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Pretty red stuffs ♡

Greetings readers,

Hope y'all are enjoying the Raya Holidays! Before I proceed to the rest of my blog post, 
here's a little sale notice of my PRELOVED RED PUMPS.

Well, personally I believe fashion is so much fun when you mix and match. 
Therefore, red pumps is a MUST have if you want to spice up the outfit of the day! :D

Photo from Camille (The Fashion Blogger)
As you can see, wearing a fabulous pair of red pumps would totally lights up the sidewalk.
You can pull off the look any way, any how. Just like how Camille did it !

And now, I'm selling my red pumps at a fairly low price because I got a similar red heels for myself.
Girls just love shopping, don't we? Anyway, the details are as below :

I'm wearing Vincci size 6 but some pumps I gotta wear slightly bigger or else I can't fit my whole feet, oops.

If you're keen, please email to or 
find me anywhere on Facebook / Twitter or comment on this blog post :) Thank you.

Okay back to blogging! Thanks for staying, readers ♡
Well, I am doing great here and so far enjoying my holiday still ^^v
I've been catching up with movies, movies and movies recently, either on laptop or in cinema.
Because I came to a point to realize that I've missed out whole lot of awesome movies in high school times.

.____. Blame my age because my parents were so strict, yes they still are HAHAHA.

☑  The Dark Knight Rises
☑  Step Up Revolution
☑  The Expendables 2
☑  Step Up 3D 
☑  Transformers 
☑  Transformers 2 : Revenge of The Fallen
☑  Transformers 3 : Dark Side of The Moon
☑  Resident Evil 
☑  Iron Man
☑  Iron Man 2

Oops. A little outdated, indeed. Oh well, better late than never hee.
P.S : Watching Total Recall next week. Can't wait to see my hottie Kate Beckinsale! ♥◡♥

OOTB - Outfit of the blogpost lol.
Swarovski wolf teeth necklace. Knitted top & Topshop leggings.

Plus, after thousand years of researching, I finally bought myself a camera! Okayjustexagerrating.
Apparently iPhone camera at night sucks to the core and so, 
I've decided to get myself a point & shoot camera which is good at low light condition. 
It was so freaking hard to decide. I almost gone crazy reading all the reviews, no joke.

Yes, gone crazy like this.

In the making. Probably here's another reason to convince myself to get a camera. 

As shown above, the difference between a picture taken by a DSLR and an iPhone is like.. heaven & hell. 
So I get myself a compact camera to make the difference become like... heaven & earth? 
Okay lame. But obviously, I don't have passion in photography. No point getting a DSLR.
And I'm using my hard earned money! Well, RM200 sponsored by my brother because I got GPA 4.0. Better.than.nothing ヽ(´ー`)┌

Canon S95. Got it for only RM 999 inclusive of camera case, removable strap and 8GB memory card.
Imma lucky girl to get it in Kuching and coincidentally, it's Raya Sales! #blissful

Random shot.

A new iPhone cover for only RM6! 
I'm just, too good at searching good deals wtf.

A self capture shot. Trying to get used to it, hee.

Love it because it's very sleek and light ! Just like an iPhone, maybe lighter. 
Honestly, I don't doubt this camera because I've done ENOUGH research, seriously.
It's probably the best compact camera for its value(⌒▽⌒)
S100 may be better but the price difference is not worth for grab, in my opinion.
Even bloggers like Qiuqiu & Isabella are using s95, geddit geddit? *doing the stalker smirking face*

Yours truly & ZhenSen Phang
A very very professional design student with super chio artwork. 
Not forgetting to mention he has been a great friend of mine :)

Attention to what're on our hands : Chocolate brownies from Bing Cafe!
Coming up next *wink wink*
Stay tuned, xoxo.