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☆ミ Part II - Halloween Party by SDC

Here comes the continued version of my Halloween Party blog post, like finally! Read Part I HERE.
Well, at least I didn't give empty promises this time! I'd a feeling that I'll only revive this blog after finals, which is starting from TODAY. Yes, so excited because.. my first semester in degree has finally ended!

Anyway, THANK YOU for all the returning visits for my previous post, despite of my inefficiency in blogging recently.  I know you guys still love me, heh! *bows*  (*^^)v

Now, I hope you'll enjoy looking at the Halloween Party's pictures uploaded in this post. 
Photos are credited to official photographers of the Halloween Party -
Eranda Udaya Kumara [link] , Tiong Yih Han [link] & Aaron Kuek [link]
And of course, pictures with watermark belongs to me  (^_-)-☆ Macam YES.

Be warned that I'm going to say thank you for like 1234567 times in this blog post because I've no caption to write already, they deserve it! *wide smile*

Angie & I !

Gotta start off with my appreciation towards people who helped me to publicize the event in campus :) 
Apparently I was the Marketing human or what-so-ever post it's called,
and so I would like to thank SDC members for their cooperation all these while. Kamsahamnida!~
I know I'm pretty annoying with the messages & calls reminding you guys to be at the booth & etc, oops.

And of course, to my scaring team who sacrificed their time to walk around campus like this : 
Pretty cool right bwahahahaha :D

Parry & Angel who were in front of the elevator!

Doreen & Parry who were in the library lolol.


Would like to show off the Halloween Party flyers that I've designed as well.
Okay not design, more like optimizing my google search skills, paint & photoscape skills.
Anyway this wasn't the final outcome, it was then edited by the official designer - Parry. *clears throat*
But I forgot to take pictures of all the different flyer as I was too biased towards these bookmarks :


Also thanks to my google search skills, paint & photoscape skills but I really LOVE these bookmarks :D
As you know, I was crazy over Marvel's superheroes in the early of this semester. So,
I was really happy when they approve my idea wheee (●^o^●)~
After all, meh I'm just a business student, I can understand if they reject it HAHAHA.
Even happier when I got to know that they were almost sold out! So, thank you to those who bought 'em as well!

Here's yours truly who is overly obsessed with Wolverine.

He's my FAVORITE SUPERHERO so I die-die also want to design one bookmark for him.
There were humans asking me why didn't I design Thor's since he's in the Avengers & all but too bad...
my love for Thor faded because of Hugh Jackman - Wolverine HAHAHA.

Okay sorry got sidetracked. Back to the awesome pictures taken on that night :

Presenting the Organizing Chairman of the Halloween Party!
 Without him, I guess there's no catwoman costume for me & 
we would probably just stick to the annual Dance Party.

But of course, all the working committees who contributed matter too! 
Thank you & thank you for all your effort in making this event a success :D

 Especially the new members this semester :
Thank you to Rika, Oyuka, Joe, Ray, Zi Qiang, Yong Jia, Bryan, Parry, Greg, YY & Doreen!

 And also to existing members who stayed loyal to Swinburne Dance Club! *whispers : ME ME!*

Step Dance performance :

So sorry to inform you guys that Step Dance video will be uploaded some day in future, provided that the cameraman permits me to do so. Don't worry, I STILL LOVE THEM, THE BEAT. *OORAH!*

Halloweenie performance :

Video is up!

Specially uploaded it to Youtube today (immediately after exam) for my blog's sake, so  it's a 

Special shout out to our beloved Daniel Sineros - the choreographer, the song editor, the dancer ヽ(^。^)ノ
Although the moves were partly inspired by Jabawockeez, I believe he was really really tensed for all the last minute practices plus his daily working hours. Especially when Jude, Angie & I had to busy for our exams & assignments and so it's pretty tough find a time to practice together. Not forgetting to mention that I love the song combination for Ice Box - Omarion + Resident Evil soundtracks! So, thank you for everything, for the fact that you can actually choose not to participate in our activities after graduating but you did not, hee.

"Ohhai, I'm Vincci and.. I'm a human!" ; if you get our storyline ;)
P.S : My favorite shot of all :D

Personally heart all the pictures of our performance so I chose to post everything up. Don't mind me :P
P.S : Gotta thank my loyal reader - Adeline for giving me the link to these pics. I'm really happy to see 'em!

All zombies ( Daniel + Jude + Ife + Angie) hunting me down T.T 

Striving to dance better & I believe I will improve :) Sincere thanks to the senior dancers - Jude, Ife & Daniel who gave us (Angie & I) the opportunity to dance together! You guys are really awesome ❤

Best Costume Contest :

Doreen & Gilbart in the house!

Awesome shot of me being pulled away (-。-)y-゜゜゜

Presenting the Best Female Costume of the night :

Contestant No. 5!
Now now, turn your attention to the one behind her... 
Presenting the Best Male Costume of the night :

The zombie butcher! 
I swear I screamed literally when I see him walking towards me at the ticket counter lolomgbbqwtf.

He totally deserved the prize but wait, how's he going to carry the hamper with the huge claws?

 There goes Ife Oh trying to offer help but look at the butcher's super awesome face!
 As if he's really going to slaughter him HAHAHA.

  Dance floor : 

Oh! That's Ife Oh & Ernest who's shaking their ass sexier than any girls in Swinburne.

I HAVE to say, I don't understand why everybody likes Gangnam Style ._.

Still, happy to see that everyone's happy!

A classic photo of the master & two students :)

Last but not least, a combination of outstanding outfits by our guests!
It's not everyday you get to see people dress up like this so yeah, keep scrolling ヽ(´ー`)┌
Once again, special thanks to the photographer - Eranda for the awesome shots below :

As usual, ending this post with the #OOTD for Halloween Party

Can I consider my outfit outstanding as well? *giggles*

That's all for now. Time to enjoy life to the maximum & I'll be updating again soon
:D Thanks for reading, love y'all!