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A 'HI' on 15 October :)

I'm not sure whether you guys still remember me or not because I've been away from this blogging space for quite some time ._. Just kidding, it's MY BIRTHDAY  so everyone should know me today! ( ̄ー ̄)/
Still, I'm sorry for the lack of updates T.T Obviously struggling to finish my pending blog posts though.

Anyways, I was really busy with my assignments & test in the past few weeks.
And I will still be busy since there's MORE tasks and due dates coming up. The worst October ever.
Fortunately, I'm having a mid semester break this week, phew.
Hopefully I can manage my time well because besides studies, I'll have to prepare for hell lots of stuffs for presentation and for the Halloween Party as well!

For those who are giving me extra workloads as if I'm free as hell, please

Because I've no time to entertain anybody, at all.

Perhaps I was ranting a little too much earlier. But to be frank, I'm really happy today :)
The truth is I've never expect much for my birthday here, since most of my friends, family, relatives are in West M'sia. Anyhow, I'm still overwhelmed by having lots of humans to wish me Happy Birthday, especially for those who really remember my birthday, instead of relying on Facebook notification. Well, I still thank them for posting at my wall so willingly though x)

Lots of love for y'all who constantly being so sweet to me  (。◕‿◕。)/, xoxo.
This is more like an announcement oops :P Will update a proper blog post soon. 
Stay tuned.