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Halloween Party by SDC! - Part I ☆彡

Warning : A lengthy post to reduce my guiltiness for not blogging the whole month, gee.

Greetings readers,

I know. It'd been a LONG while since my last update. Honestly, there are a whole lot more of pending blog posts in my list. Inefficient blogger, psst. But trust me, I was really really busy with my studies. At least 2 tests/ assignments due EVERY WEEK, no joke.

Anyways, I'm sparing some time to blog about the oh-so-awesome Halloween Party this year, which was organized by Swinburne Dance Club! *make some noooooooooooooise!*
Indeed, it was my very first time celebrating Halloween (^_-)-☆
I've always been wondering how great it is if our country celebrates Halloween too. Ever since I was a kid!
And even if there is, that'd be those who go to clubs after midnight, which I'm NOT permitted to do so.

Now, let me present to you the poster for our Halloween Party :


Idk is it me or what but I really love this poster! *wide smile*
Everything's perfect, as it fits for purpose and there's QR code *bottom right* as well yayyyy! :D
Hats off to the designers - Phang & Parry ☆彡

Apparently, I've yet to see ALL the pictures taken by the photographers of the night.
And so, I'll only post pictures taken by my baby camera, and mostly it'll be about ME in the party itself.
So the next post - PART II, you'll maybe..see videos of our performances & of course better quality photos! 
Brace yourself ~゜・_・゜~*cheers*

Will start it off with the design of the Auditorium on the 31st. So, this was the entrance!

After you enter, one of our crew member will swing this head right to your face BWAHAHA. *evil grin*

Then, you'll come to a simple maze, just like the ones in Haunted House & there'll also be crew members scare you off in the dark, either by pulling your arms or what so ever. Pretty cool huh. *winks*

Another part of the maze with numerous fake blood, fake legs, fake arms and fake pumpkins lol. 
There's this really HUGE spider too! Too bad I miss out taking a picture of that creepy stuff.

Besides, we've a face painting crew stand by for the whole night, wheee~! 
Here's a shot of Tracy helping Rika to make up before the party starts. Seriously gotta thank her for putting in so much effort to be at the booth whole night long :)

The Halloween Party only started around 8.30pm+, which means we only allow humans to enter from 8.30pm onward. Well, these early birds had to wait outside the auditorium while I take photos of them, secretly, hee :D

There! Presenting our club advisor : Mr.Darren! 
Look at his super cute snake or frog head and tell me is it SCARY or not.( ゚ Д゚)BIG NO!

Yes, the lycan gets the spotlight as well because I love lycans lol!
*whispers : Why? Watch my fav movie - Underworld : Rise of the lycans.*

The lucky thing is that there was a booth opposite us promoting Prom Night & the theme was Oppa Gangnam Style. So, the song was played on repeat & it made the atmosphere more lively while humans're waiting. Meanwhile, Jude & Zheyii quickly asked me to take a photo of them in :

No need caption for this. You know what they mean (ー_ー)!! 

End up somebody photobombed us - Parry & I. LMFAO.

Soon enough we're ready to let them enter and yes, the queue was really long! 

More weird / scary faces turn up and I was like.. shit just got serious.
Okay I'm really happy that majority made an effort to dress up. Thank you people!

You'll have to see my pretty face first before entering tho. Haha! 
And oh! That's my great helper at the ticketing booth, Bryan.

We even gave out FREE vouchers when you enter with a RM10 ticket - Only in Swinburne Dance Club. 
Tell me worth it or not! I'm super happy because I super love Manhattan's Fish & Chips!
Anyways, big thanks to our sponsor, Manhattan Fish Market & MPH.

Flow of Programs

The opening performance was Step Dance by Ife O, Anushka, Gilbart & Daniel O a.k.a The Beat,
which received a whole lot of great comments / feedback because of its novelty and *clears throat* 
Okay la. They're quite awesome actually (=^・^=) 
Don't wanna admit because well, I am biased towards my own performance, oops! Just kidding heh.
The truth is, I'm currently learning the dance as well because I want to be awesome like them! ;D
So, a round of applause to The Beat please, as I believe they've suffered so much.. so much physical pain BWAHAHA. 

P.S : No pictures for now because I was cheering for them so happily instead of taking pictures. Wait for my next post then!

SomeTrick or Treat moments! I mean, lucky draw :P

Then, all of us perform Thriller - Michael Jackson in our own costumes together in front of the crowd!
Love it much as the whole bunch of us performed it together, either on stage or on the floor.
I was one of the 20+ humans who danced on the floor, hee :D
Not sure whether there's any video for this performance as it's more like a flash mob though.

 Angie who performed Thriller with me! 

Followed by the Best Costume Contest's runway by every female & male participants.
Basically it's just a chio-er version of fashion show because we don't do catwalk like models. 
Instead, we've humans shuffling out, with gangnam style, zombies walk & so forth.
But I am supposed to do catwalk since I'm a catwoman :O Okay Idk what am I crapping already.

Well, I literally joined for fun but it's really great to know that there're actually..humans voted for me! 
I do appreciate it ♥  Although it was unexpected as my what-so-ever walk & pose sucks. 

(*°∀°)=3 THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

Here'a shot when I was preparing at the back stage. Scream face FTW.

Feel like midget standing beside these girls - Stephanie and.. Girl no.4 (This is how we address her lol) D: 
The lollipop was the consolation prize for all participants by the way.

And then, I quickly transformed into this :


And *deng deng deng deng* then it's our turn to shine -The Halloweenie performance.
Named & choreographed by Daniel O, my one & only master, Daniel Sineros. 
Less description for now because... I don't see any pictures of us performing. WHY?!!!!
Guess I shall wait a lil longer, hmmm.
Videos to be posted in Part II, so stay tuned! *speecial shout out for my performance teehee*

P.S : I miss Phang btw. If only he's here,I'll have many awesome shots of myself, dance club members!

Kacha-kacha session

Can you recognize them?!
My awesome course mates (from left) : Erwin, Yours truly, Shaney & Angie. 
So happy that they turned up for that night :D

Erwin is the bomb seriously! Amazed that he managed to find a full costume + wig lol on that day itself.


My housemates : Shi Wei & Ming Tiong went as well ! 
But I was too busy to take photos w/ them :3So, I put up this photo as compensation, teehee.

The Engineering Bunch : Michael, Zheyii & Darren!

When engineering students meet...
But! My angle wasn't the right one. But they really looked like they were kissing in Adeline's camera!

Here's the sweetie, Adeline.

The fierce one, Daniel Sineros! (after he takes off his mask & outfit)

The girl who doesn't want to be a girl, Yong Jia!

The one who looks like a Japanese but actually a Mongolian, Oyu Ka!

The sexy emcee of the day - Ivanna Ting! 

Oh wait, she has a furry rabbit tail. I WANT IT TOO. *pulls my whip and put it behind*

The couple which is too sweet to be separated - Marciana & Jude! 
Lovin' Marciana's angel outfit and the character suits her much :D

The 'brothers' which is too sweet to be separated as well - Parry & Jude.

President of SDC a.k.a vampire of the night - Chim Yun!

The awesome ones, Anushka, Me & Doreen!

Unknown. But, she's one of the lucky humans to be in my blog because...

If I were to choose from all participants the Best Female Costume of the night, 
I would definitely choose this pirate girl ! Because zombies are too mainstream lol. 
Her outfit is really unique & most importantly, she has swag, like seriously ! (*^3^)/~☆ 

Irrelevant but did I mention I've a huge round pimple right on my nose just days before Halloween?!
Okay who cares T.T

Me likey Jude's pose as it seems like he's taking off the mask :O

Attention to the top-left dudes : Zheyii, Chim Yun & Charlton.
What's with the peace sign & vain expression HAHA.

ME :

As shown above, I've a catsuit, a pair of cat ears, mask, black boots, black gloves, a whip, fake eye lashes which are all bought specially for this event! \(゜ロ\)
Most of the stuffs are bought from TaoBao so it ain't that expensive though.
Unfortunately, my catwoman idea didn't went well because :

1. I did not put on my ears as Parry left it in his room
2. I did not put on my mask and fake eyelashes because they trouble me so much ohmygod. 
3. I only put on the black gloves for the Best Costume Contest runway as I ought to deal with money most of the time & handle them with EXTRA CARE :O
4. I removed my red lipstick right before my performance because I don't want to ruin the 'Jabbawockeez mask'. And when it's pictures time (at the end of the event), I've no time to put it on again already *cries*

Ending w/ a group photo!

Anyway, I'm really happy that the Halloween Party was a great great success! ∩( ・ω・)∩ 
Feels like all the hard work paid off when people start giving compliments, heeee.
Thank you everybody, thanksto the committees as well!
Initially wanted to draft a blog post to thank them specially but it seems like I've already included it here, .-.

Till then, please wait for my next Halloween blog post.good day everyone!
Not going to say stay tuned anymore because I seriously have no idea when will I be free to blog again.
Thanks for reading, xoxo. :)

***Updated : READ PART II HERE.