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Part II : Friendship Never End

Warning : Lengthy post ahead. You've been warned!

Good day all,

Time flies. I'm now in Kuching already but here's an update for my lovely readers :) 
Well, I must admit that I did not meet a number of my usual gangs this time. I'm sorry, people!
FYI, I was really busy doing a photo book for my best friend, Lemon Qian during this period.
Even my parents were asking why am I always at home .___.

Back to topic.
Apparently, my best friend's birthday is on 5th of March HAHAHA.
But it's like a norm for me to give a be-late-late-lated birthday gift every year because 
I'll make sure that my present is ALWAYS THE BEST for heryes even best-er than her boyfriend's gift.
I must say I did a great job every year, no joke! *wink* 

15 years best friend! So most of the gift-able items have already been gifted lol.
This year, I bought a really nice and elegant purple clover's necklace for her. 
No pictures because I bought it online and pos-laju-ed to her right away. What a good friend :D 
She love it very much because it's MY gift *flips hair*

AND I've also decided to make a very special photo book for her! Not hand made of course.
I'm those kind of human who cannot even draw a straight line with a ruler wtf. 
My BFF knows it best.

So, here's the whole photo book I've designed!  [ Theme : Colorful & Lively! ]
I chose to upload photos from the software & the real book version is HERE; uploaded in Qian's Facebook.
Kindly ignore the little triangle warning sign, thank you.
The software is just jealous I've more beautiful background than what they provided. Just kidding lol.

# Cover page for front and back.
I'm happy how it turned out because it's HARD COVER. Look so professional whee! 
Spot the three little humans at the back (* ´▽`*)

# Page 1
The three of us only started to 'camho' since Form 3!
Added the red ribbons behind to make the first page look more interesting! I hope they do ._.

# Page 2 - 3 
Guess I did quite a number of research reports in Foundation and so I created this.
It's in BLACK & WHITE so that it seemed different than all the other pages.

# Page 4 - 5 
An introduction to the 3 girls. Most of the arrangement would be in Pink, Blue, Purple for the photo book.
There goes our surprise birthday party for Jia Wei in 2008. Good times :)

# Page 6 - 7
I still remember we bought Pink, Blue, Purple umbrellas and danced on the stage!
I wonder where did we find the courage to choreograph and everything lol.

# Page 8 - 9
Since LemonQian is the main one in the photo book, I separated mainly 
Left : WeiQian & I ; Right : WeiQian & JiaWei 
Most of the pictures of JiaWei & I were eliminated in this case T.T 

# Page 10 - 11
A short story on the left, if you get what it means. That's the end of schooling days.
And I cleverly change to another section of the book - Buddy Day!

# Page 12 - 13
For me, it's pretty hard to harmonize warm white images with other backgrounds.
So I used this and I guess it turned out pretty nice, hee (^_-)-☆

# Page 14 - 15 
Webcam moments. Yes, we do look young!
Once upon a time.

# Page 16 - 17 
Love this page the MOST (^o^)丿
Was inspired to find pony images and they're in Pink Blue Purple as well! 
And if you noticed, the images on the left is placed in a shape of a cake.

# Page 18 - 19 
Film strip style because too many self capture shots. 
No doubt, I love all these memorable memories :)

# Page 20 - 21 
Now back to the pretty pictures that we've taken in Taylor's Lakeside Campus.
Love this section of the book the most because the designing part took a shorter time lol.

# Page 22 - 23 
Just another inspiration to insert the nails one by one and 
change the colour by adjusting their brightness and contrast. I feel so proud of myself T.T

# Page 24 - 25 
A page specially made for the bestie, and so it's Profile no.3.
Appendices on the right. See I really use my research report knowledge here!

# Page 26 - 27 
Pictures arranged in a random way because I seriously have no more ideas lol wtf.
Turned out pretty good looking too! Genius HAHAHA.

# Page 28 - 29 
New environment, new people around, but our friendship REMAINS.
This time no more nails. So I use cellophane tape instead  \(~o~)/

# Page 30 - 31
The background is LOVE.
When we finally graduated from high school together ; after 5 years.

# Page 32 - 33 
Finally found a way to combine all the non related pictures in two pages.
Inspired by THIS PICTURE posted by Cheeserland. No joke!

# Page 34 - 35 
We've known each other for 15 years. Even though we're now apart from each other,
but this friendship is still staying strong :) 

# Page 36 - 37
 There's a time when Qian introduced this Mandarin song to us, which is related to friendship.
Thanks to my Google skill I manage to find the lyrics without knowing the singer and the song's name.
And I actually teared reading the lyrics :')

# Page 38 - 39
I love you my best friend. I may not be a good adviser, good listener but 
I'll be there for you always :)

# Page 40
The End! 
Well, it's To Be Continue instead because I don't want our friendship to end! ( ̄□ ̄;)
Who knows I'll design another book with our grown up photos in the next 5 years .*winks*

What more to say, I'm really glad to have them in my life  ❤
Anyway, I'm really satisfied w/ my work. *wide smile*
Every background (image stolen from Google), picture orientation, border, arrangement & designed.
Bare in mind I'm only a business student. ヽ(´ー`)┌
That's all for now. Stay tuned!

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