine btw, looking good on Doreen! )

Meanwhile, vain humans like us started to take self-captured shots when it's not our turn, oops.

Some even gotten too extreme, call him a potential male model.

On the other hand, yours truly who had no idea how to climb up a pole or do freezes/ flares chose to...

P.S : Spot the fake tattoo on my.. so called lower abs.

Behold the Treasurer & President ; being normal.

Secretary & Vice President ; being vain.
Yes, this pose again. HAHAHA we just can't help it !

Totally got shocked when Phang kneel down all of a sudden, I was like LOL WTF ARE YOU DOING?!
But I'm not the real victim phew~ Look at how he 'kissed' YJ please : 

Swear her reaction was priceless. She was like WT*. F*CK YOU, F*CK YOU , F*CK YOU

One is never enough. Some crazy shits Swinburne Dance Club humans do.

That Awkward Moment when you....

i) Don't know what to do / what to pose during a photo-shoot.

ii) Knows how to pose but it turned out to be a cannot-make-it face.

iii) Trying to be cool end up people commented that you look like a dog pee-ing LOL

iv) Successfully did a baby freeze but the hair was messed up.  

v) Trying to pose but two intruders came in & join the photo shoot.

vi) Realize that the photographers, PP , are the best models with the best pose. 

WHAT? Nothing, just my way of giving each picture a nicer caption. Don't mind me oookay!
Now now, familiar with this pose? : 

Refer to the previous blog post, I think I nailed it better than my master, Daniel Sineros :D

A picture specially for the love birds - Ivanna & Wendy ! She cannot take her eyes off him heh.

Wendy contributed to the dance club too although he's not a committee member, nor senior member.
So I chose to put him in this post heh :D

Chim Yun & Daniel's hollowback! 

Got inverted hollowback somemore! *cheeeeeeers* ヽ(^o^)丿

Awesome bunch!

Still remember that it was a very very tiring day photo-shooting & video-shooting. But couldn't deny the fact that I was really really happy with them. Had lots of joy and laughter together :D

Sense of accomplishment after we completed everything, at night - 10 pm. 


I don't usually talk much about OOTD because I don't get pricey clothings from ZARA, TOPSHOP & whatsoever. But I guess this outfit is worth mentioning somehow. Kindly look at the price for EACH item, super affordable! Mad love for all of them especially my sneakers (*^3^)/~☆

Navy Blue LA cap from Ipoh (Original) - RM 25
Sexy crop top from KL                         - RM 10
Graphic Jeggings                                      - RM 36
Playboy Dunk High Top Sneakers             - RM 100  

Ending my post with self-captured shots w/ my fellow committees  ♡