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Bits and Pieces in Kuching

Time flies. 
It had been more than one year after me leaving my hometown, Klang to further my studies here.
Indeed, it was an important decision ; the ability to change my whole life journey, I believe.
I'm glad that I ain't regret of anything at all, despite of not achieving much here, besides academically. 

Well, everything was so strange at first ; dealing with changes and growth.
But for now, it's a great beginning that I'm accepting my life over here,
the fact that I would be here for the next 3 years and I'm happy with it :)

Down the road I must say I'm very, very impressed by all the love I'd received ; from everyone around me. 

Parents who did anything at all just to delight me, anytime, anywhere. Relatives surprised me at the airport just to send me off. Friends who bought Chatime and delivered all the way to me the night before I left. Cards and scrapbook made last minute for me to bring them over (THANK YOU KAWAN-KAWAN SEKALIAN + FAT BOY KCKC). Gatherings that held one by one just to bid farewell. I couldn't express how much I appreciate all of their efforts but to thank them over and over again :') 

It was my first time being away from a place called home

Flying there all alone, walking to the shopping mall opposite alone. I still could remember how I tried to carry all those groceries I bought as the trolley flipped over wtf. Everyone was looking at me and I felt so so helpless. Teared but who cares. 

The first semester was indeed, miserable. Probably the worst part of my life wtf.

I hold friendship very close to my heart, I thought I've found new friends to get along with.
End up being stereotyped as WEST MALAYSIAN WTF, being accused this & that..not worth mentioning.
Until I realize how cruel the outside world can be. Maybe I was naive, FIRST time facing all these shits.
Thank God I still have true friends back in Klang that support me constantly, especially my bestie!
Till then, I learnt my lesson. Keeping a distance from almost, everyone.

There was one friend who supported me all the way, Doreen Lee and hence, she's worth mentioning here.

Once blogged about her in a post - HERE. She has no idea how much I treasure her as a close friend, because I'll always remember the one who helped me in my life. Too bad after not being in the same class anymore, we drifted apart. I understand that she has her bunch of friends and we're still going to the same korean class together :) Anyway, I'm still happy to have her and those bunch like Tia, Carrie, Elise, Michelle etc. to even say HI - BYE, at least we're still friends :) 

I would never ever forget this because this little effort brightened my day, a lot.
Because I faced shits a day after my birthday. Sad life I had*whispers : not anymore!*

This was what the BU people did on my birthday. All of 'em changed to MY profile picture & wished me : HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY TWIN SISTER. They even helped me to reply others' wishes, causing confusion lol.

For the 1st semester, I literally count down to the day that I can finally leave KCH to unwind myself. Can't wait to embrace ALL the good noms like Chatime, Subway, Sushi, Bah Kut Teh, Snowflakes HAHA. I was really HAPPY to arrive at LCCT, as I've been waiting for that day, for such a long long time.

And finally, I found the happiness in my life again, the long lost Smiling Eyes.

I was very afraid before the commencement of my 2nd semester ; that I've to be miserable like how I was.

Fortunately, everything started to fall into place. I hold on to the good humans, stay far far away from the bad humans. Plus, I must thank those kind-hearted humans who exist over here including Jude Martin, ZhenSen Phang, Angie Feng, Emily and so forth. Emily's a JPA scholar from Ipoh which is super smart and helpful *wink wink* And also, I've met great course mates which don't see me as an alien in class, as what I've blogged here -

And I started to live the life I want to, happily. ヽ(^。^)ノ 

Till I get used to live in the hostel, don't mind walking such a long distance to the washroom anymore. And I dance, I play basketball, I sing whenever I want to. Besides, I've a very cool roommate too. She resembles a lot about myself. Although we aren't that close but I'm really glad that at least there's someone to be with me, literally. Or maybe to her, I'm just another weird human who likes to go crazy dancing without any reason lol. Just kidding.

I once ranted about how hard to search for McDonalds over here because McD is EVERYWHERE in Klang / Subang / KL. And so, I started to appreciate McD a lot lol. You must understand I don't have a car here. Hence, I get really HAPPY whenever I get to dine in @ McD or maybe delivery sometimes. Well, it's good that I'm getting used to this Cat City, making the best of everything :)

It was never easy to handle stress for a last minute person like me. Striven hard to meet my expectations.

I'm really really glad that I achieved my goals finally and the best thing is having people around to be happy for me, to congratulate me and cheer for me as well. I truly truly appreciate it :) And most importantly, I did not disappoint my parents! So happy to see them enjoying life now with less burden (without me lol)
It was all worth it. ( ´∀`)

In short, I would want to thank all my friends who stayed with me all the way, until now.
I am truly amazed by all of them 
Even when I'm miles apart, I'm glad that they still care and keep in touch w/ me from time to time
I was taught that being friends, is not only for those who meet every day, every week etc.
Although sometimes I do feel sad for not being able to hang out w/ them like how I used to but
I appreciate the bond we share more for each and every time I go back to Klang.
I wouldn't have done it without you guys ♥

BFF : Lemon Qian & Bluee Gal

BABES : Jie Ying, Ivan Ang & Vivian Tan 

SWEETHEARTS : Kheng Li & Yaya Lee

TAYLOR'S MATES : Jaclyn, Rabecca, Kenneth, Joon Xian, Amrul, Anthony.

BU GANG : Wei Jian, Ming Hui, William, Jing Wen, Jason, Yik Soon, Ah min aa, Lupchung

Much love, xoxo.
P.S :  I sincerely thank to those who actually read the whole post *salutes* 
 If you don't, nothing much because it's only that I won't salute you lol.