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Friendship never end

Greetings readers!

FYI, I've been trying to enjoy as much as possible before I start my hectic life again. 
Still alive anyway. *winks*
Apparently I find it quite hard to update my blog so often because I'm always so busy. Okay maybe lazy.
Lazying around, eat, sleep and repeat. That's what a lazy person do. I'm the best example.

So here's an update for you guys with the three faces over and over again.

Best friends are indeed, best friends.
I know I've been posting up their faces since the first day I blog, most probably.
Will not stop doing it until I stop blogging. Don't mind me!
So, you've been warned ヽ(^。^)ノ

OOTD : Bluee Gal, Lemon Qian, Smiling Eyes 

I'm really really HAPPY to be able to hang out with BOTH of them again. 
As you know, it's relatively hard for us to unite since 
I'm at Kuching, Bluee Gal is at Kampar & Lemon Qian is hell busy with her STPM school life.
Anyway, it's just another casual outing since Qian actually had exam on that day itself (/ロ゜)/

So Bluee Gal drove us all the way to Setia City Mall, 
none of us know the route clearly so our journey was quite hilarious. *laughs*

Me grabbing my mom's GPS thinking whether to trust the device or not HAHAHA ; 
Lemon Qian trying to figure out the way with her sixth sense ;
Bluee Gal panicking over fuel running down down down.

We still reach there safely anyway. Showing the =.= face.

 Die die also want to take pictures in the washroom. Using MY phone some more tsk tsk.

See everyone look so happy! They've to admit that I take nicer shots of them. *shakes butt*

BFF Lemon Qian & I, with my long black silky hair HAHA.

Okay last one (in washroom)! Because Lemon Qian said the janitors are looking at us already lol.

Next, we went to some random place behind Klang Parade, as recommended by Qian.
It's quite a nice place because not many humans around,
which is good for us to take more pictures lol and the cheese baked rice is yums!
Three of us ordered the exact same set dinner. Need to be so best friend or not HAHAHA.

So this is what happened.
Both of my besties kept asking me to snap pictures of them with flowers they grabbed from the side wtf.
I don't understand what so nice about those flowers. They're dusty ._.

Well, I'm not really a fan of flowers unless it's gifted by somebody then it would be somehow, special?
+1 for baby pink flowers maybe.
Anyways, they forced me to hold some so I just grabbed some grass or leaves to join in the fun lol.
Hence, the weird poses below.

Okay I really don't know how to pose with flowers / grass / leaves.
*draws circles*

Trying to act cute. Cropped Bluee Gal out because she asked to lol.
Look at my best friend please, she still doesn't want to let go of her purple flowers! *slams forehead*

So I took and edited this picture on the spot. Kinda like this picture actually. 

Since they had so much fun taking pictures with the flowers and all,
I spared some time to take a picture of myself, w/ my signature pose.
Because I don't want my  hair to cover half of my face lol! 
They tried to imitate me so this is what they get :

I don't care much because FOOD is here already! Damn hungry can.

Okay okay last one with the food. *bang wall*

Then we went to Aeon JJ to take photos in the Purikura machine. It's our first time so I iz very happy!
Although the machine damn smart go and enlarged our iris and make us damn fair like ghost.
Anyway, it's only rm12! So rm4 per human? We will take a nicer one next time!
Planned to watch The Dark Knight Rises but both of them only want to watch with THEIR BOYFRIEND.

To sum up everything,  I really appreciate them and I hope our friendship will be everlasting! 
Unlike high school times, we get together in school, in tuition see each other's faces like 24/7.
No doubt, my life is really awesome with their presence 
Love them much, xoxo!

P.S : Flying off on Monday ohmygod. I know it's early, I know. TIME FLIES T.T