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Livin' the life!

Good day readers,

And so, here's a post w/ pictures taken by my baby camera - Canon S95, as mentioned in the previous post - *wink wink*
Anyway, it's more like spamming pictures of myself so I'd consider 'VINCCI' as my post title wtf.

Pretty satisfied with the pictures taken at night ^^v  Except that I forgot to charge my camera & battery flat.
And now, I can finally upload all my images in larger pixels but still look pretty! Lesser noise I mean, hee.
All pictures in this post are taken by S95 and not edited except where mentioned.  :

Here's me using my iPhone to do self capture w/ my signature pose. 
Attention to all the sparkling lights, not edited one!

Did some make up and I just realized putting on lipstick DOES make a difference.
I usually don't because it will be gone after some time. Not sure I ate everything or what. *slams forehead*

Yours truly in camera version.

iPhone version. *hint hint*
Looking good still but spot the difference of picture quality!

Dinner of the day @ Spoon Cafe.
The Nasi Lemak is YUMS , important because there isn't many 'mamak stall' here. Maybe just, 1 or 2.

Plus, the new cafe is only a minute's walk from my place! I'm so happy T.T
Not forgetting to mention the FIRST SAKAE SUSHI is opening here soon, like finally! *tears of joy*

I'm really thankful to have new shopping mall & cafes opening nearby my place as I was really reluctant to move out from my hostel at first. Thank you ❤ And it's proven that good things come to those who wait.

P.S : The Spoon Cafe is located opposite The Spring Mall. They serve a large variety of cuisine w/ reasonable price. Recommended!

Next, to Bing! coffee, which is one of my FAVORITE to-go place in Kuching. There are a number of Bing! outlets here, but have not been spotted in West Malaysia yet. It's actually Starbucks-like but better because of their Chocolate Brownies!

The Chocolate Brownies in Bing! is TO DIE FOR, no joke. 
Only RM6 but it tastes like heaven, although the picture may not be that tempting lol.

The cosy ambiance is absolutely perfect for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, 
to chill and relax. Oh, and that's me nyoming and feels like paradise.


First time having a nice picture under low light condition places like this. Whee!  (゜゜)~
Thank you thank you ❤

P.S : And if you haven't notice, I actually chopped off my hair to fairly equal length, no more layered hair!

Picture taken w/ iPhone :

Close up. 
Non edited so I shall not dump my iPhone because it's still nice for selca!

Transformation from w/ make up to without. Make up wonders ヽ(´ー`)┌
Imma lazy girl so most of the time I look like / I am the one on the right lol.
Or worse, with my spectacles on. That's where my self confidence dropped to 0/10. 

Although I wasn't born pretty w/ symmetrical face/ eyes lol but I'm still thankful for having a healthy and complete body / organs etc. And of course to be alive. I'm really happy for the past few weeks, here in Kuching or back in Klang, that's really a blessing. Thank you ❤

That's all for now. 1 more week till I start my degree studies.( ゚ Д゚)
Thanks for reading, love you all !