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Dilemma D:

Sweet holidays are coming to an end whereas a new semester is about to begin. 
Was in a dilemma whether to opt for Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) or 
should I just stick with Bachelor of Commerce (Management) which was offered by the government.
Whether to go through all the hassle sending in letter to the government for appeal and so forth.
FYI, I have to decide before the second semester starts as subjects in our first semester are the same.

Few days back, I had millions of thoughts in my mind, especially the advice given by people around me.
I've to admit that when I tell people I'm doing Management their responses will go like Oh? MEHHHH .___. which somehow affects me. There goes without saying that I've sufficient accounting skills, scoring 99/100 in Foundation, moreover there's a high demand for accountants and more job prospects and etc.

You see, I hate making decisions, like seriously.

At first, I decided to take a leap of faith to transfer to Accounting but then an email from my dad stirred me up. Had some sort of emotional breakdown as I've made up my mind initially but then being discouraged in such way & so... 

Anyways, I've set up my mind AGAIN. Everything remains, back to how it was.
Management + co-Major in Accounting.After checking the course subjects, there're only a difference of 3 subjects. Plus, terms of service for the government is 4 years (Management) / 6 years (Accounting). Okay now it's up to what my dad has to say. *takes deep breath* 

Smile & face it :)

In fact, I'm fine with anything. Because as long as the decision has been made, I'll try my very best to excel in it :) After all, it's some sort of expectation from my parents and of course, myself.
Forgive me because I honestly don't know why am I blogging about this but I hope this convince me somehow & I'll not regret my decision :)

Some pictures before I end this post : 
I don't have to say much but I ♥ my family, no matter what happens. I truly appreciate every one of you.

Presenting my one and only brother
Yes, I get a lot that it's a blessing that we don't look alike HAHAHA wtf. Well maybe not 100% true.

My future sister-in-law!
Love her much as she's fun to play with, and give me wise words whenever I need it :)
Me, myself & I.

Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while, so that we can see life with a clearer view again - Alex Tan

Signing off now as I gotta work later today (Friday) & the weekend ! God bless my pretty legs, heee.
Stay tuned. Have a great weekend, people! 
Lastly, Happy National Day :D :D