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A day @ Universal Studios S'pore!

During one of the weekends in August, I went to Singapore with my family for a short getaway.
Unfortunately, I did not get to snap many photos as I left my camera in Kuching and so I've to depend on my iPhone all times. Besides, my dad walked so fast that I can hardly follow him, not to mention taking pictures.

Went for a simple and comfortable chiffon top to travel around :)

Not forgetting to mention I've matching nail prints too  Love it because I did it myself! 

Mood -100 times because my contacts lens solution was confiscated by the custom (;一_一)
And so every time I want to take a picture, I'm like  *take off my specs - snap - put it back on*
 Mood -100000 times when I found out that there's no free WiFi in our hotel. Seriously T.T

Anyways, I'm still happy to be able to we spend the whole day at Universal Studios & had fun exploring!
I'm definitely going there for the second time and snap all the pictures I want all day long (^_^メ)
We stayed over at Hard Rock Hotel instead of Marina Bay Sands because S'pore national day is just around the corner.
Well, our hotel is just right opposite of Universal Studios S'pore that we can just walk there & so forth.
However, there're not many food choices around so we opt for the famous Malaysian Food Street there.
I had to go to Singapore to eat M'sian food -.- Seriously?

Kungfu Panda! The queue was long so I did not get the chance to take a picture w/ it.
*shows disappointed face*

Then, we went for the Transforemers' Ride. It's the BEST ride ever. 
Tried it twice actually because it was so so fun! \(◎o◎)/!

Warned by the staffs there because no pictures allowed. Oops.
So basically you'll have to sit in this little cabin and it will bring you to a transformer's world!

Fountain reminds me of Lee Min Ho in City Hunter. And so, I love fountains :D

Highlights of Universal Studios : I love how these 4 seemingly good looking guys perform on the street so randomly :D They certainly brought up a happy and positive atmosphere!
Especially the guy on the right, hee.

Finally got to take a picture w/ the transformer! Dad allows it because the queue was short lolol.

The only souvenir I got from Universal Studios D: Pretty vintage and manly I guess. HAHA.

Ending my post with lots of love here.

Selamat Hari Raya! Enjoy your holiday people!
And thank you for reading ツ 
Love you all !